Will Hardmode Corruption/Hallow spawn in my Frost biome?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Tuzark, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Tuzark

    Tuzark Angel Statue

    After starting half a million new worlds, I finally got one I was very satisfied with. After looking on the map, I'm thinking that the Frost biome where I want to build in, is placed where either the corruption or hallow "V" will appear when hardmode is activated.

    I did read somewhere that corruption and hallow does not affect frost biomes, but does this include the "V" that is spawned with hardmode? I'd rather find out now before I start building something big as it'd be a shame if it was ruined when activating hard mode.
  2. Ashey

    Ashey Undead Viking

    possible, made a small world to grind hallow for keys, ice ended up overriding it
  3. Lord Nibel

    Lord Nibel Green Slime

    Hallow/Crimson/Corruption do not affect snow blocks, however, they do affect ice blocks. So while your surface tundra is mostly immune to corruption your underground tundra which consists entirely of ice will be changed to whatever hits it first. If the V lands on your tundra you won't notice it until you go underground.
  4. Tuzark

    Tuzark Angel Statue

    Alright, so does that mean I won't have ugly big purple holes on the surface then? That's good. Also, if I cleanse the underground ice corruption, can I eventually turn it back to a normal underground ice biome? (I saw some kind of item in the 1.2 trailer that seem to make cleansing quite simple?)
  5. Lord Nibel

    Lord Nibel Green Slime

    Clentaminator, it's a spray gun that can be bought from the Steampunker who shows up after you beat a hard mode boss. If you can get it before the corruption spreads too much it shouldn't take long to turn the biome back to normal.
  6. Tuzark

    Tuzark Angel Statue

    Aaah, alright! I tried looking it up on the wiki, and it appears to use "solution" as ammo. There wasn't much information about what each Solution does, but I assume the green one is used to cleanse? Or is it used to make grass?
  7. Lord Nibel

    Lord Nibel Green Slime

    Each solution is for a different biome. With green equipped the Clentaminator turns blocks Neutral while the blue solution converts blocks to hallow.
  8. Tuzark

    Tuzark Angel Statue

    So is there a solution for Ice biomes or should I use the green one then?
  9. Me3

    Me3 Moth

    I haven't seen a solution for ice biomes. Just purity (green), corruption (purple), crimson (red), hallow (blue) and mushroom (dark blue). You probably use the green one.
  10. Tuzark

    Tuzark Angel Statue

    Alright. Thanks!
  11. Alaris

    Alaris Cave Bat

    Hmm... I'll have to see about dealing with this. My home base is west of spawn, in a snow biome. So it's liable to be hit by the "V" of Corruption/Hallow when Hard Mode activates. So either I'll have to excavate all the ice before Hard Mode... or get ready to deal with some suffering and pain until I beat the first Hard Mode boss to get the Cleminator.

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