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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Naz, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Warfront Gaming started out hosting and supporting terraria servers. We have decided to make our own 2D MMO it's going to be free we never plan on selling it or charging any fees. We are looking for beta testers and developers. Developing the game is real easy you can do it ingame live on the server with just a mouse click. Maps, Items, Npcs, Quests etc.

    If you guys are bored and wanted to try something new jump over to our website and check it out.
    Even if 2D MMO's aren't your thing we are a "Gaming Community" we play tons of other games and are very friendly and entertaining to be around feel free to join us!

    This game is an exploration in to the possibilities of a story driven online MMMORPG. Although currently in the beta testing phase the game currently shows the direction we are headed:
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    Download: http://www.warfront.us/wfgames

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  2. Threule

    Threule Blazing Wheel

    But what will the MMO be about?
  3. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    It's just something our community is doing together, we liked to mod our terraria server and just decided to start development on our own game without restrictions or ruining someone elses work.

    The story line, quests and other things are still under dev and we are real soon to releasing a beta. Right now however we do have a demo working and up for dl on our site.

    But you wake up in the Narrator's garden. You find the narrator and accept your first quest. Now after you complete the first quest you are able to revive yourself and get back to the City of Mist by using the scroll you get from the narrator.

    After you get back to the City of Mist you can explore, buy stuff from shops, go to your class trainers and accept more quests and get deeper into the story line.
  4. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

  5. Threule

    Threule Blazing Wheel

    Do you plan on changing RPG's maker texture? I dont like how its shadowed
  6. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Yea we have upgraded the Engine to DX8 Now the shadows, lighting and renders are 100x better. We also have the second release out and available for download check it out guys and leave us some feed back!

    Also added a screenshot of the current state of the game :)
  7. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Alright guys third release is out with a bunch of content, more items, npcs, skills, levels & quests check it out!
  8. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    Bunch of people online right now, get on and join us in the dungeon party! In need of more help & players!
  9. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Wow, this seems really interesting, I'll download it right now and get on.
  10. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    That looks interesting. I think I'll download it now.

    Edit: ...Why is your program trying to download inside my System 32?
  11. Naz

    Naz Green Slime

    It is only installing required library files for the DX8 Engine, if you guys don't want to run the installer you can download each file yourself from any websites and place them in your system 32 or the same folder as the game. If you guys need a list of the dll files you will need to run the game just pm me and I can give you a list :)

    Also thanks to the current people that have been playing and posting some suggestions on our forums. It really helps out and we have actually added a few good features because of it :)
  12. Threule

    Threule Blazing Wheel

    The installer should install the dll in the game folder by default. Just like common games

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