Wind Waker Texture pack [early wip]

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Minilinkki, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. bananafritz

    bananafritz The Groom

    I,have approved this texture pack and i like
  2. DawnOfNights

    DawnOfNights Cursed Man

    i like the hair and i approve of barking dogs^
  3. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    Oh my god, it is amazing!
    I will credit you in my thread! Thank you again :)
  4. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    Oh, no problem. I made it because this texture pack looks to be pretty damn awesome, so I figured that I'd help out in a small way.
  5. Seviraph

    Seviraph Green Slime

    I will definitely at least try out this texture pack when it's done

    I've always liked the windwaker's style, which I want to ask if you would consider doing an "hd" texturepack for terraria after this is done, in the same style, if you would I'd definitely use it
    (cause I didn't even think of this style until this thread came up) so yeah just thought it'd lookn cool if Terraria itself was in this style xD
  6. Creepayne

    Creepayne Green Slime

    looks really good, I want to see this more than the Zelda Pack
  7. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    almost done with the walking frames.
  8. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    Sai approves of a possibly amazing texture pack.
  9. Relinies-the-Wizard

    Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    IMO, the music you picked was great. I'd disagree on the Hell theme, though. If that were made into a file the game recognizes, i'd use it 24/7
  10. DawnOfNights

    DawnOfNights Cursed Man

    bump for awesomeness!
  11. infamouscube

    infamouscube Squirrel

  12. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    I agree about the hell theme, you might come with something more hellish. Otherwise, it is perfect. Also, with a little research, you can find a thread where a guy explains everything about making your own wave bank. You should check it out.
  13. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    I don't know , what the hell happened, but hell theme wasn't supposed to be a saria song :I
    oh well
  14. UberLeetBuff

    UberLeetBuff Green Slime

    Just got a great idea for skeletron so I thought I would share it with you. Gohdan from the Temple of the Gods. The only problem is there are no arms for the texture...
  15. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    [​IMG] what you think UberLeetBuff (nice name BTW) ?
    It's still in wip stage, but i want to know is it any good? Also that hand is just a early wip.
  16. UberLeetBuff

    UberLeetBuff Green Slime

    The head looks awesome, every little detail about the structure was included. the only thing is the eyes, the outer parts of the eye don't really match up to the i guess pupils? Other than that it looks amazing. Also sorry for picking on all the little details, I just wanted to help make this texture pack one of the best.
  17. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    No, don't need to say sorry.
    I am making texture pack for YOU guys :D
    So it has to look good for your eyes. Thank you from that, i try fix it. there is link for it in zelda wiki. (pick everything i have to fix)


    [​IMG] What you think now?

    EDIT 2:

    Also got more ideas;

    Corrupted worm boss ( i don't remember it's name ever :C): and those small worms would be these corrupted worms.

    What you think about that?
  18. UberLeetBuff

    UberLeetBuff Green Slime

    The outside of the eyes look better but the inside is still too small. It should be closer to the outside than smaller(if that makes sense). And I think the previous gems on the helmet looked better but just needed to have a little more. Also the mustache should still be present where his mouth is open. After that I say all you have to do is the coloring and the hands and it should be great.

    Also some more enemy ideas:
    Terraria/Official Wind Waker enemy name
    Demon eye/Bubble
    Man Eaters or snatchers/Boko Baba or Dexivines
    All magic projectile casting mobs(ex:Imp)/Wizzrobes
    Bone Serpent/Magtail
    Crab/Crab(little things things that scurry on the beach)
    Eater of Souls/Mothula

    These are just some of my suggestions and they don't have to be taken. Some might be hard to pull off but you are a great artist and I know you can do it!
  19. Xylord

    Xylord Green Slime

    EoW = Molgera!!!
  20. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    How about the demon eyes as eyesoars?

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