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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Wingzero007, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    <Under Heavy Reconstruction>
  2. Revos Mouse

    When you say archive you mean that all the files are in one package? Kinda a cool idea.
    Also thanks for including me!
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  3. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    You are all great modders :p So yeah I also find it irritating when I search for 2 days literally through the forums so that I can gather any working mods lol and your mod is unique aside from that :p Its actually one I use. Not all the mods I collected I personally use but I am keeping an archive of all the mods mad I have found. Also I have a simple policy of not renaming sources so that everyone who made the mods gets credited. Also it saves me hours of crediting each person lol. All the sources are untampered with unless I noted it.
  4. Revos Mouse

    Well I appreciate the kind words man!
  5. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I'll be honest and say I'm not fond of the fact sources of my mods have been uploaded without my permission , it seems rude.
    Not that I don't approve of the idea in general , however.
    So good job , I guess.
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  6. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    I am sorry about posting your resources without your permission... It took me a very long time to gather all these but if you would prefer I can remove you from the list and to be honest when I did this idea it was simply put for the convenience of the community and nothing more.
  7. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Again , its not that I don't approve of the idea , its fine that they're there.
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  8. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Thank you for understanding ^_^
  9. cs89 Yellow Slime

    Wow, I wanted to create a modpack from good mods as Avalon, Never Enough Magic, Headgear, Weapons, Omnir's Nostalgia Pack, Health Up, Bag Slots and etc., although you overtook before me with a lot of mods.
    Nice work, I will try it at weekend. :)
  10. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    I deserve no credits I just gathered em. Except the mods I listed up top XD those I wouldn't mind credit for XD
  11. cs89 Yellow Slime

    I tried the mods (I selected) on your modpack and are seem work on TConfig 28.5g.
    Except Health Up! mod, I tested the mana and heart crystals and didn't want to increase the life- and manapoint limits in-game. I don't know what's wrong. :confused:
  12. Wingzero007 Green Slime

    Alright disable epic loot.... there is weird bug with it. Also I am soon to update this compilation with the next tconfig pack. Also don't use a tconfig that isn't with the pack I make because I test everything religiously before I release it.
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