Wind Waker Texture pack [early wip]

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Minilinkki, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Siitake

    Siitake Green Slime

    Terve, hienoa työtä ja kekseliäs idea! Nice job!
  2. Tmeister93

    Tmeister93 Green Slime

    Dude, Totally Love this Texture Pack, can't wait for it to come out, to be honest I must be a CRAZY Zelda fan, cause I am waiting on so many Zelda Texture Packs? Your's really catches my eyes though, I think it's how you capture that cartoony feel of Wind Waker
  3. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    Sorry for bumbing... And sorry for everybody who has been waiting for this.
    During the 100000 updates with terraria i kinda wanted to just sit down and wait until the"update row" stops.
    Anyway, i am sorry, but i haven't done anything to this project so far.
    Because i got a few job offers and it slows me down with this!
    But if you guys want more of this, i can try harder! (Like stalking me on skype or on my blog, that makes me feel go- ;I)

    Anyway i think i am coming back with this so... Yeah, see you!

    Also made link in bigger form as apologize, so are we fine now? :)

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  4. UberLeetBuff

    UberLeetBuff Green Slime

    Nice to see the project not die. Welcome back!
  5. Triforce

    Triforce Frankenstein

    I've always had my eye on this pack and I'm GLaD to see it isn't dead.
  6. infamouscube

    infamouscube Squirrel

    this looks...AWESOME!
  7. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    Thanks guys! Anyway, since terraria got too much stuff while i was away, i need more ideas for new mobs (don't worry, i checked wiki so i know the new guys).
    Also gotta change sound effects too (i guess the old texture pack tool still works?).

    EDIT: Also might change the musics, if the music guy is till around..?
  8. ben10mad

    ben10mad Green Slime

    this is AWSOME
  9. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    I can work on the music now, just post a list of your new tracks.
  10. Pure_Frosting

    Pure_Frosting Green Slime

    Stalking your blog.
  11. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime
    [​IMG] Some new armors :) Based on the ones in the list.
    Will make the new music list soon; i try to make 100% based on WW
  12. Pure_Frosting

    Pure_Frosting Green Slime

    Impressive work so far, man.
  13. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    Great, I can work on it when you post the tracks. Also awesome sprites.
  14. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

  15. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    Okay, the music is all done. Let me know what you think of it.

    Track List

    Title Music - Hero of the Wind by Nintendo and ZREO
    Day Music - Outset Island by Nintendo and ZREO
    Night Music - Hyrule Fields Night Theme by Nintendo
    Jungle Music - Lost Woods by Nintendo
    Underground Music - Cave by Nintendo
    Eerie Music - Battle Theme by Nintendo
    Corruption Music - Royal Valley by Nintendo
    Underground Corruption Music - Royal Crypt by Nintendo
    Hallow Music - The Fairy Queen by Nintendo
    Underground Hallow Music - The Fairy Spring
    Boss Music - Mini-Boss, Molgera Battle, and Boss by Nintendo

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  16. Minilinkki

    Minilinkki Green Slime

    Thanks! Amazing work!
  17. terrariaBurak

    terrariaBurak Piranha

    Look like a cool texture pack.Great work!
  18. JD512J

    JD512J Green Slime

    No problem, also nice sprites.
  19. CaptainObnoxious

    CaptainObnoxious Green Slime

    Is this dead?
    Sorry if this is considered a necro, but i really want this texture pack

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