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Do you want me to put up screenies of items or just the armors?

  1. Items

  2. Armors

  3. Both

  4. I don't care about screenshots

  5. Eh, I'm fine either way

  1. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    NOTE: Disregard the poll for now, I don't know how, or even if I can change it :confused:... help needed there. Until then, just disregard the question of whether to put sprites up or not.

    NOTE2: Read the whole OP, I will not be held responsible for any trolls, flamers, or baiters who get infractions. Disclaimer is a little farther in.


    If you don't know what Fallout: Equestria is, it's a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction. Read it here:


    Don't like My Little Pony? Then don't look here, look somewhere else for texture packy goodness.


    Hey guys, ColonyDrone8 here.

    First off, you may not know me, I fully realize and can appreciate that. You may be skeptical of my skills (of which I feel aren't that good to begin with), and you may simply be skeptical of the basis of this pack. I can also understand and appreciate those. This is my first Texture pack, so I hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated btw :p

    Second off (This is mostly to relieve any skepticism of me not actually having permissions): This is fully sanctioned by Hazza_H and Jackbread (The creators of the fallout pack and ponies pack), and they have given me permission to reuse certain textures from them.

    Don't believe me? Here, read these:
    These are from a conversation I had with both of them via the TerrariaOnline PM system, so yeah. No complaining about me using their sprites (although I've custom made a large portion of this). If anyone does complain, I can and will give reports for either flaming, baiting, or trolling me. In this case, it is your own fault for not paying attention to/reading this section, and therefore, I can not be held responsible for the results of noted flaming, baiting, or trolling.


    Now, onto the actual pack :p

    I would like to get this straight. I have used Jack's pony player models, and Hazza's tiles, along with some of his items. This started out as a mix and match game of their different textures, and it's developed into this pack as it is so far.

    Currently it is in an open beta version that I am releasing to you all now for review and feedback.

    Beta Changes
    Show Spoiler
    Beta v2.5 - This is the first open beta version, where previously I tested it all myself. Most head and body armors are made, most items are made, and (I'm just guessing here) somewhere between 25-45% actually edited/made by me. This will eventually be updated with more actual custom textures, and less stand-in textures. I'm not putting what is officially done and what isn't, because this, knowing me, could go in pretty much any direction. I've done a number of items that Hazza hasn't done yet in his pack, and I do hope that they live up to his pack's standards. My skills are more than likely horrible, and it's through projects like this where I can get better. Actually, quite a number of the items are made by me (by my standards. 50 at most I'd say :p). Two custom npcs, and the bone serpent tail mob is made. A few gores as well, enough to work with the Npcs I have right now I think. All Terraria Buffs are done in Hazza's Fallout Style, one needs editing though. Again, feedback appreciated.

    Beta v3.0 FIX - Updated for 1.1 compatibility. Not much done here, but I DID get Skeletron Prime mostly done (just need gores finished now), I made all the female stuff. It's the same as the male one until I can find some way to distinguish one from another without it looking screwy :/ 1.1 Buffs are done, though I may need to change some up a little. Being limited to two colors for buffs is challenging. Also, if you're gonna comment, do you want buff variations the way there are different colored pipbuck/boys? Because I could do that quickly and include the textures in the alternate textures folder (In which I only have a strange looking enchanted boomerang :/)
    UPDATE: Fixed the missing files, replacing the 3.0 dl link with the new fixed version. Still some bugs to work out, but this has a lot of the stuff that got overwritten in the original 3.0
    P.S. to all texture pack makers: I WAS THE FIRST FOR 1.1!!! WHAAAAAAAAT NAAAAAOOOOOOOO!!! XD I'm sorry, that was mean ._. I just had to rub it in XD Though anyone who updates after me will probably have more complete than me in the updates. From now on, update numbers will (sorta) match terraria updates. Like, until terraria updates to 1.1.1 or whatever, the texture packs will stay as 3.X. Just makes it easier to keep track of which update was made when.

