Why do people hate those of us that use Hamachi?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Brian Boulnois, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Xen

    Xen Green Slime

    Your 10 friggin dollars "lost" will surely remind you to look before you buy next time.

    Seriously , chill.
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  2. thebacon

    thebacon Green Slime

    Get some friends if you don't want to play on public servers.
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  3. Lorias

    Lorias Green Slime

    What a shame then, goodbye!

    I love how this guy compares multiplayer to 14 years ago, when I of all people know that 14 years ago, networks, multiplayer, and games in an infrastructure were way easier to code and didn't have as many limitations as they do today.

    If you really are from "The good ol days" as you so arrogantly claim (Seriously, unless you are like 35+ you don't have all that much on me in terms of old school gaming) you should damn well know your uncle was right. It is a lot easier on the developers these days because it's gotten a whole lot harder, and as a programmer of 9 years and recently of game programming, I can tell you it isn't all sunshine, rainbows and unicorn farts.

    Get your head out of your ass, see you are not the only one in the god damn world who's opinion matters, and start viewing things more logically.
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  4. Trafalgar

    Trafalgar Green Slime

    You mean like you can do in Terraria nowadays?

    Games 14 years ago didn't have any kind of magical ability to tunnel through routers and firewalls. They all required the servers to be reachable. Some games used servers hosted by the game's company to avoid or mitigate the issue, but then if the company went down, the game couldn't be played online anymore, obviously (see for example Nox - EA shut down all the servers after buying Westwood). Some games were LAN-only, and that's originally what Hamachi was created to address, but Hamachi tends to... break stuff. Others have noted it as a security hazard as well.
  5. CobraA1

    CobraA1 Green Slime

    My own advice is to take a close look at your modem, if you are using DSL or cable. Today's DSL/cable modems usually have the NAT and firewall built in, so it's often actually not the ISP doing it, but rather the modem itself (although there are some exceptions).
  6. Smaxx

    Smaxx Green Slime

    Honestly, you're not understanding what you're talking about. :)
    Player over LAN only and Terraria (or any other game with a listen server) will work exactly the way you said. You'd enter the IP, hit connect, and you're done. The main difference here is that most people use routers and/or other NAT devices creating more than one network (you're not directly connected to the internet). In such cases you'll need port forwarding no matter what kind of listen server you're running. You'll need port forwarding to host Terraria as well as Half Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counterstrike Source, Unreal Tournament 2004 or whatever game.

    As for .net and the virtual machine: Comparing .net (or Java) to a real virtual machine, such as VMware or VirtualBox, isn't really possible as they're both called "virtual machine" but they aren't doing exactly the same. Intermediate languages (that's what's actually on your hard disk when you've got a compiled Java or .net program) are precompiled, interpretable programs. However these aren't run by interpreters. When you launch the program the installed runtime/virtual machine will compile these into real machine code that can be run just like any other program. It's still called virtual machine because the there is still additional runtime and memory managment code involved that will do stuff such as garbage collection and file/library management. It can be a little bit slower than code compiled in other languages, e.g. C++, but this really depends on what you're doing and how you're doing it.
  7. veganzombeh

    veganzombeh Green Slime

    Because pirates can only use Hamachi and by running a Hamachi server, you're letting pirates play. I'm not implying that your a pirate though.
  8. Mister Magical

    Mister Magical Green Slime

    Portforward. If you can't portforward then don't make a server. Hamachi sucks.
  9. CobraA1

    CobraA1 Green Slime

    The intermediate language is essentially a "virtual machine" in that it's designed to act similar to a real machine. It has its own instruction set, registers, etc. How closely it resembles a real, working machine depends on how the language is designed. But yes, you can find assemblers for them, and even hardware that will run Java and other VM-based languages natively. So yes, they are virtual machines in a real sense.
  10. devilkingx2

    devilkingx2 Green Slime

    your a self-entitled child, if its so easy fucking code it and send it to redigit otherwise dont bitch about "lazy" or "easy" or "convieniance" or any other bullshit like that

    put up or shut up
  11. devilkingx2

    devilkingx2 Green Slime

    it went away because LAN was terrible in comparison to playing with everyone else in the world

    LAN on the consoles is practical because taking it out requires taking out a feature that was built in(the other 3 controller ports) it was never on the computer in the first place(barring games that allow you to play on the same keyboard)
  12. Toraxa

    Toraxa Green Slime

    Why do you want to bluff yourself up? I really don't get that. It's fine that you were too young then. Nobody's blaming you.

