Whats so bad about hamachi?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mathew Sky, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    And i'm guessing you didn't catch the point of my post.
    The second step (the one with hamachi) it's sure easy to do. But the first one is obviously easier.
    That is the point.

    They are both easy, but people prefer the easier one.

    Understand? Need a drawing? Jeez..
    Yeah, people magically know imediately where to type the ID and how to use Hamachi...
    Dedicated servers were, are and will always be better than Hamachi ones, deal with it. No matter how many things you would say, i'm not getting an error, and it works perfectly.

    Well, if you are trying to connect to Hamachi servers without Hamachi... then that's maybe why you get the error.... derp.
  2. eil

    eil Green Slime

    that greatly depends of own definition of "easy". :p when whole PC is virus infected, for one it's easy to use anti-virus, for someone to reinstall OS, and for other to deal fast with it manually.

    if most of people magically at once become too fool or blind, that would be really a problem.:eek:
    you just don't like/don't want to use Hamachi - others do, deal with it. ;) no matter how many things you would say, my friend with bad provider in his country or me with "no access to router"-connection, have no better resolve to play together.
    well, if you can't figure out how to use this program to your advantage.. this may be the cause of hate to it, but it's not a program's fault.:cool:
  3. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    You should focus more on the point instead of focusing on smilies.
    I'm not saying "i don't like/can't use Hamachi".
    I'm saying "this is why people prefer the normal way instead of Hamachi".

    People who become fool and blind is really a big problem.
  4. eil

    eil Green Slime

    that's the main point: there are people who use Hamachi and find it useful; there are people who don't like Hamachi and find no use in it. all are happy using whatever they prefer. :) and there is nothing bad about it.
  5. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    No offence you have good points too, but you are acting like this is a blank discussion about what you want.
    It's a Thread with a defined question, you can't argue if i give it an answer.
    The OP is asking "Why do people hate using Hamachi?" and i gave him an answer.
    It's not a debate on who's right about what. It's. A. Ducking. Question.

    You are right on some points, but those are points that don't really have a point (does that make sense at all?), i even use Hamachi on some servers.

    I did NOT express my opinion on Hamachi, even if you think i did. I just answered the OP on why there's people that totally hate Hamachi.

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