    Version 3.0.5: First off, please note that I am currently working towards bugfixes rather than new content. That's what this update is :p More Bugfixes in version 3.0. Currently I have fixed torches, statues, and wood tiles. Background have been fixed, along with a few older textures, although either me or Hazza are going to be respriting the rest of the bricks. Especially since nearly all the older tiles have more visual options (You'll know what I mean if you look at first the old wood tiles [tiles_30] and the new ones). Some armor fixes (hopefully, the new 1.1 armor seems to absolutely despise me). Should have fixed cobalt and mithril armor (and whatever else) from being that same horrible look. Fixed the cobalt chainsaw (mighta been drill) from having dynamite textures. Not sure what else. Anyways, what do you guys think of the devil wings being slightly draconic, and the angel wings being pegasus wings? Any ideas on color?

    Beta v4.0: Some old bugfixes for 1.1 (mostly projectiles, cursed flame objects are now purple, and I fixed the 1.1 flames not being green.), and I think that's it :/ I know there's some 1.1 content that I updated, but I can't remember what :p

    Beta v4.0.1: A few more bugfixes, although they are highly theoretical since I haven't gotten time to test the sprites. As I've said in a post, the human body appearing behind you should be fixed, a few more items should be changed now. Dynamite is now green. The works.

    Beta v4.1.3: I've gone through a bunch of content since I last left you guys. I've said this in a post, but I'll put it here. I've done a lot of 1.1 armor (cobalt, mithril, adamantite, and hallow armor is mostly fixed for ponies. Helms need a little fixing though :/ ). Phaseblades (phasesabers have the same textures as phaseblades. sharks (gore too) are robots now. Space guns are the previous pheonix blaster texture (to keep in the enclave theme). Pheonix blaster is now green-ish with a green gem embedded in the back to fit with the molten armor textures. Changed hellfire arrow item and projectiles back to Hazza's textures. All potion textures are updated to be brown for healing potions, and purple for mana potions (mana flower has a purple potion on the bottom as well). I messed a bit with the particles in an attempt to fix some stuff :/ Flamethrower now has a green flame. Statues are now more brown-ish to seem more like it's made with stone. Changed it so the correct npc heads will appear in the housing menu. I made a few more npcs. Jack's Zecora texture is just a stand-in until I can make a Xenith texture. Meh, come to think of it, Xenith should be dryad :/ oh well, I'll think of something. Uh, that's just about it.
    NOTE: active and inactive stones still look like vanilla stones, so if you start seeing vanilla stones, don't freak out, it's just active stones.

    Beta v4.2: Alrighty, overhaul on a number of the armor sprites to fit with Jack's updated pony models, along with making meteorite stuff (Not the armor, that's still enclave stuff) into star metal stuff! I need to make the space gun into a star metal blaster though ^.^; I think that's the gist of this update, I forget what else I may have completed.

    Most Recent Releases:
    Beta v4.2.1: Not much to see here. I have currently reverted to the old body sprites due to lack of compatibility with the old armor sprites. I finally got around to getting the sunglasses resprited, and I still need to dig around for Curd's bottle cap sprites.
    This might not be the right download, but here.
    Download Beta v4.2.1 here:

    New Player Model v1.0: As the name suggests, I have finally gotten around to updating the old armor textures to the new body model, as well as changing the stand-still texture, as a number of people found it disturbing to be constantly looked at by the character. Sorry it's taken so long to get up here. I've invested so much time into the mod and now I'm finally getting somewhere with it >_>. Prepare for game-wide overhauls. I haven't tested this yet for some reason, so if there's any issues, please let me know!
    Download New Player Model v1.0 here:

    Please note that I will not be constantly updating this with every pack update, as there are so many textures that the OP could easily become the full page due to all the attached screenshots.

    Feh, I need to grab some actual screenshots soon.

    To Do List:

    Most 1.1 stuff
    Some pre-1.1 stuff
    There needs to be a banner...

    I think that about covers it.