    You weren't even three when the Nintendo 64 came out. Not even a year old when they released the original Playstation.

    The Atari 2600, their first actual "console" was released in 1977. I certainly wouldn't consider myself part of that generation if I were born in 1993. I was born in '87, and my first console was NES, but the SNES came out shortly after I was old enough to really enjoy games, so it's where most of my early gaming was.

    While I'm not going to claim it's an issue with the devs being lazy, Hamachi being used or relied on as a method for gaming online is definitely a step back. You can use the current server implementation fine without Hamachi, and they're already working on new dedicated server software.

    As for that saying, it goes both ways. There's also "One step forward, two steps back", referring to when people try too hard to make progress, and end up failing. They waste a bunch of time and effort on a dead end, and thus the time required to reach the real innovation is longer than it should have been. You literally think you're ahead of schedule because you're pushing so hard, but it ends up with you being behind.
  13. RichEdmonds

    RichEdmonds Green Slime

    You don't have thread closing power around these parts. Can you cut the “/I'M LEET AND LEAVING SHORT LEET MESSAGES” crap? Go back to school and learn how to communicate correctly.

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. I used Hamachi years ago with AoE 2 (Age of Empires 2) in it's glory days. Not because, a) we couldn't port forward or b) we didn't want to, but because it was a convenience since the built-in multiplayer support was less-than-par. People want to run Hamachi, then bloody well let them do so in peace. It's not a step back in gaming, how the hell have you worked that out? It's emulating a network, that's ALL Hamachi does.

    I'm running Linux and I decide to go into Photoshop, oh damn I need to install it via a VM, is that a step in the wrong direction? To increase functionality where it's lacked and not supported through means of emulation? No. How is emulating a network any different? People can't (or don't know how to) port forward, ISPs can be tight on ports too, and people might like the convenience of a client being able to handle everything for them. To say this software uses up valuable computer resources is laughable. Should you not be running a powerful enough machine to handle Terraria and Hamachi, then you should perhaps re-consider running a server.
  14. Mister Magical

    Mister Magical Green Slime

    The only reason you are mad at me is because you have to use hamachi because you can't port forward. I will once again say this. Portforward. If you can't don't host. Hamachi sucks.
  15. Lord Ashwind

    Lord Ashwind Green Slime

    Lots of pirates.
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  16. Aguspal

    Aguspal Dark Caster

    I am suprised than this didnt come up earlier in the thread.


    Althougt I myself dont have anything aganist pirating but w/e- this is still know.
  17. RichEdmonds

    RichEdmonds Green Slime

    Actually I don't use Hamachi, if you actually read my post I said I used to use it in the days of AoE. I can port forward perfectly well thank you, if I couldn't then I wouldn't do what I do for a living. I'm not mad at anyone in particular, but saying emulating a function is noobish or hackish is just laughable.

    But please, entertain me by quoting my previous post on where I stated I still use Hamachi. I didn't so really you're attempting to be smart by making up stories. Nice one.
  18. Poring

    Poring Cursed Skull

    Lol your signature. People seriously complained?
  19. Trippy clock

    Trippy clock Cursed Skull

    I don't like servers that use hamachi because I have to download another program(Which I can't for some reason on my computer) just to join their server.
  20. LaughingMan

    LaughingMan Green Slime

    I don't see how Hamachi has anything to do with piracy. Can't literally anyone with a Terraria binary, regardless of source, host or join a server? The game doesn't use Steam for connection broking or anything, and doesn't discriminate between LAN and internet based play, so it's not like Hamachi is helping them "hide" the way it can with other software.
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