TConfig [WIP/Alpha Release] DTraps!! Base Defense Made Easy!!

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  1. VenaticData

    VenaticData Bunny

    It's Death...with a little guy inside!!​

    10/22/2012: Added Directional Placement to ALL Traps (thx, Miraimai!)
    10/26/2012: MP Function Implemented, Pungees, Crystal Altars added
    11/24/2012: Corrected Pungee Recipe/Tooltip, Repacked for Tconfig 28.0
    11/26/2012: ROLLBACK- Temporarily disabled Trap Cooldowns (timers still work/manual fire re-implemented)
    11/29/2012: Reactivated Cooldown (Thx to Yoraiz0r for the slap I needed)​

    (Doubles as the download link)

    What it is:

    DTraps is a series of wired devices, intended for use in Adventure maps, Base defense, and all-around hurt mongering...Dare your friends to invade...go on, DARE 'EM!! Wire 'em up, flip the switch, and get the Hell outta Dodge (some traps will hurt YOU too!).​
    All sprites are hand drawn by me, scripted using established methods found on the Tconfig wiki (Thanks to Surfpup, Yoraiz0r, W1K, and I'm sure many more!) and packed using TConfig 28.0 . All source files are included, so feel free to look through...and PLEASE comment (kindly as you can, please) about whatever you can see/do/feel would be best about helping this pack find it's place in the community!!​

    Without any further ado....

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    Flamethrowers! Mortar cannons! LASERS!!

    What's Inside:
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    All Items are INTENDED for nearing or directly involved with hardmode, as hardmode mobs need a little extra hurt to make EVERY Terrarian's life a bit easier...don't they? Laser Traps are handled by placing the trap, selecting the Wrench, and right clicking it until it points the way you desire. All other devices (if memory holds) are handled normally with directional placement.

    Arc Mortars and Fire Spits MUST be placed first in Single Play before using in MP (one of the few caveats remaining to be solved) Something about the coding makes this a requirement for now :(

    Mortar Launchers
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    [​IMG] Arc Mortar (Left/Right variety) (Read above disclaimer for MP function)
    *Lobs Large grenades on an arc, rolls for a bit, then explodes
    *Does not damage the Player while in motion, only the explosion does
    *DOES explode on mob hit
    *Deals around 60-90 damage, depending on armor values...gear up, and watch your step!
    *Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop, requires plenty of Wire and Grenades (hoarders rejoice!)
    *Generates smoke on Mortar launch, complete with sound effect! (Sound not MP supported yet)

    [​IMG] Small Mortar (Left/Right variety)
    *Lobs/Rolls smaller grenades across surfaces before exploding
    *Behaves like Arc Mortar, but is smaller in size, and in damage (around 20 dmg)
    *Ideal for flat surface applications/tiny tunnel deployment
    *Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop, but requires slightly less materials

    [​IMG] Bouncing Betty (MP ready)
    *POPS a small grenade into the air vertically
    *Similar behavior as above mortars, but does not roll
    *Perfect for surprising mobs from below (pops up around 5-6 tiles high)
    *Same damage/crafting/materials as small mortar

    Flame Spits
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    [​IMG] Flame Spit (Left/Right variety) (MP - Disclaimer again...up there)
    *Generates 3 flaming projectiles, complete with flamethrower sound! (sound not MP supported)
    *Each projectile generates particle effect
    *Deals damage to mobs AND Players on hit!! (MP capable)
    *Activates OnFire! debuff for mobs and Players, for a few seconds (MP capable...?)
    *Nice for tag-along mobs and vertical tunnels/stairs

    Show Spoiler

    [​IMG] Laser (Left/Right/Up/Down varieties) (MP Ready)
    *Shoots laser, complete with nifty sparks and sound effect! (Sound not MP supported)
    *Damages Everything!! Players, Mobs, even Town NPC's....use with care!!
    *Perfect for "Death Pits" or any room one might like an entire gridwork of lasers in...
    *Can be rotated using Wrench and r-clicking on the trap (special credit: Miraimai)

    Pungee Traps
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    Updated 10/26/2012

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] The Pungee (in 3 sizes) (MP Ready)
    *On activation, pointy sticks go up/down, piercing any mob/player foolish enough to stand still
    *Randomized sizes on every cycle - keeps it from being boring.
    *Fantastic for low-ceiling corridors, death pits for mobs (or 'friends')

    Crystal Altars
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    Updated 10/26/2012

    [​IMG] Crystal Burst Altar [​IMG] Wicked Crystal Altar (MP Ready)
    *Crystal Burst is for mobs, Wicked is for hurting players (Who doesn't want that?!?!)
    *Fires 5 Crystal Shards around Altars, and explode into 8 smaller shards that WILL bounce off surfaces.
    *Ideal for outdoor placement (AOE) or indoors (shred 'em with magic crystals!)
    *Wicked Altar will NOT hurt mobs, but WILL hurt with care!!

