What would you rename Terraria to?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Shikari XI, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Shikari XI

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    Okay, so let's say in a mythical world with rainbow bunnies pukies rainbows from their butts and midget unicorns with ak-47's going to war, that Terraria was not named, well, Terraria. What do you think another good name for it would be? As for myself, I would probably go with something like "Canvas", referencing the "The World is your Canvas!" thing. But I want to hear your opinions, as I like to see what other people think and their reasoning behind said thoughts, so type away my minions!
  2. Klokinator

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  3. Classikly

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    Tear 'R' Yee-ah.
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  4. Klapp

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  5. Paringo

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    Didn't Bounce
  6. Jeckel

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  7. Loki ISP

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    Transformers 8: The Skeletron Ultimatum
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  9. nogloxiator

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    Oh God I Can't Swim
    Bunnies In Space 2- Still Not In Space
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    Green pinijatas !:D
  11. Razor Knight

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    Unchallenging Building Simulator: The Mystery of the Purple Spiky Thing.

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