TConfig Weapon/Accessory Modifier Pack

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  1. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman


    1500+ Downloads!
    This modpack is solely modifiers! WOOOOT! Yeah, I know. Awesome.

    They are divided into suffixes and prefixes (if it starts with "of" it's a suffix). The numbers by each is which version it was released under.
    "Defenders"-10 defense (0.1b)
    "Gargantuan"-250% size, 25% speed (0.1b)
    "Ancestral"-180% damage, 115% knockback (0.3)
    "The Only"-200% damage, 25% knockback (0.3)
    "Infused"-15% increased critical chance (0.3)
    "of Doom" - 200% damage, 50% knockback, 50% speed (0.1b)
    "of Pain"- 115% damage, 125% knockback, 75% speed (0.1b)
    "of Power"- 10% critical chance (0.1b)
    "of Weakness"- 80% damage, 70% knockback (0.1b)
    "of Speed"-135% speed (0.1b)
    "of Legend"-90% damage, 125% knockback (0.2)
    "Doomed"- 70% knockback, 70% damage, 60% speed (0.2)
    "Energized"-150% damage, 135% speed, 112.5% knockback (0.2)
    "Angered"- 125% damage, 130% knockback, 130% speed (0.4)
    "Automated"-150% shootspeed (0.1b)
    "Pathetic"-50% size, 50% shootspeed, 2% critical chance (0.1b)
    "of Revenge"-140% damage, 35% shootspeed (0.3)
    "of Accuracy"- 250% damage, 150% knockback, 8% shootspeed (0.3)
    "Serene"-50% mana cost, 60% speed (0.1b)
    "of Mystical Origin"-125% speed, 75% mana cost (0.1b)
    "Runic"- 50% mana cost, 130% damage, 105.5% knockback (0.4)
    "Trainee's"- 10% mana cost, 30% damage, 40% knockback (0.4)
    "Glowing"- 40 mana, -2 defense (0.2)
    "Enchanted"- 2 defense, 20 mana, 105% move speed (0.4)

    V 0.1b (open)
    Added 11 modifiers in (2 global, 5 melee, 2 ranged, 2 magic)

    V 0.2 (open)
    Added more modifiers! (3 melee, 1 accessory) Also, fixed a spelling error in the Gargantuan prefix

    V 0.3 (open)
    Added more modifiers! (3 global, 2 ranged)

    V 0.4 (open)
    Added more modifiers (2 magic, 1 melee, 1 accessory) and fixed a bug in the "of Doom" modifier (subtracted 51% instead of 50% in speed). Started tidying up code (24 modifiers as of this version)


    Spoiler Alert! Upcoming for Future Versions (open)

    If an item is struck through, it is programmed.

    Runic- 50% mana cost, 130% damage, 105.5% knockback (magic)
    Trainee's- 10% mana cost, 30% damage, 40% knockback (magic)
    Angered- 125% damage, 130% knockback, 130% speed (melee)
    Enchanted- 2 defense, 20 mana, 105% move speed (accessory)
    Impoverished- 40% damage, 80% knockback, 65% speed (global)
    Overpowered- ??? damage, ??? knockback, ??? speed (???)
    Big'n'Slow- 300% size, 5.2% speed (melee)
    Clumsy- 180% size, 60% shootspeed (ranged)
    Underpowered- 20% damage, 20% knockback, 20% speed (global)
    Efficient- 30% mana cost, 75% damage (magic)
    Hardcore- 40% size, 50% damage, 50% knockback, 120% speed (gloal)
    Training- 60% shootspeed, 105% damage (ranged)
    Dwarf-Forged- 135% damage, 110% knockback (melee)
    Elf-Sung- 120% damage, 105% knockback, 110% shootspeed (ranged)
    Wizardly- 115% damage, 70% mana cost (magic)
    Infamous- 50% damage, 150% knockback (global)
    Saddened- 105% damage, 30% speed (global)
    Vicious- 120% damage, 110% speed (global)
    Small'n'Speedy- 33% size, 220% speed (melee)
    Focused- 70% mana cost (magic)
    Stiff- 45% speed (melee)
    Bloodstained- 90% damage, 95% speed (melee)
    of Pow- 200% knockback, 50% speed (melee) (anyone thinking Dao of Pow of Pow?)
    of Spikeyness- 10% knockback, 20% speed, 210% damage (melee)
    Life-Answering- 42% knockback, 42% shootspeed, 42% damage (ranged)
    Unlucky- 13% knockback, 13% speed, 13% mana cost, 13% damage (magic)
    Lucky- 5 defense, 4% critical chance (accessory) (Lucky Lucky Horseshoe?)
    Needlish- 80% damage, 120% speed, 40% size (melee)
    Miniscule- 10% size (global)
    Invisible- 2% size (global)
    Caster's-200% damage, 25% speed (magic)
    Cursed- 10% damage, 10% knockback, 200% size, 10% speed (melee)
    Razor- 0% knockback, 200% speed, 120% damage (melee)
    Clean-Cutting- 0% knockback, 210% speed, 105% damage (melee)
    Not-So-Lucky- 77% knockback, 77% speed, 77% size, 77% damage (melee)

    I will add more to this list as I think up more!