    What's NEEDED:
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    *Playtesters - This is where you come in, gentle readers!
    *Compassionate and constructive feedback - Because without it, this pack won't live long!!

    Future Plans:
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    *Larger, more destructive Trap Devices, which will be released in Waves as they're completed
    *Larger variety of custom Projectiles, with ranging damage/particle/status effects
    *Incognito Traps - What you CAN'T see will hurt you....
    *Possibly a few "beneficial" traps (i.e. healing/regenerative or have buff removal properties)

    And of course, Cheeseburgers...cuz I can HAS 'em!

    Recommended: Yoraiz0r's Cheat Menu (for those that want to test/can't craft 'em yet)

    The Source files are included across the board, meaning you can repack em for whatever 'compatible' version of Tconfig you have, look at the code for ideas (it simple enough....almost too simple to work), tinker with the scripts if you dare....whatever! Recipes are set already, as I intended the pack for players close to entering Hardmode, those already in Hardmode, or have at least rescued the Mechanic and Goblin Tinkerer respectively.

    PLEASE do not include the contents of this pack in your own mod creation, without first asking permission from me (specifically, the sprites....they's mine....I made 'em, lol). At the very least, please respect this modpack is incomplete, and as such, should be used with the utmost respect and care. Watch where you step....and Good Luck!

    Show Spoiler

    Surfpup - for Tconfig, Portals, advice, and more!
    Yoraiz0r - also for Tconfig wiki work, tutorials, and some pretty inspirational mods!
    W1K - also Tconfig wiki work, tutorials, and more inspirational mods!
    Obsidian - for inspiration, and being the only cat before now to have ANY traps in a mod!
    And my GREAT Friends, Johnno and Alboz, for their inspiration, concepts, and support!!!

    more as I encounter them...

    ( This pack was not intended to be part of ANY all-inclusive MegaModPack, and will be dealt with accordingly if appropriate permissions have not been granted...nuff said!)

    Download Link:
    DOWNLOAD (same as above)
  2. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    EPIC TRAPS !!! I was planning to make a "defend the fort" server to play with my friends and this is perfect! :D

    I think dart traps on 8 directions [6*] and pressureplates activating when sand/silt fells on them would be a perfect idea in terraria, but thx anyway!
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  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Nicely created mod , VenaticData!
    The whole time I hear people complaining about the need for more traps , finally someone makes them xD I can no be at peace and link them to this thread.
    Loving the laser trap tiles a lot ^^
    If you ever need any help in making something just say the word =3
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  4. FatObeseBird

    FatObeseBird Eskimo Zombie

    woot. someone beat me to it ._. i was doing this a while back. but then i had this big school project...
    well anyways AWESOME MOD better than what i haven done :p (mine only had a fast firing gun and land mines)
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  5. Mr.Bear

    Mr.Bear Green Slime

    I love you mod creator <3
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  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Oh wow, love them, and the sprite work is amazing. Good job :)
    Especially love the two smaller grenade traps, not ones I've thought of.

    I'll look at the source, and if you need help, feel free to add me to Steam(same name)
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  7. Classikly

    Classikly Frankenstein

    Nicely done!
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  8. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    These are amazing. Do you plan on making any non shooting based traps? I'm sure there is some awesome things you could think of.
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  9. Mr.Bear

    Mr.Bear Green Slime

    Some trap door style traps or something similar would be amazing.
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  10. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

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  11. VenaticData

    VenaticData Bunny

    OMG!! Thank you all so much for the prompt and awesome response! It warms us...

    I will try to reply as often as possible (delay was due to the grocery store, lol....and dinner)
    Here goes:
    Show Spoiler

    If there is indeed a way, I am bent on finding one! Mech items are a hard read in the Terraria source (extremely hard, in my case), but rest assured I'm exploring every available option in development!!

    That was definitely a key motivator! Rest easy, friend...and thank you! I imagine I will indeed need some help, as figuring out netmessage send/receive baffle the wits outta me, and I would love to see this function fully in MP. Anything you can suggest WILL be carved in stone for future use!

