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  1. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    Finally!!!!! I was saying in my last status that I was making another mod with Birds and Pets well. That thread will come out soon once I finish modding and coding it with my buds. But while I wait for it to be ready for download I wanted to make the biggest mod that I will ever make mod this will be my final mod. (Maybe. I guess 3 Mods is enough.) I will update this until I want to move on and not sprite and mod anymore. :D So the moon mod is going to be a mod that includes a new biome. (In a Dimension) that will have new mobs, Town NPC's, Weapons, Ores, Furniture, and WAY more. I had a little preview of the mod on my old mod, Jensen's Mod. I had some Moon Weapons and Moon Sand. But now there will be more! So this will be done by November with tons of stuff added. So why be reading this!

    Contact Me from:
    Youtube: HERE
    Skype Name: jensenismyname
    Official Moon Mod Website:

    MOBS (open)

    Astronaut Bunny - Pic.png
    Astronaut Bunny​
    Spawns on surface of Moon in the Day​
    25 HP and has a 100% chance of dropping 1-2 Moon Keys Moon_Key.png

    Moon Harpy - Pic.png
    Cyborg Harpy​
    Spawns at Blood Moons and spawn in Caves​

    125 HP and has a 100% of dropping 2-7 Wool Wool (2).png
    (Wool is also found in Jensen's Mod)​

    Moon Bat - Pic.png
    Moon Bat
    Spawns in Moon Caves
    50 HP and drops nothing so far

    Moon Blob - Pic.png
    Neil Blobstrong​
    Spawns in Moon Caves and Blood Moons​
    250 HP and has a 100% chance of dropping 2-4 Moon Keys Moon_Key.png and 5-7 Green Gel Green Gel.png

    Moon Shark - Pic.png
    Meteor Shark
    Spawns in any water on surface or not
    250 HP and has a 100% chance of dropping a Shark Fin Shark_Fin.png


    ITEMS (open)

    Moon necklace.png
    Moon Necklace
    Dropped from Galaxy Defender
    Stops a Blood Moon Once and turns it to a regular night. (Will disappear after used it)
    Sells for 20 Gold

    Moon Chair Item.png
    Moon Chair​
    Placable and Needs 5 Moon Block and 1 Silk​
    Makes 3​
    Sells for 1 Silver​

    Moon Table Item.png
    Mini Moon Shelf
    Placable and Needs 3 Books, 10 Moon Brick, and 1 Chain

    Kitchen Counter Item.png
    Kitchen Counter​
    Placeable and Needs 2 Iron Bars, 15 Wood​

    Kitchen Drawer Item.png
    Kitchen Drawer Placeable and Needs 2 Glass, 3 Iron Bars, 15 Wood

    Moon Key​
    Sold by Astronaut NPC and Dropped by some Mobs​
    Unlocks Moon Chests​
    Sells for 75 Copper​

    Book of Moon.png
    Moon Dimension Book
    Dropped by The Wall of Flesh
    Takes you to the Moon and takes you back to Earth
    Sells for 20 Gold (Just if you beat the Wall of Flesh Twice)

    Astronaut Helmet
    Astronaut Breastplate
    Astronaut Boots

    Recipes for all 3:

    Astronaut Helmet:
    3 Silver Bars
    5 Glass
    3 Leather

    Astronaut Breastplate:
    3 Silver Bars
    10 Leather
    2 Silk

    Astronaut Boots:
    3 Silver Bars
    4 Leather
    1 Obsidian

    (Please Note: This thread does not include ALL content of the mod. This thread shows about 25% of what is in the Mod)

    • You have to have the Astronaut suit on to access the Moon. (If you don't the breathe bar will pop up)
    • If you find a Moon Chest and open it with a Moon Key, you will most likely find another Moon Key or more in the chest.
    • When on the moon the background will change and instead of the sun in the day and the moon at night, the earth will appear.
    • Different Music is on the Moon (Ask Halt for more info on that)
    • Meteors will smash on the Moon. And you can collect all the Meteorite. This way it makes the game a little bit more fun!

