Whats so bad about hamachi?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mathew Sky, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. MotokoHD

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    The primary use of Hamachi is to virtualize a private network over the internet in a manner that is simple and setup free.

    You actually have things completely backwards. Hamachi and its predecessors are IPX emulators over TCP/IP net connections. Essentially connections and computers work twice as hard to establish and maintain a connection together in an IPX emulation. Why people say they are lag free is beyond me. They probably would have a better connection but can't configure port forwarding so settle for that instead.

    Now Kali's use was for games that ONLY had LAN support to be used over the internet. I think that'd be a best replacement for your statement. That is an ancient relic from the past that most people in this forum have no clue about so I will leave it at that. My best guess though is that is what you were thinking with that statement.
  2. lolzrofl

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    Me: Hamachi is a lazyman's excuse for learning how to port forward

    Internet Person: But lolzrofl! I can't port forward because *insert excuse relating to ISP here*

    Me: If you don't have the ability to port forward, and you can't rent a dedicated server (Terraria servers are so cheap nowadays), then chances are you shouldn't be attempting to run a server in the first place.

    Internet Person: But my server is gonna be awesome and tons of people will want to play on it!!

    Me: No one wants to install extra software (annoying software at that) on their computer just to play on your crappy server running on your grandma's toaster that's hooked up to her 56k dial-up.

    Internet Person: But... but.... *interrupted*

    Me: LEAVE!
  3. eil

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    and still hamachi haters keep holding on few point without attention to hamachi usefulness examples.
    i guess usage of hamachi depends on country. anyone i know in real life used hamachi not even once, and never was hacked. :rolleyes: yet issue with installing 3rd party soft seems to be a problem for those users who call service to make anything on their PC.
  4. Necrolance

    Necrolance Doctor Bones

    Hamachi has many negatives. It's a bad idea for big servers, it doesn't -always- let you connect, I've heard people say that it only lets you use hamachi for stuff that requires port forwarding if you have it installed... I'd only use it as a very last resort. And even then I'd make sure there was absolutely no other way. A port forward is a lot easier, you just gotta find a good guide. Most routers, unless you're using one that you don't have access to the settings for it, have a page on their settings 'webpage' that allows port-forwarding or the creation of a 'virtual server' which serves the same purpose. But unless you have no other options, Hamachi isn't the best idea for a first choice for server hosting. I've used it. It's laggy. Without it? Little to no lag. All the proof I need that Hamachi suuuucks.
  5. ShinkuOokami2323

    ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    'Cause. You don't have to get inside your router and mind-**** it.
    I've always used Hamachi for Terraria, to be honest. Its really useful, and makes things alot easier as withOUT hamachi, you have to get inside your router and do the lord knows what. Lol. Its just far, far simpler than hosting non-Hamachi.
  6. Gataru

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    Well, it's easier to just use the default system...but people took an extra step to separate themselves from the other half that don't want/need hamachi.
  7. Darkas-Pony

    Darkas-Pony Crimera

    Moving to the right section.
  8. MotokoHD

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    People who use Hamachi don't get hacked. They get taken advantage of without ever realizing it. I've already explained this but you obviously can't read the full thread. Hamachi enables all people in the workgroup to have instant private access to all the other pc's connected to that workgroup without any signs of detection or access. Furthermore if someone does access your computer thru it, its 100% legal cause you're too derp to read the fine print in the EULA for hamachi. YOU initiated the private network so its on YOU. People who think that hamachi is safe because its website says it is needs to understand that they are talking about the VPN's security to the outside world, not to the derps you invite to your work group. Yeah, ADT is a great home security system, but it doesn't save you from sleeping with a serial killer or having a psychopath roommate...get it?
  9. Mathew Sky

    Mathew Sky Doctor Bones

    hamachi just makes it easy for lazy people
  10. Eye of Cthulhu

    Eye of Cthulhu Cursed Skull

    I heard it gives you aids.
  11. Bobrocket


    I spoke with a guy who used hamachi and his reply was:
    "I use it because it's more secure than port forwarding and adds a layer of protection to my servers"
    I proved to him that it's not in the next 10 minutes of which I managed to access his files and make a .txt saying "BOBROCKET HAS PROVEN YOU WRONG." All through hamachi.
  12. eil

    eil Green Slime

    i did read most of thread, and i several times stated: it's not hamachi's fault it allows access(it was designed for that!), but users unconsciousness.(so it's a question who didn't read who's posts :rolleyes:) not hamachi must be blamed for something refering to access, but users playing with/inviting unknowns and joining somewhere found servers. i'm totally fine with it's granting legal access 'cause i always know whom i am with in workgroup, and no one else can get there. + i have security set that way, that not even some part of drive could be accessed without manual permission(even not saying about ports control and other stuff), no matter if it's a program i installed myself or especially some external attempt(especially). :cool:
  13. ShinkuOokami2323

    ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    No, Hamachi makes it simple for people who have Isuckwithelectronicitus. I'm afraid to mess with my router 'cause it might mess up.
  14. MotokoHD

    MotokoHD Green Slime

    I had a friend once who had Ican'tgetaboyfrienditus. So she looked up a guy on craigslist and was never heard from again. Interesting how shortcuts can work out right?

    I also had a family member who had I'mafraidofburglarzema. They installed a state of the art security system. Turns out she should have been treated for Ilivewithaserialkillersyndrome instead.
  15. gigimoi

    gigimoi Green Slime

    I'm aware of the difference, but I was not aware Hamachi created a virtual LAN setup, you've helped me solve a problem I've been having accessing my real LAN group, e-cookie for you :3
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  16. ShinkuOokami2323

    ShinkuOokami2323 Doctor Bones

    I only use Hamachi with people I really know, or have known for a long, long time. I have an XBL friend that I play with, and hes in there. As are two of my real life friends, another friend from XBL, and one really well-known member of the forums(The least secure person in my mind, but oh well. My laptop is a freakin' dinosaur anyways. If it breaks, I'll just convince my parents to buy me a new one for Christmas). My friends always leave Hamachi on, and I was like.. No, no no! Turn it off EVERY time you stop playing! Every time! Its basically asking for a hacker to hop in, so I'm pretty careful who's network I'm in, and who is in mine. I even have it set to where I have to accept someones request.
  17. Heart

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    Well for me, I'm a genius at it.
  18. Filipfonky

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    There are two ways of joining a Terraria server.
    1. Write the address, hit join, and play.
    2. Download a program, go see some tutorials on YouTube, watch all of them, understand how the program works, start it up, put the server address, do some shit with an ID or something like that, go on Terraria and then join.

    Now WHY would people possibly hate doing the second step? Duh...
  19. eil

    eil Green Slime

    or people can:
    1. write the address, hit join, and get error.. hit join, and get error.. sit happily :)
    2. download and install program(and no any videos needed:p), type in ID(which is same as IP) of where they want to join, and play without problem with any players :rolleyes:(whether they have good provider or not)
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  20. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    I love the part where you make it seem more of a fuss than it actually is.

    You take a few minutes out of your life to learn how to do something with two tutorials that you are going to remember forever if you have a functioning brain

    I'm guessing you hated school?

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