Whats your Phobia?

Discussion in 'PC' started by OHMON, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. OHMON

    OHMON Squirrel

    Hi.Im OHMON,you've might've seen my server,yadda yadda...
    I dont play singleplayer at all,because of,well,you know,scary stuff,being alone,etc
    So I was playing multiplayer.We were in a UJ.He brb'd and left.He came back soon,but I was in a little room like a square but the bottom is half-cut off from the left. I saw a vine thingy going for me.I thought it was something,I put my mouse over it,Man Eater - 600/600
    I ragequitted from that..and now I've got a phobia of Man eaters,snatchers,and clingers.Though I haven't really seen a clinger.Sometimes I'm a little scared of worms and antlions and soul eaters poppin outta no where,but I dont ragequit in that situation.So,seriously..get some less scary monsters,Terraria :oops:

    By the way,post your phobias (from terraria) here,please.Get creative :3
  2. Vinyl Luck TTX

    Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Terraria phobias? >How illogical.' If I had to choose an enemy that frightens me to a large extent it would probably be that god damn World Feeder. WHAT. IS. IT.
  3. Maxymax12

    Maxymax12 Green Slime

    MY phobia is the world becoming corrupt overnight. What do you mean I can't sleep to not see it?! Oh well screw your face, people, who have to be perfect and know everything.
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  4. Skyrocker

    Skyrocker Green Slime

    My phobia is probably pinky when a Voodoo Demon is hanging above lava right when your about to kill it.
    God that scares me.
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  5. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Damn, World Feeder and Clinger, why do they exist in the first place?
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  6. Szaila

    Szaila Piranha

    I dont know if it's a phobia or not... But let's say I have to cross some corruption to get to some place. If Im followed by a bunch of Corruptors I kinda "freak out." lol
    It's mostly because Im afraid they will spit on the "non-corrupted ground" and spread the corruption. So I've "sealed off" most of the corruption so it wont spread to my spawn...
    oh! or mabye my phobia is to get corruption or hallow all over my spawn xP
  7. LoStIt

    LoStIt Green Slime

    I don't have fears in Terraria, if you know what you're doing you shouldn't be afraid of anything.
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  8. Serp

    Serp Tim

    I'm very surprised no one has said clowns yet:confused:
  9. Skyrocker

    Skyrocker Green Slime

    Clowns are pretty scary but its not a phobia of mine, they can be killed pretty easily with some bombs or arrows, and the chance of encountering a clown is pretty small because it needs Blood Moon to spawn.
  10. pimpinlink

    pimpinlink The Groom

    I have a profound fear of having a part of my world become corrupt without my knowledge.

    Last time that happened, my corruption percentage jumped up by almost 10%
  11. korumuda

    korumuda Green Slime

    I'm scared of all worms. Because of that unexpected scarry sounds when they come.. Brr.. So i usually play without headphones.
  12. Goub0

    Goub0 Fire Imp

    World feeders...those eyes there crazy
  13. Agent of Chaos

    Agent of Chaos Eskimo Zombie

    Worms used to scare the unholy feces out of me when I was new. Now the only thing I'm scared of is Skeletron Prime.
  14. Ninjamaster1991

    Ninjamaster1991 Green Slime

    Having corruption get too close to my underground house and World Feeders, Clingers, and the like ambushing me nonstop.
  15. Jhester

    Jhester Green Slime

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  16. Coldex

    Coldex Green Slime

    My phobia?
    Because most monsters can't destroy your residence and steal your hard-earned diamonds... Q_Q
  17. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    I flip s**t when I see that I missed a vile spit flying over past me.
    Oh mother of god where did it LAND, WHAT DID IT CORRUPT OH GOD
  18. Passpotman

    Passpotman Green Slime

    "You feel an evil presence watching you..."
    Scares the living hell out of me when it randomly pops up, Eye of cthulhu is an annoying boss to figth against.
  19. Chocorate

    Chocorate Green Slime

    There's already a thread about this in Off-Topic, I believe it even has the same name. I just posted there. Anyway, my fear is the volume options. I hate how I can't turn down the volume while playing, so I have to stick with music or stick with Terraria sounds.
  20. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    People with lava buckets.

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