who else is sick of all the " Download" "Play now" GO HERE!" Ads? " A little warning to everyone!"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by doid11, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    whats up with all these ads i see every day? They have viruses in them no doubt, how do i know? Norton detects it.
    why do those ads have to be so annoying? "They take up HUGE space!!!"

    Who else is annoyed with them? They are hard to ignore because some of them are Huge!
    oh great, while creating this post a download icon that looks like it was created in MSpaint is advertizing a PDF creator.

    all im saying is that most of these ads are just sh*t and obvious viruses, Just a warning to all NOT to click these advertizements unless you want a trojan.
    thanks for reading this! Hope this gets out to people :).
  2. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    Are you talking about here, on TO?
    TO needs ads to be run, otherwise there is no money to host the site.
    Anyway, anyone who clicks ANY ads on the internet has already learned their lesson... I hope.
  3. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    yep, i bet they have, i just hope people DONT click those ads, i mean, they are obvious viruses.
    i understand they need ads to make money, but why use viruses to?
    Im just saying.
  4. Shyness

    Shyness Giant Worm

    You are the nth visitor to this site. You've won an iPhone 4!

    The ads on TO aren't as bad as other sites, its only at the very bottom of the page. Lucky there aren't any on the side bars. I hope I didn't give them any ideas...
  5. Cirno the Nine

    Cirno the Nine Cursed Skull

    Sadly my adblock kills all ads.
    I actually don't even know what the newer ads even look like.
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  6. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    lol, they are at the top on my comp therefore making them the most annoying XD but i really do hate the: "Congratgulations YOU WON! CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! NO JOKE YOU WON!!!" those piss me off so hard!
  7. Shyness

    Shyness Giant Worm

    The newer ads funnily enough don't update the UI to match windows 7, the fake pop-up boxes still use windows-xp style text boxes.
  8. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    lol, ikr? people are stupid especialy virus coders lol...
  9. Cirno the Nine

    Cirno the Nine Cursed Skull

    I still see them using Windows 98 Boxes....Old Times...Old times.......
  10. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    also, arent most viruses coded in linux? ahhh, i remember my first ubunbtu computer, great times, but i found out it was used as a wepon, not a tool and it had no software, so i changed back to mac, then i moved on to windows 7. so far, windows is my faveourite operating system, but the viruses and the ads are a HUGE problem!
  11. Cirno the Nine

    Cirno the Nine Cursed Skull

    Windows = That Big Tank that's strong but gets blown up.
    Mac = That Bunker that's hard to destroy but won't work with many programs.
    Linux = That Car that can't do everything you want it too.
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  12. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Norton thinks minesweeper is a virus. 90% of it's alerts are, well lets be honest, blatant lies.

    Doesn't matter either way though, the last virus I got was back in 2003. Thanks, adblock and no-script.
  13. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Ads still exist?

    <-- Has Firefox. Is afraid of no ad.

    Also, Norton? You should upgrade to a better anti-virus. Something that works in MS-DOS, for example.
  14. doid11

    doid11 Green Slime

    oh, ive been playing minesweeper for months and norton never complained about it? But ill check again. im using norton 360, but i have heard bugs/errors like this.

    nah im more of a norton fan, i never got a virus with it, ever. i used to use trend micro though :)

    i liked that, it made me lol xD.

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  15. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    95% of viruses and crap people get are because of their own stupidity. Anti-virus is a last line of defense, not some miracle cure-all.
  16. Rainbow

    Rainbow Green Slime

    Seriously, it does this.
  17. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    Actually IE is pretty bad. But I forgive you since norton misleads everyone.
  18. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    I never used Norton, but I still threw Internerd Exploder out the Window(s) when I found Firefox.

    Don't need an AV to tell me when a browser's a piece of crap "malware welcome mat."
  19. piinyouri

    piinyouri Lava Slime

    Same. When I use the computer downstairs I'm blown away by how many ads there actually are on this site.
  20. Us Strike

    Us Strike Demon Eye

    IEs is not that bad . Google Chrome is my choice though.
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