What do you name your Worlds?

Discussion in 'PC' started by SuperJay, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. SuperJay

    SuperJay World Feeder

    Not just what are their names, but how do you name them? Do you put any thought into it, maybe go for a theme? Just disregard it altogether and go with World1, World2, etc? :eek:

    My very first one I named Aurora... just because I like that word, I guess. :oops:
  2. ElloJello

    ElloJello Green Slime

    I name them Awesome World, Cool World, etc.
  3. Carnage123

    Carnage123 Green Slime

    Cinn. Toast Crunch, Oreos, Lenex, DP, Masonite are the names of the worlds I have created. I have like a mental block when it comes to coming up with names, so I was eating Cinn toast cruch when I started playing, thought it was a funny name. The second time I just thought it would be cool to name it Oreos. Lenex is a rename of my sub box (Lenoxx) DP is for Dr. Pepper, Masonite is from my little Wal-Mart fan (Massey)
  4. Ahzrei

    Ahzrei Green Slime

    My first world, size small, I called Empire Minor.

    My second, a medium world titled Empire Median.

    And the third, large, entitled Empire Prime. Whereupon I built a bunker of solid gold.

    Then there we updates and stuff and I needed to make new worlds for that. So I have an Empire Expendable- which I simply delete and remake every patch, and an Empire 1.0.6 where I rolled a second guy and farmed him all the way to epic gear, because I ran out of things to do on my first character.
  5. veggieboy1

    veggieboy1 Green Slime

    I just name it what I feel at the time.

    I only have 2,

    #1 is named Earth

    #2 is the world I started a new charecter on and he looks like Guile from Street Fighter, so naturally I named it Guile's World
  6. Haunt

    Haunt Fire Imp

    First word upon my mind, so:

    That last one is not an indication of my mental health, thank you very much.
    Ohmahgawd, another Guile!
  7. Dashspin

    Dashspin Yellow Slime

    All my worlds are adventure maps. I don't name them. :D
  8. Sir_Retinee

    Sir_Retinee Green Slime

    Worldbuscus, always, forever.
  9. Marak

    Marak Devourer

    My 1.0.0 world is named "Trial Small". Because I was going to try all 3 world sizes, then start over with a 4th world that was the size I like best. Yeah, that never happened. So my "main world" has a really stupid name for all of eternity now.

    Other than that, I have mostly boring world names like "1.0.6 Mediumland" and " *character's name* *world size* "

    The ones I have fun with are the world(s) I make for the sole purpose of generating new chests/resources to loot. I have a medium world that I use for gemstone/boss farming that I called Looty McLooterson. And then there's the aptly-named and oft-deleted world of Hellruns. You might be able to guess what I use that one for.
  10. Standale27

    Standale27 Cursed Skull

    Peace off.
  11. KXI System

    KXI System Green Slime

    My main world is named Gaia.

    Nothing else
  12. <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>

    <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><> Blazing Wheel

    I name my worlds based on coolest sounding name I can think of at the time.

    heres a few of my awesome creations.

  13. Arachnephilia

    Arachnephilia Green Slime

    Depends on the character, Raven lives in Nest, McAstronaught lives of Prime, and Alice lives in Vunderland
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  14. Explodeyman

    Explodeyman Green Slime

    I either name it after my character I made for the world, Or I just make some random world name.
    At the end i add SP or MP to differentiate them, and version numbers (1.0.4 ect)
  15. TheGreatNinjaMan

    TheGreatNinjaMan Voodoo Demon

    i name mine after a book i was going to write but never actually started haha so the town names live on through terraria.
  16. Fen_Hydra

    Fen_Hydra Green Slime

    Generally by a combination of letters and numbers. For example, I recently finished a character named "Fen." His life was played in world titled: "WF1 - M1" standing for World Fen 1 - Main (world) 1. Sometimes it's just World [#] or World [Char's name/first letter of name]

    If I do a dungeon run, I name it "DR[X][Y]" with x being the first letter of my character's name and y being the number of the run, starting from 1. Same for underworld runs, except starting with "UR."

    I really need to work on my creativity. :confused:
  17. Aeynia

    Aeynia Pixie

    World 4

    Yup. I'm that creative.
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  18. Marak

    Marak Devourer

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  19. Vongola

    Vongola Green Slime

    Mine are really simple as well.
    Vongola Home (Where I made my house) - Small
    Vongola Farm (Where I just farming up materials for my home) - Large
    Vongola World (To play around in and do random things / make idea's.) - Large
  20. GermanJesus

    GermanJesus Flying Snake

    I usually just name it Terraria, as I only keep one world at a time.
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