What happened to blue?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by e722, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. e722

    e722 Tim

  2. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    I HAVE NO IDEA.....I really want him back D:
  3. Adinxs

    Adinxs Giant Worm

    My bet is that he was kid/blue-napped by angry fans.
  4. MerchantDrake

    MerchantDrake The cannibal Heir to the throne

    He said "Oh magic mirror take me back.." Its either he quit or he got fired.
  5. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    Well all blue did was community manage. Curse does that now..
    Plus on an indie dev team you need everyone to be useful, usually fulfilling 3-5 roles. Pretty sure someone just community managing was not worth the pay.
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  6. If you ask me for my opinion, he never did anything for the game and never deserved a spot.
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  7. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    Why is he gone, he done a LP with Redigit and he's fired? Thats unfair!
  8. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Ouch, harsh..............
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  9. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    He's gone?
    He is so awesome :(
  10. GermanJesus

    GermanJesus Flying Snake

    It was never said that he was fired.
  11. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    He either quit or was fired, I think he quit. They don't seem like mean people.
  12. Xrylene

    Xrylene Squirrel

    This, there's no point making assumptions about what happened. What does seem to be clear is that he is no longer working with Redigit and Tiy though, which I find a bit odd, considering I was under the impression that Blue and Redigit started this as a partnership.
  13. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    Why would he quit? Nearly everyone liked him!
  14. Delra

    Delra Dark Caster

    Then waht do you think happened? People are whining saying he probably wasn't fired, so the only other thing that could happen was that he quit, or was killed, and I am pretty sure he quit.
  15. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    Yes, but why would he want to quit?!
  16. GermanJesus

    GermanJesus Flying Snake

    Exactly. If he resigned due to personal reasons, which his status update makes me think, he has every right to withhold the reason why he left. He and Redigit are very close friends and I don't think Redigit would be able to fire him without feeling horrible about it after everything they've done together with Terraria.
  17. Adinxs

    Adinxs Giant Worm

    Pretty sure he was killed.
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  18. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    Waitwut :'( blue you will be missed....
  19. Bump

    Bump Dark Caster

    Maybe someone should just ask. I see no reason for him to be fired so I'm betting on quit.
  20. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    Really, Blue is gone? I wonder what could've happened. He was a very cool guy, infact, I think He was the cooler one on the Team. I never knew what did he do for the Game, but wasn't him the one who made all the Sounds and (Possibly?) Music?
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