what is the best armor ?

Discussion in 'PC' started by gamesmaster, May 20, 2011.

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  1. gamesmaster

    gamesmaster Squirrel

    any ideas i think its the molten one but i would like to know what you guys think
  2. Shane

    Shane Piranha

    Depends, if I'm running across the map I like to use my Necro, if I'm exploring caves and using rocket boots I bring my colbalt armour, if I'm fighting things in the open I bring my molten and if I'm fighting a lot of enemies I bring my Scalemail with 5 feril claws for fast attacks
  3. dubesor

    dubesor Green Slime

    hellforge armor hands down.
  4. Sir_Retinee

    Sir_Retinee Green Slime

    ^ This.
    Its situational really.
    For sheer defense its the Molten set.
    For casters/mages its the Cobalt set.
    For people who think that their Muramasa just doesn't swing fast enough, its Shadowscale and feral claws.
  5. Argotto.

    Argotto. Green Slime

    In the jungle, dungeons, and underworld? Molten hands down. It practically makes you invincible if you have the cobalt shield to compliment it.
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