Armor want to trade of buy for 2 cross neckless-25g each nogoitable

Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by camkiller, Dec 21, 2011.


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  1. camkiller

    camkiller Green Slime

    Hello looking for mimics for days. well i found a few and got cloaks and like 3 dual hooks. if u got cross necklaces i need 2. so u could make 50g ;). i got a server we can talk trade on. Steam name Killerpastorius. Contact me if intrested THX.

    Title above ment to say (want to trade or buy two cross necklaces for 25g each)

    edit-found 1 only need 1 more
  2. jr_97

    jr_97 Green Slime

    I can get u one, 25 gold.... Sounds like a bad trade for me... what about 35? PM me if intressted

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