    Coming up to the thread:
    Moon drill.png Moon Sword.png Super Moon Spear.png MOON WEAPONS!!!

    Screenshots (open)

    Moon1.png Moon2.png Moon3.png Moon4.png

    Changelog (open)

    1.o.1 Added Cheese Dungeon
    1.02 Added Music to Moon
    1.1 Added Cheesy Items
    1.1.1 Two New Bug Fixes
    1.1.2 Added achievements, and Added a new NPC: MoonBot
    1.1.3 The animation-less NPCs now have an animation and new weapon.
    1.1.4 Added Devourer of Galaxies Boss
    1.1.5 Added a actual Recipe for the Slice of Cheese. (And it heals you.)

    Gameplay Videos (open)

    Showing: Moon Chests, and a few Mobs

    Showing: Cheese Dungeon, Furniture, Mobs, Chests, Caves, World Itself, etc.

    Showing: EVERYTHING until update 1.1.5

    Credits (open)

    Halt (Music and True Idea)
    W1k (Suggestions)
    PoroCYon (Coding and Modding the heck out of his day for me)
    Lolight2 (Spriting Moon Weapons)

    (Last Updated: March 23, 2013)


    Want a banner? Here you go:

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  2. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    You can't change the world's size without messing it up completely. Just sayin'.
  3. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    I'm not. Bit if there is a way then yes I am. :) there is going to be small caves on the moon. Do you want to sprite some stuff for me?
  4. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Meh, I suck at spriting.

    Anyway, I suggest you to not add a new biome into the existing world as it would just mess it up as the really isn't much space. I would suggest to try to make something like Obsidian's dimensions. That would be the easier way to make something like that imo.
  5. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    You can do that?
  6. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Nope, no way I'll go check into Obsidian's hell of codes. Just trying to suggest the best way to do it.
  7. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    Uh if I can code it I'll do it. I love your suggestion. I will give credit to you and obsidian for the idea! I just don't know where to find the code! :D
  8. Lolight2

    Lolight2 Slimed Zombie

    Good job !
  9. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

  10. The Member

    The Member Bunny

    EPIC!! I would love to help but I can only sprite. This looks awesome Creeper_Man. Is the only torch that works on the moon is the cursed Torch? That's what you said in the Jensen's Mod thread.

    Epic with all this added:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. 8-) Zack

    8-) Zack Green Slime

    I was looking at your signature and I saw "Moon Mod". When I saw it I almost flew out of my chair! lol! Good Luck with this mod. Looks great so far. I am definitely playing this when it comes out!
  12. BearObo

    BearObo Bunny

    maybe I can help I have some stuff already that I made and I can code for you to because I am bored :D
  13. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    skype? this mod is dead. But u can help with my new mod if u have a skype or steam
  14. BearObo

    BearObo Bunny

  15. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    Just added a LOT of Moon Furniture. Most content included in the mod are not on the thread. Also in the progress of adding the first boss... GALAXY DEFENDER! (A Dragon) It is going to be a easy boss. Easier than the Eye of Cthulhu. Also working on more mobs. Thinking of a Alien Bunny.
  16. Instead of naming so many items "moon" which is redundant since we don't use "Earth" chairs I recommend the following: Cosmo, Astro, Space etc. Instead of having generic prefixes like those if you must have some try to make them custom to the object, ie Magnesium torches, reinforced glass, Hydrogen forge, bolted chair etc. Instead of books I'd recommend Tablets and otherwise just try to focus every item on something which can function in an environment without naturally forming carbon (outside mineral deposits) or an oxygen atmosphere.
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  17. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    Thanks for the advice. I will change up and get that "Moon" name out of everything and I like the suggestions on the other things.
  18. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    I am now making the system to switch between the "dimentions". already made the "moonGen" :D probably finished the big part next week! GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    i know what the error in hte generation was, i only gtta fix it... but im kinda too lame xD


    [img bugged]
  20. eddylovegames

    eddylovegames Giant Worm

    im soooooooooooooooooooooo playing this.

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