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  1. Whale Cancer

    Whale Cancer Snatcher

    The intent of this mod is to create a stable, simple RPG based on Final Fantasy I (with influences from other games in the Final Fantasy series, manly III, V, Dimensions, and Dissidia).

    This thread is currently being reorganized.

    To add: Bows from 2, 3, and 5. Bells from 5. Harps from 5. Shurikens from 5. Rods from 5. Scythes from 5. Maces from 5. Spears from 3/5. Common special weapons from other games in the series. Extrapolation of existing materials (e.g. Mythril Nunchuku).

    Summary of Parts (open)
    Part 1: The Rescue of Princess Sarah (open)
    Locations: Corneria, Corneria Castle, The Chaos Shrine
    Enemies: Goblin, Goblin Guard, Crazy Horse, Wolf, Zombie, Ghoul, Skeleton, Carrion Crawler, Black Spider
    Bosses: Garland (a tile colliding 'bot' type boss). Discord Incarnate is an alternate version of Garland that can be summoned at the Chaos Shrine; it is harder than Garland, but has the same drops as Garland (the idea is to let you farm his gear).
    Armor Sets: Leather Clothes, Leather Armor, Bronze Armor, Bronze Heavy Armor, Iron Armor, Iron Heavy Armor, Goblin Cloak, Goblin Guard Cloak, Garland's Set, White Mage's Set, Black Mage's Set, Thief's Clothes
    Jobs: Warrior, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage
    Part 2: The Sea Opens (open)
    Locations: The Drawbridge, Matoya's Cave, Pravoka, Bikke's Ship
    Part 3: The Curse of the Elf Prince (open)
    Locations: Elfheim, Elven Castle, Western Keep, Mount Duergar
    Part 4: The Earth Crystal (open)
    Locations: Cavern of Earth, Crystal Lake, Giant's Cave, Marsh Cave, Melmond, Sage's Cave
    Part 5: The Fire Crystal (open)
    Locations: Mount Gulag
    Part 6: Interlude: Courage and Strength (open)
    Locations: Cardia Islands, Citadel of Trials
    Part 7: The Water Crystal (open)
    Locations: Caravan, Gaia, Onrac, Sunken Shrine
    Part 8: The Air Crystal (open)
    Locations: Flying Fortress, Ice Cave, Lufenia, Mirage Tower, The Desert, Waterfall Cavern
    Part 9: The Final Conflict (open)
    Locations: The Chaos Shrine 2000 years ago

    Show Spoiler
    Currently using Yoraiz0r's EasyDraw function to achieve this. Will try my hand at original code (as it is good to understand code used fully). Big thanks to Yoraiz0r for helping me with the Draw methods and for quashing a bug that was preventing me from realizing this function.

    I've used Ominr's robes and cloaks as the basis for some of my female NPC dresses and for useable robes and cloaks. I'm new to this community, but it seems like this sort of modification with attribution is considered kosher? If not, I can rework them...

    Will contact people for permissions before actually posting elements of the mod.
  2. rwm8558

    rwm8558 Cave Bat

    Looks great. Can't wait to try it out.
  3. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis Blazing Wheel

    Looks good, can't wait to see how you handle spells and actual game mechanics. Also.... Summoner plox!

    (I know, Summoner wasn't in FF1... /sad day)
  4. Whale Cancer

    Whale Cancer Snatcher

    Updated information on the job system and accessories.

    In terms of progress, I have ironed out the kinks of the accessory system (aside from the issue of unequiping items that player is no longer allowed to equip). Finished some more NPCs. Been experimenting with biomes. Did a bunch of black magic.

    Thanks! It will probably need a lot of play testing for balance (once it is done, that is).

    Spells right now are set up as tomes. The attack spells are easy and already done; elements will do different damage to different enemy types (this isn't done yet, but I have set this up for weapons so it shouldn't be an issue). Focus will be a debuff that lowers enemy defense while sleep knocks them unconscious, makes them emit Zs, and wakes up when they are attacked.

    Ideally, I want to write a custom interface. I don't have any experience with this yet, however. If I can manage it, I want spells to take up an entire row of your inventory (so, a row that cannot have anything but magic=True items in it), that has associated hotkeys.

    Summoner would be cool, I'll figure out the viability of that class once I get into AI more deeply. Summoner was in my other favorite FF (FFV!), and it fits the 'classic' FF universe (IMHO). It is just a matter of implementation.
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  5. kehtilan

    kehtilan Mouse

    Looks awesome. I cant wait to try it. I love FF ^_^
  6. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Definitely wanna see this being released and popular-fied , I'm up to help on whatever you need ^_~
    The graphical accessories thing makes me want to re-write my 'visible accessories' mod , it had extra accessory slots for visual stuff.
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  7. Whale Cancer

    Whale Cancer Snatcher

    Put up the other Garland video I did to demonstrate his AI. Put up a picture of some tiles I've done for the Chaos Shrine ruins (where Garland is fought).
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  8. SniPeZ

    SniPeZ Green Slime

    Looks awesome :D I will watch this thread, gonna try it out when its out :)
  9. OneAndThree

    OneAndThree Zombie

    Awesome! also, if you look on some spriting threads, i'm sure you'll find a texture you might need
  10. Whale Cancer

    Whale Cancer Snatcher

    Bumping as I put up some more sprites and info.

    I have the chaos shrine being generated properly, I just need to embellish it. ChaosShrineMod will be up hopefully tomorrow (Garland, his gear, and the arena you fight him in).
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  11. Kage

    Kage Floaty Gross

    Looks Awesome!
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Your weapon reduxes are beautiful!
  13. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Looking for the video >: O!
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  14. Whale Cancer

    Whale Cancer Snatcher

    These were taken down as part of my reorganization. I keep getting close to releasing him, but then I find a way to improve the AI routine. These are all pretty out of date already, and he is much more formidable and well implemented at the moment.
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  15. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Awesome ai >: O!

    Loving what you're doing so far >: )!
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