Where do i Find my server ip??

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by metalman11ty1, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. metalman11ty1

    metalman11ty1 Green Slime

    prettie much it, i want to make a server and i hit the host and play but, i have no idea where to find the server ip.
  2. hurzysn

    hurzysn Green Slime

    its the ip on your network conntection
  3. Mr. BG

    Mr. BG Green Slime

    To answer quickly, there are two IPs you need to note: one is the internal IP for your network, and the other is the external IP that everyone else outside of your LAN would need to use. To find out your internal LAN IP, start command prompt and type ipconfig. The IP would be listed under "IP address" and will be 192.168.x.x probably.

    To find out the external IP for everyone outside your home to use, go to whaismyip.org

    You might need to forward port 7777 on your router. That's where your internal IP would come in handy.
  4. Repawn

    Repawn Green Slime

    so... which one do I use for the game?
  5. Mr. BG

    Mr. BG Green Slime

    For somebody on your network or outside your network? And in my post I meant to say www.whatismyip.org, sorry for the typo.
  6. Repawn

    Repawn Green Slime

    I don't really know... I just want to start a multiplayer server and I don't know anything right now... outside???
  7. Mr. BG

    Mr. BG Green Slime


    If you are behind a router you will need to forward port 7777 (or whichever port you choose) to your internal IP. The Internal IP can be found through the command line (look above).
  8. vettelvib

    vettelvib Green Slime

    hi, you can find your ip address of your server that is host provider at Ip-details . here you need to type your web address, and it will show the details...
  9. Ignoritus

    Ignoritus Zombie

    To host you need to port-forward. However, I really don't think you know enough about your connection to port-forward. If you want I can link you to a tutorial, but I doubt you'll get far unless you learn more about your connection. :|
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