[WIP] Continuing Terraria (Working on 1.1.3)

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Burntscale76, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    hey guise
    Here it is:1.1.4! http://www.mediafire.com/?pfa8vghxgl3a3fv
    I had this idea a while ago that me and a few more modders could continue development on terraria. I dont have much experience in any of the fields, but i can code stuff too.
    I am looking for coders and spriters:
    -phiex2: Epic Spriter
    - Super Weegee1:Spawn Coder
    -Odedrt9:Item coding
    -Eli the ancient:Spriter
    -M2theT:Spriter and Coder
    This will also be incorporating some new stuff and suggestions from the suggestions topic so it will serve a purpose. Once i get a spawn coder we can make mobs,boss coder,bosses.etc. I AM able to code weapons,items,and mobs but not spawn codes and boss codes.Oh and PLEASE dont fill the comments with OH PLZ ADD DIS TO DIS MOD!! They will most likely be rejected.
    The Fallen-Comes in all armor varieties. Look like skeletons wearing messed up kinds of the armors.
    Emerald Sword-Suggested by someone in the Wep Megathread
    Battery Acid Gun-phiex2 made a sprite
    Saguaro-Upgraded Cactus Cutlass
    Cactus Cutlass
    Floppy Disc
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  2. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    'Great' use of punctuation and grammer , OP.
    you did not even include any of your own ideas , nor did you list any suggestions from the suggestions topics which you picked,
    I think its vital that you do that , so that people will know what they sign up to do , assuming they want to help you.
    thoughts... (open)

    seems like a little bit of trolling to me , too many of these threads today.
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  3. CJwarrior

    CJwarrior Slimed Zombie

    Nice try with the grammar but you need to elaborate on what you will do.
  4. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    No i am actually serious, i just coded a sword made from cacti of which i forgot to save the sprite for. It sucked anyway so it wasnt much of a loss.
    I have OCD not to put apostrophes(or however you spell it) on the internet.
    EDIT: Oh god forgot to answer sumtin. I wrote down some ideas and suggestions i had and found down in one of the sections. I know it isnt much but the suggestions forum is full of equipment suggestions like IT MAKES IT SO YOU ARE INVINCIBLE FOR 5 SECONDS AND THEN IT FIRES MISSLES AND DRAINS ENEMIE HEALTH and all that complex stuff.
    EDIT2:Im terrible. If i can actually get someone who wants to join and isnt a grammer nazi, ill ask them if they know how to code swords and equipment like that.
    EDIT3:Attempted to fix some crap. Guise is my word for guys if anyone was complaining about that.
  5. Super Weegee1

    Super Weegee1 Blazing Wheel

    I could do spawn codes...
  6. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    OMG thank you if you can. That is my 2nd worst field of teh coding land (next to boss coding)
  7. Super Weegee1

    Super Weegee1 Blazing Wheel

    Just send me a convo and I'll start...
  8. lockeness

    lockeness Demon Eye

    quick question, but wouldnt a biome coder be good too? (not meaning to sound rude, but i noticed that wasnt on the list)
    edit: also, i do have a few modifications to the game that i believe would be significantly good to the game
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  9. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    Okay I'm sorry, I just have to chime in about one of the points, however to not spam I will also talk about the topic at hand. :D

    I think you can say you are working on your version of 1.1.3, however, saying this will be the new 1.1.3 is not correct, the mod boards are quite literally bloating with modders who would love for people to play their mods, so saying yours is the correct one, no sorry. <3

    Coding a sword, as you say, should not be too difficult unless you want it to do anything special. :)
    Items=12 Adamantite Bar
    Tiles=Mythril Anvil
    This is the INI settings for the Adamantite sword. Aside from this you need the sprite (Which you will give the same name exactly as the INI file.
    Then you ofcourse need to spawn it to the world somehow, the easiest might be making one of the existing merchants sell it.

    This code block is slightly off topic, if you prefer not to read anything except mod development then simply skip it. :)

    Off topic: Okay on to a pet peeve of mine.
    Have you actually, medically been diagnosed with OCD or is it a self Diagnosis?
    Did you know that OCD is a debilitating mental illness that takes years for a person to come to grips with, let alone learn how to live with it?
    I am not flaming, and I understand why you would claim OCD if you knew absolutely nothing about it, but doing so because you have a little quirk or eccentricity quite literally makes everyone with this lifelong crippling illness want to slap you across the cheek, because you make light of something they would give everything to be rid of.
    I am not angry, I am writing this quite calmly. I just think the first step to betterment is to call things as they are, not using grammar is not OCD, it is laziness or indifference. Liking everything symmetrical is not OCD, it is a desire for things to look beautiful, almost everyone likes things to be at least somewhat pleasing to the eyes.
    I know I can not expect you to change, and I will not tell you that you have to change, I am not your father.
    All I can do is maybe inform you, or inform anyone who thinks OCD is nothing special, because every teenage youtuber uses it to cover up all manner of quirks.
    At any rate, good luck with the mod and finding a team. :)
    This post was not meant to flame or look down on you, I want to help and impart some wisdom if I can. <3
  10. Odedrt9

    Odedrt9 Bunny

    I want to be Item Coder if possible...
    Btw really awesome idea!
  11. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    DO you want to join? Yea i should add a biome coder.....ill do it later
    Ok ill add you
    well thats strange cuz i made the cactus cutlass from the Adamantite sword
  12. lockeness

    lockeness Demon Eye

    I personally cant code, sorry, id like to learn, just cant
  13. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    Can i get a spriter? Then we can start the modding
  14. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    1.1.3 IS OUT TOMORROW!!!!
    With my crappy place holder sprites though :(
    So if you dont like the sprites its my fault cause i cant do shading.
  15. M2TheT

    M2TheT Eskimo Zombie

    I can try to help with spriting. I'm pretty decent. As long as I know how to place everything (animation wise), I should be fine.
  16. phiexz

    phiexz Green Slime

    Maybe I can help with spriting.. I've created some mods for private use.. =)

    Edit: If you want to see some sprites.. Just leave a reply
    Edit 2: Would a Cursed Bolt a good idea? Like Water Bolt + 10 Cursed Flames..
    That could be an upgraded version of Water Bolt..
    Edit 3: Is it in tConfig? So yes, I can help too with coding or in decompiled version too..
  17. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    Response to edit: I need a new texture for my boss. Can you make a mechanical thing about the size of skeletron's head so it still works for the current hitbox, put some binary numbers on it(1s and 0s) and ill be happy.
    Response to edit 2:Ill try or see if an item coder could figure it out.
    Response to edit 3:Yea it is in tconfig, you can help if you want.
  18. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    Could you add some screenshots? :3
  19. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer


    Added Floppy Disc
    Added 1 (useless)
    Added 0 (useless)
    Added Battery (useless)
    Added Cactus Cutlass

    Added Binary

    Crafting Recipes:
    Cactus Cutlass: 100 Cactus at an Iron Anvil
    Floppy Disc: Copper Coin at Furnace (Beta)

    Binary doesnt fly away when you get killed
    Character doesnt grip the Cactus Cutlass

    Things to be refined:
    New sprites for Cactus Cutlass and Binary
    New recipe for Floppy Disc

    HAVE FUN PLAYING! You will need Tconfig to use this mod.
  20. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    Oh jeez i forgot the best part XD
    Ill get some up right away

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