Walls, Back Walls, and New Players

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    Ok, so I've watched a number of YouTube videos of people playing Terraria, and a common problem for people that play the game blind is the concept of walls. The way it seems to normally play out is they run around figuring out how to use there axe and other tools and eventually get a bit of wood in there inventory. Once they feel comfortable with the game so far they decide it's time to build a house and open up there inventory and try to figure out things a bit more.

    At this time they see there stack of wood that the game wants them to move up from the inventory into the quick bar so they can build. But the players don't know this and instead see the option to build a workbench. So after doing that and then figuring out how to actually place the workbench they often quickly figure out that the workbench let's them build things, even though they still haven't figured out that they can place wood blocks directly just like they did with the work bench.

    So what they do now is browse through the things they can make, and after perhaps building a sword or a hammer or other things they notice that they can build wood walls. Well they figuring that to build a house you clearly need wood walls, they build a whole bunch of them... often using up all there wood supply.

    They then go and place there wood walls and are then confused because all they've done is build a backdrop, but the game doesn't really tell them this, so they keep trying to do things like put a door at the edge of the wall as that seems like a logical place to put a door. Or they try to mount a torch on there nice wood wall, as again a torch mounted on a wall seems like a good place to put a torch. This of course doesn't work.

    The amusing thing for me is that at this point these new players often decide that "Ok perhaps talking to the guide is a good idea" so they go and do that, and start speed reading the guide's advice and often get hit by a monster just as the guide starts to tell them how to build a house. So of course they turn from the guide and kill the monster, then go back to the guide who is now talking about something completely different. These new players then decide that the guide isn't helpful and wonder off to do something else.

    Ok but is there a fix? There sure is... rename all wall objects in the player's inventory to "back wall" and then bam... players see that when they are in the crafting menu that first time with all that wood, and hopefully realize that they still need side walls. They then would be all confused at how to make a side wall, and this might cause them to consider trying to build with normal old wood sooner than they would otherwise.


    Rename walls to back walls.
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    ..or Wood Background, Grey Brick Background, Dirt Background, etc.
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    ++, this is a small but really helpful idea.

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