What's Your Opinion on the Clockwork Assault Rifle

Discussion in 'PC' started by daaseemas, Jan 3, 2012.


Do you like the Clockwork Assault Rifle

  1. Yes It's Cool

  2. I haven't really tried

  3. What's that?

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  1. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    I would like to know what you think of the Clockwork Assault Rifle. I like it and its it's fun for me to use.

    For me:
    3 shots per 1 bullet
    Looks quite better than other guns

    Weak Damage Compared to MegasShark
    Damage per Second is less compared to Megashark
    Can't get Unreal prefixed Because it has not knockback

    If you dislke you are welcome to state why but please be respectful
  2. k0rd

    k0rd Bone Serpent

    It has a special place in my heart as it was my first WoF drop. I *still* use it often.
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  3. Hammi589

    Hammi589 Squirrel

    Its Quite good, until you get the megashark.
    Or you could be like me and carry one around if you have enough Free space Its quite handy to take down those mobs like bats and skeletons if they get in your way.
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  4. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    The Rifle has a feel to it that makes it more enjoyable to use than the megashark in my opinion.
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  5. Chocorate

    Chocorate Green Slime

    It's been my most used weapon in 1.1. I laugh at my friends who wasted their souls to make the Megashark.
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  6. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    I like using it on the old bosses but The Clockwork Assault Rifle just doesnt work on those Hardcore Bossess as well as the Megashark
  7. Maelstromner

    Maelstromner Cursed Man

    It's fine, until you get other ranged weapons.
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  8. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    Yeah but what's the point using weapons that are just plain boring to use. The Assault Rifle gives me a good experience
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  9. Chocorate

    Chocorate Green Slime

    Sadly, people would rather use a boring, ammo-inhaling minigun rather than a fun, efficient weapon that takes skill. Why would you want to try to defeat a boss when you can just point and hold down the mouse button for 5 minutes?
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  10. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    It's a great weapon. I still use it. Because I haven't gotten the Megashark, of course.
    The Megashark is suppose to be better than it, since the WoF drops the Rifle, it's weaker compared to something you'll only get after quite a while ...
    But it's a great weapon, yes.
  11. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    So the poll choices are "Yes", "Dunno" and "Dunno"?
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  12. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    Its a word that i would get infracted for flaming but on short it sucks for me.....
    Your right.....
  13. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    Actually it's "I know what it is but have no experience" or "It is such a bad weapon I didn't even know it was is the game
  14. Tthing

    Tthing Voodoo Demon

    Ever heard of dont judge a book by it's cover?
  15. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    Ok ok. I appreciate all these people stating their opinions but can everyone just stay on topic. Also what bullets do you prefer to use with the Clockwork Assault Rifle?
  16. Ultimateifrit

    Ultimateifrit Undead Viking

    Your forgetting the IT SUCKS option. Just saying. Not everyone loves the thing, or has no opinion of it. Not much of an opinion if you are basically saying IF YOU USED IT YOU LOVE IT.
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  17. Chocorate

    Chocorate Green Slime

    The best kind. Silver bullets.
  18. BlueBoy

    BlueBoy Tim

    I would prefer the Megashark, but the Assault Rifle is good when you're low on ammo or not wanting to consume it fast. Also, the Rifle has no knockback, which can get more hits into slow enemies. I actually went through more effort to get the Assault Rifle because I killed the Wall of Flesh twelve times.
  19. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    I understand many people prefer the more powerful weapons like the shotgun or megashark but just say "I don't like this weapon because......"I prefer to appreciate the devs work so I didn't put an "I Hate" option. And true some people have no opinion. But there are thoses people who do. I just wanna see WHY people like or dislike the gun.
  20. Ultimateifrit

    Ultimateifrit Undead Viking

    Yes but even just a "I don't care much for it" Option would work. Like I said though, what you have right now is just a "If you have used it you love it" situation. All I am asking for is a little more freedom in the opinion vote.
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