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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Illmad, May 26, 2011.

  1. Illmad

    Illmad Squirrel

    The RGB value of black is 0.0.0, but the combined color value must be 254+. How hard can it be making it so that color values can go down enough to make a color black?
    I don't mean to sound angry, but I really see no reason for why this ain't in the game already. I really want a character with some black clothing, and it turns to be impossible. The closest thing I can get is a neutral boring gray.

    Also, I'd like if there'd be an option to change our character's default look in the game without having to start a new one. Perhaps attracting a hairdresser and a stylist (or a fashion expert if you want to be classy) or something to your town. Perhaps these characters/character could open up entriely new default clothing and hairstyles?

    I find it unlikely though. There's limits to what can be done with a small pixel sprite figure like this. Still, being able to change it in-game, and make black clothing / hair would be great.

    PS: Just thought I'd throw in a little huge annoyance I have with the double jump "cloud in a bottle" item still causing fall damage if I drop down from up high, and double jump right before hitting the ground. It obviously should not occur.
  2. If you could make your character pure black (RGB 0 0 0) then you would be completely invisible in some areas.
  3. Kazuma

    Kazuma Squirrel

    Try to get 90.90.90 or as low as you can. It balances itself to a certain number when decreasing.
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  4. This works, too. It balances out so that all the numbers together equal (at least) 255.
  5. Illmad

    Illmad Squirrel

    I see the problem, but that would only be an inconvenience to the one who chose to take on those colors. maybe when PVP is added it will be imbalanced.
    I do agree though, but making a character who's 100% black was never my intention. Besides, there'd be some light shining off even black, so making an invisible character should be impossible either way. Could even make light shine even stronger off the edges of a dark character to make it more balanced.

    I also noticed the hairdresser/stylist suggestion was already in Aisha's topic. My bad for not noticing it before posting.
  6. In real life, yes. In a video game? No. You'd still be able to see the character's outline, of course, if they were on a bright background. But there are backgrounds which are 100% pure black, and like you already figured out, it would be a problem in PVP.
  7. ADawg

    ADawg Green Slime

  8. Illmad

    Illmad Squirrel

    Aye. But decreasing the color values by a bit should still be possible.
    I managed to go down to 85.85.84. It should be possible to go down to 60 on each, to make at least a darker gray color than what's currently possible.
  9. What I do to make a natural looking black is to give it a lot of blue. Try upping the blue value a bit to get a dark gray.
  10. Crimson Baron

    Crimson Baron Dark Caster

    It wouldn't matter in PVP anyway. Who's gonna pvp with no armor? LOL

    EDIT: Besides, better camouflage would be to be the same gray as stone, which is possible.
  11. blueby

    blueby Cursed Man

    Also, when going below a certain RGB color value, the character loses all outline details - the outlines always being a darker shade of the color you picked out. So an extremely dark colored character would have little to no outlines, since they would be blended in with the actual color -> Making it look quite odd.
  12. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Black is a tone : )

    with that, the reason why you can't go all the way down to 0, is I'm betting the color is for the lightest shade, and to have the lightest being black.... that would mean that the article of clothing absorbs light. Even pure black clothes reflect light.

    This isn't a lecture, but rather just to share with you based on my "Artistic" understandings : ) Because I asked myself the same question XD
  13. PandasOnFire

    PandasOnFire Cursed Man

    Terrariviewer. It lets you change a characters colors to anything no matter what the combination.
  14. R=74

    closest thing to black i can find and it's ok for my characters.
  15. Danahi

    Danahi Green Slime

    what you are suggesting, is something refferenced to the real world, those laws don't apply in a computer :p. (if I understand you correctly)
    I think there are two possibilities.
    1: black is the background colour of the sprites (although mostly they are poison green or pink)
    2: the outlines of everything in the world is already black, they want to have a visible difference between outlines and filling. This, I think is the most logical.

    About the pvp aspect, I doubt that that's a reason, or being invisible, since you wear gear that makes u visible. and without gear, ur not even worth a penny in a fight :p.
  16. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    I think I just didn't explain it right, as I meant graphic designing XD It kinda ties in with your 1&2. Basically, I think it's distinction between the shades that is the reason it can't be 0,0,0. I might be wrong, though.
  17. Danahi

    Danahi Green Slime

    yea that way I agree with you, and indeed I got the inspiration from what u said before :p
  18. Maddiowdude

    Maddiowdude Green Slime

    The closest I've gotten to black is as follows

    R: 80

    G: 70

    B: 0
  19. MechaArif

    MechaArif Yellow Slime

    If your wondering black is 50, 50, 50
  20. bigblock111

    bigblock111 Green Slime

    OR you can get TerrariViewer and change your hair to black :)

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