What do you listen to while playing Terraria?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Cragbones, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Cragbones Bunny

    I actually have a playlist with 150 songs I have on iTunes just for games. It consists of pretty much rap, drum and bass, some dubstep, and some metal and rock. Lots of Pendulum, OFWGKTA, Rage Against the Machine, some Skrillex, The Prodigy, Korn, Flobots, Daft Punk, Brotha Lynch Hung, etc.

    Post yours!
  2. KingPose Lava Slime

    The corruption theme music.
    Because I'm always in corruption.
    Really: Whatever is on my four years worth of iTunes music.
  3. Cragbones Bunny

    I actually have the Boss02 and Boss03 songs from the game on my playlist. Not going to lie. LOL
  4. Rafiko D Bingo Green Slime

  5. KingPose Lava Slime

    Nice xP
    Also: Congratz on making this thread not derp/troll worthy.
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  6. TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    i like terraria's soundtrack
  7. Moh-ammad Voodoo Demon

    Tittle, Daytime, Nighttime, Underground, Eerie, Corruption, Jungle, Boss 1, Boss 2, Underground Corruption, The Hallow, Underground Hallow, or Boss 3 from Terraria. Why do you ask?
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  8. Cragbones Bunny

    You sly dog...
    Never heard of tittle though.
  9. KingPose Lava Slime

    You could have shortened that to the game music :F
    If I have to be specific: A Skylit Drive/We Came as Romans.
  10. kaysick Green Slime

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  11. Moh-ammad Voodoo Demon

    You know, the title screen music.
  12. Cragbones Bunny

    It was a witty remark to your misspelling of "Title" as "tittle". :c
  13. Science Green Slime

  14. Moh-ammad Voodoo Demon

  15. pimpinlink The Groom

    Usually, I listen to this.

    Other times, I listen to this. Especially when I fight bosses.
  16. Science Green Slime

    Not when they're running from my flamethrower, gungnir, and megashark.
  17. TheDeviant Green Slime

    When I'm doing something epic (A.K.A. 99% of the time, Code Geass 'Madder Sky' or Coldplay Viva La Vida.
  18. pimpinlink The Groom

    Just now, I found possible the greatest song to play while fighting the hardmode bosses:
  19. Mr.Bear Green Slime

    I usually listen to one of my 2 favorite Let's Players. When they don't have anything out I'll listen to Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
  20. Sederon Demon Eye

    I listen to Sonic music just like i'm doing right now.
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