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  1. GiSS588 Bunny

    2/10: Added God of War weapons, which only work with the beta version of tConfig--unless you recompile them yourself, of course.

    2/5: Added the Plasma Cutter, White and Black Materia--but have not uploaded most recent version yet.

    So I've been working on these for a while, and felt some people may enjoy playing with them. They are NOT currently balanced, and may never be. If you have any suggestions on improvements or other game weapons, let me know and I may be able to put something together. Download at the bottom.

    NOTE: ALL DMC weapons now have the chance to give the "Devil Trigger" buff, which increases movement/melee speed and ranged/melee damage by about 50% for 1 minute.

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    Red Queen (DMC)
    Description: May set enemies on fire, 50 dmg. WIP
    Recipe (Mythril Anvil):
    -1 Illegal Gun Parts
    -50 Hellstone Bar
    -5 Meteorite Bar
    -50 Soul of Might

    Rebellion (DMC)
    Description: 55 Damage. May curse enemies. WIP
    Recipe (Mythril Anvil):
    -1 Night's Edge
    -50 Soul of Might
    -50 Soul of Fright
    -50 Soul of Night

    Ivory (DMC)
    Description: 32 Damage. WIP
    Recipe (Anvil):
    -1 Handgun
    -25 Demonite Bar

    Ebony (DMC)
    Description: 32 Damage. WIP
    Recipe (Anvil):
    -1 Handgun
    -25 Demonite Bar

    Gunblade (FF8)
    Description: 44 Dmg. Chance to give the user the Battle buff (battle potion) for a minute, and Hunter for 10 seconds.
    Recipe (Adamantite Forge):
    -1 Illegal Gun Parts
    -20 Mythril Bar
    -100 Feather
    -50 Soul of Sight

    Ultima Weapon (FF7)
    Description: Auto reuse, but may not turn while swinging like Excalibur. Average speed. 50 Dmg. May poison enemies and give the player Swiftness & Shine. Yellow torch dust.
    Recipe (Adamantite Forge):
    -1 Buster Sword
    -5 Diamond
    -150 Crystal Shard
    -50 Soul of Fright

    Buster Sword (FF7)

    Description: One click use, no auto-reuse. 43 damage. May cause broken armor on enemies.
    Recipe (Mythril Anvil):
    -1 Cloud in a Bottle (Get it?! Get it?!)
    -1 Breaker Blade

    Brotherhood (FF10)
    Descripton: Fast attack speed, 35 damage. May give the "Spira" buff as well as making the player invisible for 10 seconds (I won't give spoilers for FFX...). Also has the bubble dust effect.
    Recipe (Adamantite Forge/Must be near water):
    -20 Cobalt Bar
    -15 Coral
    -1 Shark Fin
    -50 Soul of Might
    -1 Magic Mirror
    -5 Soul of Light

    Blitzball (FF10)
    Description: Up to two at a time. 40 damage, may give the "Spira buff" or slow enemies. Has bubble dust effect.
    Recipe (Tinkerer's Workshop):
    -1 Shark Fin
    -50 Waterleaf
    -1 Magic Mirror
    -10 Soul of Light

    Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

    Description: 42 damage, average speed and knockback. Not a very large weapon, but can hold mouse click to use and turn while using. May give you a fairy for a few minutes.
    Recipe (Adamantite Forge):
    -50 Soul of Might
    -50 Soul of Light
    -20 Purification Powder
    -1 Sword Statue

    Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)
    Description: 34 Damage, fires quickly. More for aesthetics than anything.
    Recipe (Tinkerer's Workshop):
    -50 Soul of Fright
    -1 Eyeball Statue
    -1 Space Gun

    Blade of Chaos
    Description: 16 damage, acts like a mace. Works well when you use the dual wield mod ;)
    Recipe (Anvil):
    -10 Iron Bar
    -10 Silver Bar
    -1 Iron Chain

    Blade of Athena
    Description: 35 Damage, upgrade to BoC
    Recipe (Anvil):
    -1 Blade of Chaos
    -1 Angel Statue
    -10 Demonite Bar
    -1 Iron Chain

    Blade of Exile
    Description: 70 Damage, the final upgrade
    Recipe (Demon Altar):
    -1 Blade of Athena
    -10 Soul of Fright
    -10 Soul of Might
    -1 Reaper Statue
    -1 Iron Chain