    Download Count:
    In this section, I will tell how many downloads I have seen so far through my mediafire account, it's not necessarily going to be completely up-to-date all the time, so you don't have to pay attention here. It's more for myself so I can feel a sense of pride when I see that some more people have downloaded the pack.
    Current Download Count: 1373
    ... unless I messed up my calculations somewhere.

    Texture Pack Creator:
    Just for anyone who might want to use it.
    Run the Extract first, which will extract all the textures into a .png format into the \textures\export folder. When you're ready to compile, just run the Save, which will recompile the textures into .xnb formats and place them within the \textures\save folder.
    Keep in mind for the extract to work, you need to have it placed within the root terraria folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria)
  2. Running Riot

    Running Riot Green Slime

    This looks great! I especially like the meteor armor sprites and the silver armor sprites!
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  3. Crisis

    Crisis Romantically Apocalyptic

    Alright, here's how this is going to work, I'll remove all the posts above.

    I'd suggest to Bromite that he should stop posting here which would prevent arguments, if he cannot do that, I may have to give him a general warning. Both of you should stay out of each others ways.
  4. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    Thank you. Also, to the general public, I got a major bugfix from the Ponies Ponies Ponies sprite pack thread, and once I upload the next update, the human sprite that appears behind you should be fixed, so now you should be 20% more pony, and 110% less human now.

    EDIT: Alright, next fix (beta 4.0.1) is almost ready. These versions are all beta because I haven't finished a lot of the stuff. Once I finish all armors, and most pre-1.1 items (along with a few 1.1 items), the versions will become official releases.
  5. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    I see Fallout 3 Texture Pack sprites. I think you stole his sprites and made a few yourself which dosnt really look good, 1x1.
    Also, as you said to me about my pack ''Why not just download the Fallout 3 Pack instead?''.
  6. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    First off, you totally ignored the disclaimer in my OP.
    Second off, don't bait people, and so much for ignoring me.
    EDIT: Liiisten to all those potential flamers / baiters / trolls. If you ignore any information given in the OP, it's not my fault if you get infractions. If you're here to troll just for the heck of it, it's not my fault. If you break any not mentioned forum guidelines, IT'S NOT MY FAULT! So you have a choice between stop flaming / baiting / trolling me (or anyone else for that matter), and be mature, or get an infraction. It's a simple choice. Follow the rules or don't, either way, I will no longer respond to people who flame / bait / troll me, unless you somehow come up with a VALID reason for doing so. And no, I didn't come up with any of the rules. If you haven't read the rules yet, read 'em here:
    EDIT3: Also Mr. Person, I can easily tell you aren't looking through my entire OP. There's a disclaimer, you obviously came here just to troll / flame / bait me, and MOST of these sprites are mine. I don't just steal people's works. I asked permission, I QUOTED the PMs they sent me giving me permission to use their sprites, and I don't care that they don't look good. I have very low self-esteem in regards to my artwork, this is a very heavy WIP texturepack as is stated in the title. Now please stop trolling / flaming / baiting me, as I stopped doing said actions to you.

    EDIT2: I swear, it's starting to feel as if every single freaking troll is trying to come and troll me. Really, be mature. I've tried diplomatic approaches with each and every troll I've seen. It doesn't always work, in which case, I report them. Which will happen to you if you don't deem it fit to deal with any trolling / flaming / baiting diplomatically and maturely (In other words, talk it out rather than try and openly, along with purposely insult me and my work. Just say you don't like it rather than insulting me, it's not that hard.).

