[WIP]-ish?[Maybe also looking for coders??] How about a Homestuck mod!

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Kholdstare, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Kholdstare Green Slime

    So hey hi how's it going, I'll just cut straight to the chase.

    I am currently sort of working on a Homestuck mod, using tConfig by Surfpup (Go check it out if you haven't).

    Fear No Anvil screenie.png

    Wrinklefucker screenie.png

    But as of right now, I have just a few weapons done, that is, all of the Hammerkind abstrata.
    Hopefully thinking of expanding to most, if not all, of the weapons featured in the webcomic, maybe God Tier armors that would have set bonuses for different playstyles, and some vanity armor for Kids' shirts or like, Troll horns, maybe even some enemies featured in Sburb! Possibly even denizen bosses if they're ever shown in the comic.

    I've realized after making a few sets of weapons with tConfig, the worst part of this project for me is going to be making sprites and stuff for armor and enemies. If there are any talented or even semi-compotent pixel artists out there reading my little thread here and wanna lend a guy a hand for some good karma, I certainly won't refuse.

    and uh thanks for looking at my topic I appreciate it~
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  2. Miggles Green Slime

    My undying love for what you've done is undying and will never cease.
    This is awesome.
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  3. Kholdstare Green Slime

    Did me some more work on this stuff, now I've got Swordkind done. Chekkit out!
    broken caledfwlch screenie.png

    caledscratch screenie.png
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  4. Macbuk Cave Bat

    What about broken Narsil and repaired Narsil?
  5. Kholdstare Green Slime

    I pulled the weapons off of the wiki, and the only mention of Narsil from there is that the Royal Deringer, which I have in slot 9 of the swords screenie, was modeled after it.
  6. Macbuk Cave Bat

    Narsil is the Isildur's sword from the Lord of The Rings realm. You can find may pictures of it on google
  7. Kholdstare Green Slime

    Oh. Well, the weapons I'm making are from Homestuck, not Lord of the Rings. :p
  8. Macbuk Cave Bat

    Oh. Then nevermind :p. Also i don't even know what is "Homestuck" xD
  9. SilentRage Green Slime

    Holy crap, this is amazing. I'm at act 5 in Homestuck, and then I saw this. Truely awesome, almost as awesome as Dave's Bro
  10. Kholdstare Green Slime

    homestuck sun.png

    A small side project, but I changed the sun! :D
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  11. Kholdstare Green Slime

    Alchemiter screenie 2.png

    Alchemiter screenie.png

    Now there's an Alchemiter! Next plan is to make every enemy drop Grist instead of coins and have most of the weapons and stuff be built from it, as well has have merchants accept it somehow. Or maybe just make Grist an inventory thing and have it stack to like 10,000. Shrug. Back to work!
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  12. Miggles Green Slime

    Hey broman. I heard you like Homestuck, so I request that I can make the graphics for your Homestuck so you can work while I graphics.
  13. Kholdstare Green Slime

    That sounds like an awesome idea! I appreciate it!
    Have you got some sort of instant messaging client we could use to talk on?
  14. Miggles Green Slime

    Uh, Steam. :3
  15. Kholdstare Green Slime

    Works for me. What's your username?
  16. Merch Fire Imp

    I think you need to work on the sprites, a lot.
    They don't look that nice, but, thats just me.
    Also, you might want to change the title.
  17. Kholdstare Green Slime

    I'm not really sure how to change the title...
    Plus, for the sprites, as they are, I just took them from the wiki and shrunk them down. I guess they could be labeled placeholder.
  18. Merch Fire Imp

    I don't get how you shrunk them down lol, how did that come out from the wiki pics?
    It doesn't matter, just re-design them. Also, ask a mod to change the title.
  19. Kholdstare Green Slime

    I mean like, I took the weapons from the comic's wiki page, and edited them in photoshop by shrinking them so they'd make a decent size in the actual game. I didn't really do any spriting myself.
  20. Merch Fire Imp

    Oh ok...
    Doesn't it have Copyright?

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