What is up with the my little pony fetish?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hambro, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Hambro

    Hambro Green Slime

    Over the past few weeks I have seen many different users who seem to have an obsession with a show created for 6 year old girls. I personally think it is really weird and kinda creepy, so what is up with it. My little sister watches that show all the time, she is only 5, and I can't stand it. It is so annoying lol. So, why do all of you grown people have a strange fetish for it? Are you child rapists looking to lure in unsuspecting little girls lol? Don't worry, I won't tell, I just wanna know what's up. Thanks to anybody who can open my eyes and tell me WTF is going on lol.
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  2. ReznorRage

    ReznorRage World Feeder

    It's not a fetish. It's a show that people of all ages and types can relate and enjoy. People need to stop being so negative towards them. Get ready for this thread to get locked.
  3. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    The show has a great message and is actually hilarious, it's no different from someone being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, or The Simpsons.
  4. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    It's a show that many people enjoy. Is it so wrong that people enjoy something in life? Or is it against the rules?

    EDIT: It is not a fetish for the record.
  5. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    There's no need to post that here, it's just random spam.
  6. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Read the rules.

    Also, doesnt people realize they have the full internet to find information? when I dont know something the first thing I do is use google, I mean, is not that hard.

    Thread locked.
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