Pre 1.2 [WIP][ADV] A Feast for Slimes

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  1. Dogat Yellow Slime

    A Feast for Slimes
    This is a sequel to my previous map The Ancient Spirits of Light and Darkness, if you haven't played it yet, check it out.

    With the Corruption gone, the Hallow has became more powerful than ever before.
    They have spread their tyranny to a new continent , leaving only death and grief in their wake.

    Meanwhile you find yourself in depths of the Hallowed Prison, where you have spent countless years of your life after the Hallowed Councils betrayal. You brought the fall of the Corruption, but You brought the uprise of the Hallow, a more devious and powerful enemy than ever before.
    You must escape the clutches of the Hallow and join the resistance that is brewing. But beware, in a world where every friend is a potential enemy, you must keep your eyes open and your sword sharp.

    Note: This map is quite text heavy with an emphasis on story and creating a living world rather than just pure action.

    A quick side-note, my drive to finish this map is running low so it may be a while before this map is released and when it is it may not fulfill its full potential. I don't want to leave the map unfinished as I've put a lot of effort into it.

    The Hot Air Balloon, escaping the Hallow in style.

    The Mythril Gate, leading to the Culture Avenue in the great city of New Hallow.

    The Great Astronomy tower, used by the Hallowed Empires astronomers to study the far Universe, in his newly fashioned Glass Fortress. This isn't really linked to the story, I just thought it looked nice.

    A once lively jousting arena has been left to waste by the Hallow along with it's owner, Lord Lancer.

    Lord Lancers castle, Lancers Keep, with it's flag displayed.

    The Yellow Submarine, located in the waters below Castle Lakeside.

    The Chess Board, located in New Hallow, more specifically in the Activities Center. The Activities Center includes a range of mini-games including grenade bowling, dirt rod golf, a assault course and sticky bomb darts. If you want a short break from adventuring then take some time off at the Activities Center.
    More information and screenshots to follow.
  2. pionoplayer Giant Worm

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  3. FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Need moe infoe.
  4. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    he isn't done yet.
  5. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    I hope you finish, it will feel worth it in the end. I look forward to pictures.
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  6. Dogat Yellow Slime

    I'm away at the moment, I'll post images when I get back on Wednesday (hopefully).
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  7. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    okay, that's good enough for me
  8. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Ok, I've added some screenshots. I'll add more tomorrow and throughout the week. I won't be posting some of the most important screenshots as they may ruin the story but hopefully you enjoy what I post.
  9. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Looks nice, although I've never been a fan of orange torches myself.
  10. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Good point, I'll focus on some smaller details later so some of the areas in the screenshots may change.
  11. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    whoa. this looks awesome dogat. keep it up! this one'll be even better than the first
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  12. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    Somedinkus would approve.
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  13. Dogat Yellow Slime

    New set of screenshots posted, both not really linked to the story. Both of these areas are likely to change in the final version.
  14. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    oooooooh.... pretty....
  15. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Two more screenshots added, final one tommorow.
  16. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    wow... you really are putting your all into this
  17. Dogat Yellow Slime

    I really want to complete it, it's been there for so long.
  18. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    still, awesome
  19. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Another screenshot posted, of the chess board in New Hallow.
  20. Cpreo Piranha

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