[Weapon] Shatter Swords

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Star and Moon, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Hello, I thought about a new suggestion that I think is rather interesting:

    Crystal Blades: Crafting Recipe: 10 Crystal Shards, 5 Glass, 1 pixie dust. Makes 2.
    Stats: 40 damage, Fast Speed, Low Knockback.
    Crafted At: Hellstone Forge.

    OK right now, you might be thinking "Whoa Star, you goofed up, that's way to easy to craft, and it deals 40 damage with fast speed! Also, it makes 2, what's up with that?"

    Well, it's like that on purpose, the crystal blades are one of a new type of sword: Shatter Swords! Shatter Swords, unlike other broadswords, are stackable, and are consumed upon contact with an enemy, therefore, you're going to want to make a lot of them.

    The Crystal Sword is meant to be for beginning hardmode, it's simple to get, but doesn't last very long.

    Also, there's another counterpart for pre-hardmode:

    Glass Swords: Crafting, 15 Glass, 5 Sand, 2 Copper Bars. Makes 2.
    Stats: 20 damage, Medium Speed, Low Knockback.
    Crafted At: Forge.

    And one for late hardmode:

    Crystal Sabers: Crafting 20 Crystal Shards, 10 Glass, 1 pixie, 1 soul of light. Makes 4.
    Stats: 48 damage, Fast Speed with Autoswing, Medium Knockback, Emits Light.
  2. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Hmm....an idea.

    A sword, that when thrown, splits into several fragments when it contacts, each dealing damage.

    Thanks for giving me an idea. XD
  3. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    It isn't thrown, it works exactly like a Broadsword, but it is consumed upon dealing damage.
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  4. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    As I've said, inspiration. It can differ from the original idea, but it must have a source.
  5. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Ah, I get your point, that's cool.
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  6. nogloxiator

    nogloxiator Clinger

    Proper grammar would be Shattering swords. Other than that, seems original

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