Why do they not update anymore?

Discussion in 'PC' started by DooM1991, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    So why? They lie to people about their updating and just give up on the game. How nice. And they state "Development started for Terraria in January, 2011 and we will continue to support it for a long time to come!"
    So a long time must mean only a year... Just nice. The game constantly crashes on people, including myself. Everything on my computer is updated correctly, i reinstalled the game twice now, i went through the troubleshooting and all from this forum, and everything else i could. Its not a virus so dont even suggest that it might be. A virus doesnt do that to just Terraria stupid. It makes everything crash on your computer, and last time i checked, my computer runs just fine. If anyone else has this complaint, I suggest you demand updates to fix their poor programing or that you demand a refund from steam for the game being unplayable.
  2. BaNinjaDuck Yellow Slime

    This is the first I have heard of a crashing problem with Terraria, take your bullshit elsewhere, you troll.
  3. Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    Here are the main reasons:
    • Red had a baby (not much of a reason)
    • The artist is working on another game now so he doesn't have a lot of time, if any, for Terraria
    • Red lost interest in the game

    For the crashing, do you happen to have any mods installed? If so, which ones because I've never had Terraria crash when I wasn't using mods.

    Lastly, demanding for them to keep updating, and demanding for refunds will do nothing except bother others. The best you can do is demand that Steam removes the "Free Content Updates" tag from the game.
  4. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    apparently ur just too stupid to look.
  5. Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    All the ones I've seen are mod related.
  6. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    I do not have any mods installed. i use just the regular exe file to play it. i never found any mods i personally liked. if it just crashed rarely, i wouldnt have a problem. but this is a constant thing going on. i cant even play the game properly because of it. my worlds r not saved and i keep on having to do the same thing over and over because of it. im about done putting up with the constant crashing. ive played minecraft for years and the game only crashed when i had mods incorrectly installed. but this isnt the case for terraria. it crashes like it was programmed really poorly. but i will put in the demand for them to take that tag off. its only a lie now to trick people, which isnt right
  7. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    It probably crashes because of something on your computer, not because of Terraria.
    I recommend Advanced System Care 6 to fix that.
    Also, Minecraft should be MORE crashy than Terraria by a ton.
  8. Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    It may just be your computer. I know certain games don't go well with certain systems. For example, Minecraft runs fine on my old computer, but when I bought a new (and better in every way) computer it lagged on it.
  9. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    maybe. but i checked the requirments and i meet them all. i honestly do think they should give this game an update to fix its crash issues.
  10. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    i actually use advance system care. i heard about it cause a friend told me to use gamebooster to up my performance on L4D 2. i use both of them for my computer to clean it up. but yeah i have been using it too for this cause. it sometimes helps. and i would think the same thing that this game would crash less than minecraft but for me, minecraft rarely crashes at all without using mods. its really weird.
  11. Classikly Frankenstein

    Is the game legit?
  12. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    Do you have any specifics on your crash conditions? What you're doing when you crash, stuff like that?
    System specs? That would be helpful too.
    I'm gonna ask this too. Pirated game, or purchased on steam? Or the collector's edition, maybe.
  13. Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    You may meet the requirements, but sometimes games don't match a certain Operating System, or graphics card. Like, Just Cause 2 can't be played on my computer. I meet the requirements but my graphics card is not compatible (I think it was the graphics card). Also, I know Yoraiz0r wrote on his profile that Assassain's Creed 3 isn't compatible with Windows XP.
  14. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    its not pirated. its purchased off of steam. and when it crashes, the game becomes unresponsive, whites out, and it wont become responsive again. so i have to exit it out. it doesnt give a crash report
  15. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    System specs, then? I recommend the program Speccy to find out what we need. Just use the Summary tab, copy and paste everything.
  16. DooM1991 Giant Worm

    what r u using for ur graphics card? ive got an AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
  17. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    That's your graphics card. I was hoping you'd put up your entire specs.
    Either way, that doesn't look to be the problem.
  18. nogloxiator Clinger

    *You are

    By the way, next time you talk to yourself, don't do it here. I do agree though. You ARE too stupid.
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  19. BingoWasHisNamo Penguin

    Well, everything I thought would be the problem is posted on the thread. However, it may be something along the lines of it's not compatible or something. My grandparent has a 2000$ computer, with an outstanding video card. Yet, it still can't run Minecraft shaders and texture packs. Maybe it's something like that, because it definitely shouldn't be the games fault.

    Is there any point in arguing about this? It's even more stupid to argue about it, you're getting no where.
  20. nogloxiator Clinger

    Exactly. Getting nowhere just means you aren't going backwards. Anywho, that spelling annoyed me.
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