    EDIT4: If you guys doubt the credibility of my permissions from Hazza and Jack, just ask them yourself.
  7. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    All of the sprites in my pack was done by me. That's how you make a texture pack, you sprite your own ones. Not take others. And for the record, you came to troll on my texture pack so ofcourse I'm pissed at you and comming to troll on yours.
  8. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    Listen. I did not steal Hazza's Textures. I have express permission from him to use his textures, as long as credit is given where due, and it is. I didn't go on your pack to troll you, that was due to poor wording at the time, and acting out of anger (or using the eye-to-an-eye rule) is never the best situation. We already settled this debate on YOUR thread, no need to restart the argument on MY thread after it's already been settled.
  9. kirabook

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    Listen, keep things calm and collected or both threads of these texture packs will be locked and infractions can be given. Whatever dispute you two have ends now. Trolling each other helps no one. Keep to your own threads, period.
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  10. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    TBH, I have been trying to keep calm and collected. I can quite honestly say I haven't even thought about him at all since our last dispute. What I find undesirable about what's happened is that although I stopped any interaction with him, he decided to come and attack me.
  11. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    I've stoped thinking about you aswell. But when I saw your texture pack then I remember what you had said on mine. And it pissed me off so hard. So I needed revenge.
  12. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    AGAIN, Mr. Person, please ignore this thread because it is not yours. Do not post here again. And they shall not post on yours. Did you not understand "keep to your own threads"?
  13. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    Would it be too much to ask for his posts and mine up to when he first attacked me to be deleted?
    EDIT: Had to edit this post cuz I forgot to say delete :p
  14. Torol

    Torol Bone Serpent

    Uh, is there a possibility of in-game screenies? It looks alright, but seeing the pack in game would be nice.
  15. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    Sure, I'll try to :p Although to be honest, most of the things I'm spriting are the items. Credit for the tiles right now goes to Hazza_H. I'll try to get some screenies, or a recording of me showing all the items or something like that. It may not be up for a while though since I'm going on a week long trip today at 11:00pm (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)
  16. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    ALRIGHTY!!! I'm back from my trip :D:D:D:D no in game screenies yet :/ But don't worry! I'll try and get something soon. I've also got major updates for ya'll. Cobalt, Mithril, Adamantite, and Hallowed armor are mostly fixed for ponies now (currently just the vanilla colors and base design changed for pony bodies), I've got a temp fix for the merpony thing, though I'm planning to make it turn you into a seapony :D (there are seaponies in Project Horizons [this isn't strictly Fallout:Equestria {the main one} as you can probably tell])
    Um... I forget what else I fixed *shrugs* lemme take a quick peek at the stuff I fixed...

    Alright, I'm putting a full list of what I've done here (though I may miss some stuff)
    Show Spoiler

    pre-1.1 armor: 85%-ish due to there being some WIP sprites.
    pre-1.1 items: 70%-ish due to most of the items and such being placeholders or Hazza's sprites. I plan to change some of them.
    pre-1.1 projectiles: 60%-ish... I'm not really sure what to do with most of them :/
    pre-1.1 npcs:
    Friendly: eh... 50%ish. Wait, there's 10 of em, right?
    Hostile: ._. um... ah... *sweats* ALRIGHT FINE! There's... um... less than 40% *sob*
    1.1 items: I say 50%... that's cuz most of them are futeristic enough :/ what? There are drills and chainsaws and stuff in fallout: equestria... least there should be... eh, I'll change em eventually. 10%
    1.1 armor: Um... how many 1.1 sets are there? 1... 2... 10.. 15? I'll go with 20. which puts me at... 20%? sounds about right :/
    1.1 npcs: Just skeletron prime... I'm not even gonna TRY and calculate that :/

    NOTE: I've probably completely underestimated it all :/ so don't take my word for all this. Linking the new version in a moment.
  17. ColonyDrone8

    ColonyDrone8 Cave Bat

    Sorry about not updating for a while guys. Life's been hectic. School's back. You guys understand, right? Either way, I'll try and get off my lazy butt and get some work done. Thanks for anyone who's downloaded and liked this pack. It's nice to think that people actually like my work.
  18. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    the hell is this shit really this now has a texture pack???
  19. InvisibleClarity

    InvisibleClarity Corruptor

    Fallout... that means a great nuclear meltdown or war. Equestria=ponyland? So that means that it's finally dead! Oh, happy day!

    Erm... looks nice, post some In game screenies and we'll talk.
  20. hey, will this texture pack work with TCCL?

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