    Thank you! I....Love? too...And trap doors (possibly phony "wall" traps) are on the menu for a future wave!

    You'll be hearing from me soon, as well, most likely :)

    YES! I'm messing around in my head with the idea of gas based traps <cough cough> Also debating on how to apply regenerative/stat boosting properties in an attempt to help the Nurse do her job more effectively...

    Already the very proud owner of your fabulous turret (Been eyeballin' that thing since it's invention!) just saved me the time of asking you in the very near future to peek inside and see what makes it tick!! Thank you!!

    Again, thank you all for the amazing reception!! More is in the works, albeit still in a mental state...

    Food for Thought:
    Show Spoiler

    Large scale Traps (will occupy alot of space, but also do crazy, untold destruction!!)
    Magic based Traps (Freeze, Flame, something akin to Crystals of power...perhaps even a Dark Crystal mockup...)
    Gas Traps (Poison, Slowing, etc)
    If at all possible...Animated Traps...still in an advanced theory state(the high hill to climb)
    Whatever else my bored little mind can accomplish!!
  12. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    Gas based traps, dats epik.
  13. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    This is extremely awesome. I always wanted something like this :3
  14. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Hmmmm you should make a forcefield that will not make damage but knockback mobs, that would be epic!
    It's just an idea, but i think it is not that hard to make, try editing explosives:
    reduce damage to 1,
    disable the tile destroying
    set knockback to 100
    Of course i don't know what are the codes there, but try using explosives as a template :p
    Force field ... epic XD
    I just got an idea on a mod, maybe i will make one!
  15. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    I'm actually working on a forcefield door. Not sure explosives is the best way to do it though, best would be to detect collisions and just push things you don't want to let through back.
  16. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Cursed Skull

    I've been waiting for a mod like this for ages. Thank you so much for making it, will keep tracking its progress!

    Some ideas:
    -Status inflicting traps (paralysis, confusion, slow movement, anti-gravity...)
    -Repelling and Attracting traps (to knock or push stuff away and attract entities closer, respectively)
    -MASSIVE GRINDERS & CRUSHERS!!! (Huge circular saws, compactors or crushers that you may push mobs into and recieve twice or even four times of whatever they drop normally and/or increase the chance of getting rare drops)
  17. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Hmmmm ... I think the idea of ranged forcefield is better, but i wish i could knockback mobs by opening&closing doors .... small change but might be epicly funny XD

    Now few propositions to creator - think about these traps:
    -Auto-aiming shooting traps
    -Harpoons [also auto-aiming]
    -Spike balls on chains
    -"Man Eater" type of trap.

    Anyway, I would mostly like to see a liquid removing thing in terraria, that would solve problems with lava waterfalls ...
  18. FatObeseBird

    FatObeseBird Eskimo Zombie

    auto aiming... thats gonna need some genius like Yoraiz0r
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  19. VenaticData

    VenaticData Bunny

    Progress Update: Direction is soon to = True (hotfix update)

    With the ingenious assistance of Miraimai (from which I would not have been able to figure out as quickly), there will be an update to the pack!! Scripting has been figured out to make ALL traps directional (including Lasers, since Miraimai was generous enough with helping make them multi-directional using her methods). Had a bit of a snag with the Update section, but it's been sorted, and an update to OP text and Download is in the works!! Should have the updated pack up in a few short hours...

    Plan ahead and remove your previous traps before using the updated version (I know, i'm sorry), so you don't have to roll a new map!

    [EDIT] UPDATED!! Now more stable! Added delays, so everything works as it should! Rotating Laser Traps using Miraimai method....grab yer wrenches!!

    WARNING! With pack update, any multiplayer functionality that existed before No Longer Exists...Once I get some update coding sorted, hopefully I can call this wave complete :D
  20. Galdelonian

    Galdelonian Slimed Zombie

    Ok, this is amazing. I was wondering if you would join together with the "Not Enough Devices" person. I know you might want the stand alone but it will make it much better if somebody has every device. Not to mention the way some of the new devices that person has could set you up to get lasered when trying to attack a base! Just wondering if you'd do that. Otherwise, I would like to suggest boomerang traps. (Light discs and such.) These traps would make it possible to deal damage going out and coming back in. You could also make it so if the light discs hit a wall (same as the original probably for coding.) then it would come back quicker, or even a player.

    The timers for not enough devices and such would be amazing.
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