[WIP/Released] tConfig Quest Mod

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Wigglesniff, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Untouchablekill Cursed Skull

    Be forewarned, I have many quests awaiting for you >=]
  2. Rafstuff Squirrel

    Where is the download?
  3. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    It's not up now, rangerofthewest and I wanna double check everything and make sure it looks goOd. Then..... There will be a download(within 40 hours from
  4. rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Trust me, it'll be out soon! We're just adding some final features in for the update.


    Expect the alpha sometime within 4 hours. We finished faster than expected.

    --UPDATE 2--
    That's actually what we are planning on for the next release. But for now, you'll have to be content with killing enemies.
    --UPDATE 3--
    I feel really honored that Yoraiz0r liked this post.
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  5. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    Teasers!! Enjoy!!
  6. rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Excited? No? Well you better be! Because for 1.0.0 we are also releasing an interface that tells you your quest and gets rid of that annoying pop up in the bottom left corner! Also, we "borrowed" a sprite from Yoraiz0r shamelessly for this update. Don't worry, we'll fix it. For now, if you see someone with more than 1 Morphball in a stack, that's ok. Because that's a quest scroll.

    Upcoming events:
    For now, the quest scrolls should be one wood to make.
    Next, the system isn't perfect, but it goes off of your defense
    Also, we are going to introduce an NPC that sells the scrolls
    We are going to add more types of scrolls
    Finally, we are getting rid of the annoying pop-up that tells you how many to kill. We are introducing a text interface that tells you. Many thanks to Yoraiz0r AGAIN for that tutorial.

    Want some help on how it picks the quantity of enemies? It uses the following formula (r means random number)


    So if we use Omnir's Sauron Armor as an example you get: (Sauron Armor has 85 defense)
    r(r(r(1700)-r(85))+150) which means the max enemies you can get on a quest is 1765. Hallowed armor only allows you to get 1100 enemies. Now, if you have NO armor whatsoever, and you use a scroll, the max you can have is 150.
  7. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    LOL ... I changed how that works ;P
  8. rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Dang! Tell me the formula then. And one question, as you've been working on it, the enemies it selects is based off of skill of player, right?
  9. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    ....its fun to be thanked xD

    good luck on the interface! =3
    I highly suggest looking at the YCM(yoraiz0r cheat menu)'s source for some funny tricks on how to keep the text always available , and making buttons on the interface available , etc =p
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  10. rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Thanks again! We promise to change the sprite as soon as possible. As for looking at the YCM, I've been browsing through the code at night (yes, I read code instead of books at night, without my parents knowing), and I think I have it figured out. Thanks for helping us. I really appreciate it!
  11. Wigglesniff World Feeder

  12. rangerofthewest Icy Merman


    For those who may be wondering, I developed the original code and Wigglesniff is simplifying it and editing it to work.
  13. BlogDog123 Yellow Slime

    Wow, over 90 million quests.
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  14. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    Release at 8:00 EST
  15. BlogDog123 Yellow Slime

    YAY! :D
  16. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    Really sorry about this guys, but I'm moving the release deadline back a day... Everything works fine so that's good news!!! The only problem is terraria crashes about half the time when you use a quest scroll... REALLY SORRY :(
  17. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    code pl0x , I can fixz it when i know what the error iz! xD
  18. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    ... I just figured out what the error was... One problem though... Parents made me go to bed :/
    Now all I have is my ipod
  19. rangerofthewest Icy Merman

    Dang. You in EST? So it's....midnight there. Probably a good idea. You still have school.

    Thank goodness for college :p
    I got out the 11th of May.

    And BlogDog, it's MUCH MUCH MUCH more now. It bases off of the NPC database instead of a set database, so it works EVEN with modded NPC's. And you can get up to 100063 enemies to kill with enough defense. So assume there are 500 extra modded enemies (probably more). And the randomizer: 5,031,500,000,000 possibilities. Definetly more because of all the modded enemies. So that is more than 5 TRILLION possibilities. Wow.
  20. Wigglesniff World Feeder

    School has been out for 4 days... I still need to take my BC calculus final though in two days..
    There can be an infinite amount of NPCs to kill actually... If you have infinite defense
    Haven't tested modded NPCs yet though, they should be no different.

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