    Proof It Works!

    Credits (open)

    Designer- rangerofthewest
    TConfig Awesome Nice Guy- Surfpup
    Programming Help- Surfpup
    Prefix Tutorial- Surfpup
    Oh What The Heck- Surfpup
    Video Awesomness- Blue Boy
    No Spriter- Duh....
    Testers- What's the community for?
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  2. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    If it works when I'm done downloading, you have my praise. Good job! There should've been suffixes in the game already :)().
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  3. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Thanks! I don't know if it works! It's (modifiers) new to I am experimenting a bit. I wanted to add a whole bunch of stuff, but Terraria didn't have it. Tell me if it works! It compiles, but I want to add more stuff! So far, with this included, there are 100 prefixes/suffixes in Terraria (15 in this pack, 85 in vanilla) 105 prefixes/suffixes in Terraria (20 in this pack, 85 in vanilla)
  4. >:SYNTAX

    >:SYNTAX Mouse

    wow this is really good
    il have to download it
  5. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Working on next release! It will include more ranged/magic/accessory modifiers! This mod is fully compatible with any mod with items!
  6. Modder35342

    Modder35342 Bunny

    I love the idea, but please make sure to keep it balanced.
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  7. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Thanks! It is my belief that TConfig balances it with rarity and value (like Legendary is WAY rarer than Annoying). I am not sure though.
  8. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    The way Prefixes work in Terraria is pure randomness, it doesn't make one prefix any more rare than another. One way to make some prefixes more 'rare' is to make more less-effective prefixes. The more powerful prefixes you add, the more likely it is you'll get a powerful prefix, and vice versa.
  9. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Oh...ok! So if I have the same weak prefix added like 10 times more than a really strong one, then the weak prefix would appear 10 times more often! Thanks, Surfpup!
  10. Modder35342

    Modder35342 Bunny

    Sure. I'm just saying that no matter how rare, an overpowered prefix could still let you bypass the usual crafting and exploration progressions and therefore trivialize a lot of content that you would normally find challenging. I would probably avoid adding something truly overpowered or try to find a way to only offer it to players near the endgame.
  11. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Modder35342 said:
    Sure. I'm just saying that no matter how rare, an overpowered prefix could still let you bypass the usual crafting and exploration progressions and therefore trivialize a lot of content that you would normally find challenging. I would probably avoid adding something truly overpowered or try to find a way to only offer it to players near the endgame.​
    Alright! Surfpup, this question is directed to you. Is there a way to change the stats of a modifier depending on different criteria? Like if it's hardmode, it's twice as powerful? Modder brings up a good point. I'm sure there's a way. Is there?
  12. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    Yup, this definitely works. Good job, mate! Do you mind if I use it in future potential recordings?

    Edit: Forgot to mention, after an hour of gameplay with this mod and a few others, I absolutely adore the melee. I'm a ranged person, though, so I'd like to see some better additions there.
  13. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    As so long as you give me credit and maybe :oops: a link, I honestly don't mind whatever you do with it. I'm glad it works! Haven't had a chance to test it out yet. (Been using my laptop, which doesn't have TConfig). If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to let me know!
  14. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    Yeah, I plan to use a variety of mods and list them out. I'll use the original links and no adfly of anything. ;)
  15. Classikly

    Classikly Frankenstein

    Some balancing is needed, yes.
  16. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Alrighty! Send me a link when you are done!
    Yep, definitley. However, I want to get the basis out there so people can enjoy it while I fine-tune it. The file-naming needs work (they are named Prefix1, Prefix2, etc.) also
  17. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    Since I haven't posted here enough, I think multiple prefixes/suffixes or both on a single item would be a good addition if balanced correctly. However, that would probably be really difficult or impossible to create with TConfig to my knowledge (not that I really know much...).
  18. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    I am in agreement, and trying to use Surfpup's Epic Loot mod as a basis for this. However, it's way above my head as exemplified below:

    _ <--- surfpup's programming knowledge

    _ <--- epic loot mod

    _ <---my programming knowledge
    o <---my head

    However, I will try to add them in! In the meantime, I'm still adding/programming more for the next release

    I added some screenshots in. The flail is from one of my old mods
  19. Cavious

    Cavious Demon Eye

    Does this mod work well in mp?
  20. rangerofthewest

    rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    It should! Adding in more, more, more prefixes! Including four five mystery ones...when I release the pack it should have around 40 modifiers!

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