[WIP] [Release] Magical Girl Mod - Bullet Curtains and Cute Girls [tConfig]

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  1. Draykon

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    Last updated (possibly for the last time) May 13, 2012.
    Eh, what the Hell. People have made releases with less content than this.

    The long version
    The Magical Girl mod is something I've been working for significantly longer than my progress indicates. It includes a series of bosses at the endgame, meant to answer the question of "Now that I have Excalibur, what do I kill with it?" The bosses are heavily Touhou inspired, though more in spirit than in terms of actual gameplay, dude to Terraria's bullet limit.

    To begin accessing the mod's content, you must craft a Goddess Statue. It is created with one Angel Statue, and one of each soul. (Light, Night, Flight, Sight, Might, Fright)
    Once created, place the statue anywhere, and right click it to 'pray.' Praying at the statue will bestow the "Festival of Magic" debuff.

    The debuff's duration will be frozen at 10 seconds, and while it is active, entering certain biomes will cause you to be bombarded by bizzare and powerful enemies. Defeating the enemies will cause them to drop "Heart Fire." Collecting Heart Fire will reduce the amount of time on the Festival of Magic debuff. Once it reaches zero, if you're still in one of the implemented Biomes, you will be ambushed by a mini boss.

    Once defeated, the mini boss will drop you a few emblems- these are the summon items for the main attraction, the Magical Girl bosses. The Magical Girls are powerful enemies, and it will take a clear head and a calm approach to evade their attacks.

    When at last you have defeated a Magical Girl, they will drop a Crystal. Take the Crystal back to the statue, and you may exchange it for one of three rewards- one for each class.

    At the moment only two bosses are implemented - Heart/Light/Hallow, and Moon/Night/Corruption.

    The short version
    Craft a Goddess Statue with an Angel Statue and one of each soul. Right click it. Go somewhere, beat up stuff. Beat up a midboss. Use the midboss's drop to beat up a little girl. Use the little girl's drop to make a new weapon at the Goddess Statue. Repeat until bored, or no little girls remain.

    Currently only two little girls implemented- the one at the Hallow, and the one at the Corruption.

    Weapons Implemented
    It's not quite as fun if I just outright tell you everything ingame, so here's a whole bunch of one-line descriptions:

    Heart Rewards

    Heartbreaker - Unreasonably huge chargable warhammer
    Heart Cannon - Magical charge beam
    Cupid's Bow - Shoots entirely too many arrows

    Moon Rewards

    Fatal Crescent - The only broadsword in the mod
    Divine Spark - Freaking huge magical laser
    Saw Cannon - Buzz Saws that stick to walls

    Heaven Reward

    Lightning Rod - Shoots lightning. Is a rod.

    This mod requires tConfig. Get it here:

    Once that's installed, you can just run this:
    Installer & Source: http://www.mediafire.com/?6p4eerrvl3xb1pd

    Known Bugs and Oddities

    These are known bugs and oddities. Please do not report them. I already know about them.

    -The Festival of Magic's icon is a shoe. I assure you there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. It will be changed eventually.
    -The Festival of Magic will occasionally glitch out, and end early- sometimes without summoning a midboss. If this happens, you will need to return to the statue and start over. I find it seems more stable if you avoid having any buffs before praying.
    -The Moon Magical Girl- Selena- does not currently have any animations. This will probably change. Probably. Her panic mode also sucks.
    -The Witch Hat is horrifically aligned. This will be fixed when I implement the rest of the vanity items.
    -The entire setup has roughly the same amount of balance as a perfectly smooth sphere on an infinite frictionless plane. Many weapons will inevitably be nerfed or buffed.
    -Pretty much none of the weapons report their actual damage output in their tooltips. This is in part due to the previous oddity.

    Planned Stuff

    Given that I am a lazy jerk, there's a good chance that this mod just plain won't be finished. However, I'm not so much of a jerk so as to make content and then just never release it, so this current version of the mod includes an unfinished version of the Magical Girl of Heaven- Celestia.
    Because I never finished Celestia's midboss, you simply craft her emblem from nothing. In addition, because I only ever finished one weapon for her, she just drops that, instead of bothering with the crystals.

    That said, it's not as though I'm done with modding. I am slowly working on a much larger scale project- just don't hold your breath, you won't hear much more about it for a looooong time. v.v

    If for some reason you care. Five more bosses will be implemented. Four will be Magical Girls- Heaven, Metal, Song, and Madness. The fifth will be a surprise. The four Magical Girls will each follow the pattern already established, and thus will come with a bunch of enemies, a midboss, and three prize weapons. I have a design document explaining this in detail, but I don't feel like making it public.
    The accessory that gets blown off when a boss goes into panic mode will also be used to craft a vanity set themed after each boss, just because Terraria needs more pretty dresses.
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  2. JHoliness

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    Sweet! This mod looks and sounds awesome! I'm gonna DL and try it out and then give some feedback :)

    Well, first of all the D-Sniper requires only 1 wood to craft, and does 535 damage!!! DAMN! I'm hoping the recipe required to craft this is pretty costly!
  3. Draykon

    Draykon Demon Eye

    Ah, crap, the DSniper is supposed to be dummied out- obviously that 1 wood is a placeholder.

