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Discussion in 'Items' started by moosemunch, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    My idea is a gun....THAT SHOOTS ARMS!
    All enemies will randomly drop arms(or other appendages) that can be used as ammo.
    It would deal about 10-15 damage, plus the damage which scales with the rarity of the appendage.
    How to craft would use 1 blowpipe/breathing reed and 5 enemy arms.
  2. VMan6000

    VMan6000 Cursed Man

    That is kinda strange, but I think it would be cool. It could use...
    • 1 Dirt Rod. It could shoot arms instead of dirt.
    • 5 Enemy Arms. Any type. You would craft it with the dirt rod and have an arm gun.
    This is what i think. It could be a Breathing Reed instead of Dirt Rod but I don't know. :)
  3. moosemunch

    moosemunch Doctor Bones

    I think that's actually a good idea for the crafting recipe.

    I moved the information from here into the megaportfolio and even added the crafting recipe.
  4. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    What's important when coming up with an idea is to keep in mind that having a premise nobody else has thought of before isn't enough. Sure, shooting arms out of a cannon is a unique idea, but so is suggesting a blender item that your character can stick their dick in. I just don't see any point of this existing other than cluttering up storage with even more unnecessary enemy drops.
  5. Sir8BitHero

    Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    So it's a a gun that shoot's re skinned bullets (arms) and the ammunition drops from enemies.
    However you put it that's what it essentially it, but hey it's not up to me how you design your mods.
    Creating something more unique, no not a new flail or sword, but a new type of weapon kind of like the flail was completely different from the sword and changed how you fought enemies.
  6. shrimpboom8

    shrimpboom8 Angel Statue

    Good idea, you kill a lot of zombies at night and there can be a comical tooltip
  7. legitgamer7 o.o

    legitgamer7 o.o Green Slime

    lol "BRAAAAAINS CANT REEEECH BREEEEANNS" "do you need a hand, or ARM-" shoots the zombie with the gun
  8. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    That is just... Beautiful.

    Can I add it to my signature?
  9. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    Why is it that so many people ask permission to put something in their signature? Go for it, man. Doesn't affect me in any way.
  10. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    I dunno, maybe you could get offended or something. Also, thanks.
  11. zatchbell896

    zatchbell896 Yellow Slime

    The title had me thinking of a cyborg-based weapon that replaces your arm.

    This is completely different. It would be more or less a "Joke" item.
  12. Shaun

    Shaun Dark Caster

    Destroyer's **** does over 9000 damage!

    Wait... people still haven't figured out how to turn off all signatures on these forums?? Thought everyone did that...

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