Where are Save Files located, and how to move them? (ANSWERED)

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by thecrystalcrow, May 18, 2011.

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  1. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    I was surprised with a new laptop late last night, and have no idea how to find/move my world and character saves. Does anyone know the filepath? They are coming from Vista and going to XP.

    Thanks for any help-I really don't want to lose 16 hours of gameplay, and I'd finally gotten decent weapons!
  2. Em0srawk Yellow Slime

    I think the worlds and characters located at Documents\Mygames\Terraria or something along those lines
  3. Cerbyn Green Slime

    My Documents>My Games>Terraria

    You'd just have to copy the player and world folders
  4. Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    What they said! :p
  5. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    Wonderful, thanks for the help! I'm moving so many files, and have used Vista for so long, that going back to XP, I've totally forgotten how the file trees work. Plus, I never gamed on XP. :) Working great now, gave a huge sigh of relief to see my equipped character. :D
  6. Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Why have you changed back to xp? Just curious hehe. I haven't used it in ages either so i'm sure i'd be equally confused! I have objectdock installed too so windows taskbars feel weird to me now :D
  7. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    I had a shot a an Alienware laptop that came preloaded with XP, where my Toshiba had Vista...but not as a separate install disk. The Toshiba had abysmal speed, and I was constantly lagging & couldn't run Fraps. I want to record, so I made the switch. It's a p.i.t.a. after Vista, but this new hardware rocks :)
  8. Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Do you know any students hehe? Get windows 7 cheap :D Sounds nice though! Yeah my last laptop was a toshiba, not buying one of them again, it kept overheating all the time. Vaio's are much nicer!

    You gonna make some youtube videos then? :)
  9. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    I have a decision to make-don't know if I'm going to end up keeping this machine, since it won't run Minecraft! I get the infamous XP black screen of death at login, for which there is no apparent cure. :/ Terraria is running well, but if I can't do MC, it's no deal. :(

    I've been wanting to do some gameplay commentating for a long time. I was an old-school disc jockey at a classic rock station for years, so I've got the voice for it! :) Unfortunately, if it's back to the Toshiba, I may have to wait another year. :(
  10. Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Whhhaaattt, that error sounds lame :( Is that xp entirely or just certain setups? I've never tried to run minecraft on xp. I have to admit it's got a bit stale for me because I have quite a short attention span and i've done everything too much. So terraria is satisfying my needs for now!

    Haha sounds awesome, definitely requires a good voice! Making some videos would be fun, I'm just gonna try and find someone to do some multiplayer with first though, one step at a time :D I hope you can get it to work somehow!
  11. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    It's just certain setups of XP, I'm sure. At a glance, it seems about 90% of the unfixable black screen posts on the MC forums are XP users.

    Oddly enough, this laptop will not connect wirelessly, either. I'm beginning to think that I have a bad OS install...almost. Since I have Clearwire (ugh) as an ISP, I know the issues there!
  12. Dreacus Green Slime

    Strange, what model did you get? Mine came with Windows 7..
  13. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    It's a used Area 51 that was an experimental model used by an employee of Alienware, so nothing on it is spec...which makes it really difficult to diagnose the issues it's having. I should have specified that it was a late model! I wish I could afford a new one. :) What model do you have?
  14. Dreacus Green Slime

    Alienware M15x, optimized to make it cost €1800,-
  15. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    Have you always used the 15" screen? It seems small to me after the Toshiba, but the quality is excellent-much more visual pop than the bigger screen, with better definition and a higher end graphics card.

    I suppose if I can't get this working where I'd like it, I'll resell it, plus an old Dell laptop and my HP desktop to start a new "tower fund" and keep the Toshiba running while saving up. Have to take care of the car repair first, however-needs an injector. Fixed income can be so much fun!
  16. Dreacus Green Slime

    The 1600x900HD resolution is just wonderful, I have indeed used 15" all my life (dirty mind is acting up..) so am more comfortable with these medium sized screens. The M11x was just way too small in my opinion, though.
  17. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    ELEVEN inch screen, oh, my eyes! I believe that's taking portability a leeetle too far. :)
  18. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    Well, the Alienware isn't going to make it. The new-to-me laptop is just too old to handle what I need it to do-rats. Now I suppose it's back to the drawing board, looking for parts to build a gaming tower instead. Something that can handle everything from Terraria and Minecraft to The Witcher 2 and Skyrim.
  19. Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Awww lame. Oh well, onwards and upwards hehe. Hopefully you can eventually make an awesome gaming machine. Are you gonna go for a desktop instead then? Would save money at least.

    P.S. YES for Skyrim
  20. thecrystalcrow Green Slime

    Yep-I originally wanted to build a tower-the AW was something a friend ran across and suggested I try. I want a cooled tower to hook up to my HDTV/monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse. I'm a hardware noob, so I have no idea what I need. Software was my forte, before I was disabled I was heavily involved in using, modifying and training with Azteca's CityWorks and ESRI's ArcGIS-I *love* software. Right now, money is tight. I'm waiting for an estate company to come and look at my antiques, since I can't use my LR or DR furniture anymore, I might as well sell it to make some cash to put into a new tower-something I can actually use! :D
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