    (The DSniper's DPS is actually pretty reasonable if you consider it's firing rate though)
  4. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    Man this looks nice!
    I can not play this yet, my main is up to mithril gear, and I accidentally deleted my main world so... But yeah, I'll be working my way up and then I'll definitely try taking on these psychotic girls! :D
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I had just tested it roughly out , fighting the magical girl spawned by 'Emblem of heart' , and then proceeded to test most of the items through 'cheating' (changing crafting recipes through ini , recompile , test items).
    I must say , the items are hiallriously funny and good.
    I love what you did with the hammer , the saw gun needs a little bit of tweaking in my opinion , faster projectiles for once.
    the gun that shoots spaceship's projectile seems like its scaled far off (the spaceship is SMALLL!) and the positioning it takes is very odd when rotated, but I love what you did regarding its 'aiming method'.

    In any regards , the mod is FANTASTIC , I will totally follow it for further releases! =D
    P.S - the magical girls do not have boss music

    P.S.S - Just fought the moon magical girl......I WUV HER....
    The moon beam is the most perfect work of art I've seen for terraria so far , talk about vilethorn-like excellency!

    P.S.S.S - The problem with the spaceship launching cannon fixed itself , tried out the divine spark , I must say its
    FUNNNNNN (open)

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  6. Shadowaltz

    Shadowaltz Green Slime

    It doesn't deem to be working for me.
    I unrar the installer, run it, and it appears to work. But when I run Tconfig and try to activate it, it says "Failed to load CurtainsofBullets" and returns me to the settings menu. If I try again, Terraria crashes. Then a window with a bunch of text like "System.Null.ReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." and other things I don't understand.
    I really want to try this mod, but I have no idea what is going wrong. I assume it is an issue on my end, since others seem to have gotten it to work.
    Please help, if you can.
  7. Draykon

    Draykon Demon Eye

    Unfortunately, I really have no idea what could be causing that. My first guess would be "make sure you have the lastest version of tConfig" :X
  8. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Hope your mod goes far! Good luck!
  9. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    Seems pretty cool. I'd use it out but I don't have an interest in getting more OP weapons and I'm going to assume they're more powerful than the current endgame weapons :p
  10. jaxter0987

    jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    I might just try the mod if only for the Touhou references. =P
  11. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    *to use on OP monsters more powerful than the current endgame monsters :p
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    That said , this mod gave a new definition to 'OP' , Previously PASE was thought to be extremely unbalanced , This mod makes people think otherwise XD
    Its really awesome though =3 I am a sucker for flashy stuff (moon emblem go go go)
  13. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    Are things really that overpowered? I looked through the source, I didn't see too much that wasn't dummied out that stood out as "ridiculously good."
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    they're overpowered at personality (despite the shots of the magical girls dealing 80 damage a piece!) its a bullet hell and the bullets rotate and stuff , its like touhou but without the comfort of control over the character's position.
    in regards to items , I assume you had not tried 'divine spark' yet?
    its FUNNNNN (open)
  15. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    I've not gotten to anything. I was starting a new, fresh game using all the current mods and am barely even at Iron tier. I guess I'll see later~
  16. Draykon

    Draykon Demon Eye

    As a general rule, I tried to give anything with a low firing rate a high damage output, and anything with a high firing rate a low damage output. For example, the Heart Cannon deals something like a thousand damage on a single succesful shot, but getting that shot requires a full five seconds of charging- in the end it's only about the same DPS as Excalibur. Same with Heartbreaker- though it has the advantage of hitting everything onscreen at once.

    The Divine Spark I have no excuse for. In everyday use it's pretty damn overpowered. In terms of balance for it, I'm sorta counting on its recoil making it impossible to use it against a Magical Girl :p
  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    holding a direction button and then using it will make the recoil very uneffective
    The gun is pretty balanced though , IMO , due to the 'low' damage and the FREAKING HIGH MANA COST OF HELLZ

    I wuv it =3
  18. FullOfSandvich

    FullOfSandvich Green Slime

    This is a really good mod! The "festival" part of it is weird, admittedly, but the midbosses and bosses themselves are really good.
    There were some things I noticed, though. When I was fighting with Selena, I got her down to 10k when Stella(?) said I'm "gonna get it". The Moon Option promptly took one stab at me then flew away, and the fight just ended. Like that. I got the Witch's Hat (horrible clipping, but you already knew that), and nothing else happened.
    And another thing: During the festival, I was getting swarmed in the hallow so I teleported back to spawn and got the nurse to patch me up. The instant I did, though, the midboss appeared and started killing all my NPC's. I think this has something to do with the fact the "festival" itself is a debuff...
    In all though, I'm loving this and want to see more (when it comes out)! :D
  19. Draykon

    Draykon Demon Eye

    Selena saying Stella's line in panic mode is definitely a bug- though I've no idea why it would end the battle. You got the witch hat just for making it to panic mode- that's meant to make it easier to get three of them for when I finish the vanity sets.

    As for the Festival ending when you get Nursed, well, as you said, the entire festival buff thing is really weird. Chances are I'll end up completely changing how it works internally somewhere down the line.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the feedback! I'm thinking the next release will be after I get two more bosses done, then the last will include everything. So yeah, it could be a while, but I'm hoping it'll be worth the wait. (It won't be worth the wait)
  20. jonathanguns

    jonathanguns Demon Eye

    is this for tconfig version 0.22.5?

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