Windows 8?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mudkips, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    Right now I'm using it, wondering if anyone does?

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  2. What the hell is windows e-

    Ya know? I don't care. At all. It was made by microsoft and has "Windows" in the name, so it probably has more bugs than sarah palin's teeth.
  3. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    There are no bugs, it works fine and makes your Computer faster... And I'm guessin' your a Mac User...
  4. Sokina

    Sokina Lady in Red

    I'll personally stick with 7 a while longer. Internet Explorer used to be nice until they forced countless updates on it, adding a bunch of "Nifty, useless features" that ended up making it slower. I remember when I upgraded to 7 on my old computer. It was a good computer, still, but the useless features made it take whole minutes to load.

    But more on topic, what makes 8 so much different?
  5. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    I've heard that it's supposed to have big buttons on the screen, to make it more touch-screen friendly.
  6. PoundSake

    PoundSake Dark Caster

    Personally I hate Internet Explorer its so slow. I just use chrome. But anyway to the question: Windows 8 has a kind-of android/apple sort of touchscreen interface. It has a "better" task manager which in my case may be useful but I don't really see any problems with the old task manager. There is also apparently a way to navigate quicker. In all honesty I don't really like Windows 8 I'm going to stick with XP and maybe sometime upgrade to Windows 7 but like I say (I don't really ever say this) Don't fix what's not broken.
  7. No, W7 hipster.
  8. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

  9. MeizterEckhart

    MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    but why is it better than 7?
    how did you get it it, is it legit? can it be updated? when is the real release date?
    I'm also waiting a bit to upgrade , until most bugs get ironed out, as is always the case, never update immediately to a new OS
    so far doing that has worked fine for the last 20+ years....
  10. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    There's currently a dev test of windows 8 out on MS's site.
  11. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    It's faster, Touch-Friendly, reboots insanely fast, looks nicer, etc...
    Release is around March, that's what they aim for...
    It gets updated every month, and yes I did get it legitly at their site, they are in Open-Beta:
    I have seen no bugs except my mouse kept on twitching (fixed), that answer all your questions?
  12. MeizterEckhart

    MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    why yes you are not only polite but kind! a jewel inbetwixt your peers!
    Ill give it a go, just for kicks, it looks nice, but I´m kinda worried that its way too noobified, is it easy to access control panels, or are config options hidden beneath 2 layers of GUIs?

    Win 7 so far hasn't given me any problems so far, I kinda like its translucid windows and stuff..
    so far what have you liked the most outta win 8?
  13. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    Do you know why they want a 128-bit OS?
  14. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    This OS is 86x bit... Pretty sure...
  15. DuponDupon

    DuponDupon Squirrel

    i was looking at the site, thought about downloading, but is there any real risks, when upgrading?
  16. SofusTheGreat

    SofusTheGreat Piranha

    It comes in both a x86-64 and x86-32 version, I think

    (That means 32 bit and 64 bit)
  17. Mr. Maric

    Mr. Maric Green Slime

    Oh wow.

    It looks exactly like Windows 7.

    Dear boy, I certainly am not impressed.
  18. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

  19. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    There's no risk in trying...
    There's more, but you'll have to dig for the rest, and you can turn off the Metro Screen...
    Trust me, on the outside it's the same, on the inside, it's different...
    Speeded up my Computer enormously, but you can't update Video Drivers :(
  20. Pentarctagon

    Pentarctagon Green Slime

    I have an old desktop that whenever I try to upgrade it from xp service pack 1 -> service pack 2 or 3 it causes the computer to crash. The only way to fix it is a full system restore (needless to say, this was a while ago). So there are always risks.

    Why are you sad you can upgrade the video drivers?

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