What's your motive upon entering hardmode?

Discussion in 'PC' started by TheEvilMouse, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. TheEvilMouse

    TheEvilMouse Cursed Man

    What's the challenge, the objective, the point of playing after killing the wall of flesh? My first thought was the new ores, So I am now at full adamantite armor and tools and am lost on what to do. I know there are new bosses and I am aware of how to summon then but does killing them give me anything but their drops or am I at a standstill of just killing new bosses and building for fun?
  2. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    They drop super rare items, Sky Islands now spawn, the corruption is much faster now, the hallow is now in your wakes.

    Anything else? xD
  3. TheEvilMouse

    TheEvilMouse Cursed Man

    I've stopped the corruption from spreading naturally by putting the hallow on both sides of it. Super Rare items that only make me stronger for the purpose of killing them again? Sky Islands spawning I didn't know about but same point as the super rare items.
  4. Crontic

    Crontic Green Slime

    Well you sir, have... 'beat' Terraria.
  5. TheEvilMouse

    TheEvilMouse Cursed Man

    Holy gawd that is too easy but then again I was on Softcore, Time for Mediumcore. Thanks anyway :D

    Are there mods for Terraria? If so, Official link to the page for them please and any reccomendations?
  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Sorry to tell you, but that other guy didn't really know what he was talking about.

    Hardmode bosses drop souls. Different types of souls help you to craft wings, different magic gear, and hallowed tier items. I really recommend beating all three hardmode bosses and getting hallowed gear before calling it quits.

    As for modding, there's a huge modding community here. But if you want to find the best of the mods, you're going to have to do some looking around.
  7. Sgt. Bob

    Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    As Stackerz said, kill the bosses before quitting because it's quite a fun experience with only adamantite gear.

    Also, floating islands spawn when the world generates not when hardmode is activated.
  8. TheEvilMouse

    TheEvilMouse Cursed Man

    I still plan to kill the three bosses just to see how they are. I've had wings and I knew floating islands where there from the start, Glad to hear no more spawn kind of.
  9. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Game's gear-based, not challenge-based. Only reason to go Hardmode is to get shiny wings, Awesome Armor of Awesome, and Gungnir (Wish there was a Mjöllnir too...)

    The bosses are as much of a footnote as their easymode counterparts are.

    If you want to build and nothing more, then you either keep your world easymode, or build in Hell (a thing that may be more challenging than HM bosses themselves, unless you cheat lava out of the way, that is.) Hell's mobs will be up to par with a green slime once you get Hallowed armor and the max extra defense from accessories, anyhow.

    "I used to think bone serpents were tough, just like you. Then they took a Gungnir in the face."
  10. LordShaggy

    LordShaggy Green Slime

    I generally choose to do hardmodes to increase my blood pressure just a tad. Cuz when you know if you die you lose it all you can't make the same kinda choices you would otherwise. You know there will be a price if you make a wrong move, or push yourself to far. It's a different kind of satisfying rush.
  11. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Hardmode =/= hardcore. Just saying.

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