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Discussion in 'Items' started by TheMantisStrike, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. TheMantisStrike

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    In the ocean, you can find electric eels. Like demons and demon scythes, killing enough of these eels will give you a spell that can use an electric attack.
  2. Nooblox

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    Really poor sUggestion, dear. Try to flesh it out.
  3. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Yes, I suggest fleshing this idea out more. How do you craft it exactly? How much damage might it do?

    I changed your title to be more descriptive. Does "new magic item" really seem all that interesting if there are 10 threads with the same name? Consider naming your thread better next time and using the appropriate tags. Some sample tags and other advice can be found here:

  4. twilight053

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    Too vague, I can't imagine how could an electric projectile looked like. But it better not have paralysis effect.
  5. Savade

    Savade Bunny

    I have an idea about this,since i've had a similar idea for a long time,but had to polish it a bit more so i didn't add it here
    What if the engineer could sell you a battery that you could used combined with a spell tome and 40 cursed flames,and make the Electric flames spell
    The Electric Flames spell
    it fires one fire ball like electric flame that doesn't bounce.
    each ball does 24 damage when it first hits and after a ball hits it enlarges and does another 12 damage for 5 seconds
    it would cost about 20 mana(1 mana star) per ball.
    doesn't pass through enemies.
    electric flame.jpg

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