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    Elixir (FF)
    Description: Gives Switftness, Iron Skin, and Health Regen for a period of time. Also heals for 200 HP. May carry 10 at a time, recipe makes 1.
    Recipe (bottle station):
    -10 Pixie Dust
    -10 Fallen Star
    -1 Bottled Water
    -1 Life Crystal (from smashing Heart statues found in the map--wanted to make use of spares)

    Dante's Amulet (DMC)
    Description: Double Jump, Jump Boost, no fall damage, health regeneration (completely OP)
    Recipe (Demon Altar):
    -100 Soul of Light
    -100 Soul of Night
    -100 Cursed Flame
    -1 Gloom Statue

    White Materia (FFVII)

    Description: Life and Mana Regen, magic dmg and crit up, mana cost lowered.
    Recipe (Bookcase, requires water):
    100 Soul of Light,1 Light Shard

    Black Materia (FFVII)

    Description: Blinds the player as well as giving the on fire debuff, but increases magic damage and crit (at the expense of more mana) as well as melee damage, speed, and crit. I wouldn't keep it equipped all the time ;)
    Recipe (Demon Altar, requires water):
    100 Soul of Night,1 Dark Shard,1 Black Lens,100 Soul of Might

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    Spira (FF10)
    Description: Gives the player the Merfolk buff. This is the only way I could get the buff to work correctly--gives the ability for 3 minutes.

    Devil Trigger (DMC)
    Description: Improves melee and movement speed as well as ranged/melee damage by about 50% for one minute.

    2/10/2013 (REQUIRES 28.3u!)

  2. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    despite some (if not all) of them not going by the terraria spriting format , they're rather nice!
    the red queen never had a blue blade though , you might want to fix that.
    Sweet mod!

    And in some more sinister thoughts (open)

    Ebony and Ivory will be of great use for my DUAL WIELDING FOR TCONFIG mod
    7UR7L3 likes this.
  3. Leinhart Hell Bat

    DMC stuff?
    GiSS588 likes this.
  4. GiSS588 Bunny

    Yeah, the picture I was going off of had a bluish tint, and I definitely made it too dark. I'll work on it eventually. If you can make a dual wield mod, absolutely put E&I in there. I'd love it!
  5. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Just thought I'd drop it off , since dual wielding is out.
    Needs moar devil trigger.
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  6. GiSS588 Bunny

    This is awesome. How do they work in dual wielding? Can't check myself until I get home to my main computer tomorrow at some point. And I'm thinking of making a buff for Devil Trigger--increased movement/attack speed and power for a short time.
  7. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    They work perfectly fine , I like spamming these two with Ebony as my main hand weapon.
    I hoped they would be non-ammo consumptive though , its a bit annoying to run out of ammo due to fast shoot rate ._.
  8. GiSS588 Bunny

    I'm sure I can figure something out--they really shouldn't consume ammo as Dante's don't, I just didn't get too in depth with the coding of the guns. If anyone knows the code off the top of their head for unlimited ammo, let me know and I'll add it and get this included for an update some point this week. Hopefully tomorrow night, but have been busy lately.
  9. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    look for 'stack--' , comment that line , change the projectile to be the ammo type you want or set it to the regular one , done.
  10. GiSS588 Bunny

    Sounds good--I'm assuming this will only make it infinite for E&I if it's in their cs files and not every weapon, correct?
  11. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    also , there's a randomizer for the spawn position in that code , set it to 0.
  12. James326 Green Slime

    What all does Dante's Amulet do?
  13. GiSS588 Bunny

    Acts as a cloud in a balloon (double jump with extended air time), no fall damage, and life regen. It's OP.
  14. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    The equivalence of Air Hike , Dante's mega ability to land from far heights , and demonic regeneration , NEAT! :p
  15. GiSS588 Bunny

    You got it! :D It only requires 1 Wood right now though, so like I said...OP. I'll fix that later. I have E&I working with no ammo required--even easier than messing with the .cs--just changed the "useAmmo=" in the .ini to being a blank string, and it doesn't require any ammo to use now.

    Will work on getting the Devil Trigger to work with DMC weapons tonight.
  16. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    what you did means they don't work with custom (or any default special) bullets.
  17. GiSS588 Bunny

    Hm. I wasn't having any luck with the .cs file--constant errors as I'm not sure what is getting rewritten to what in the file you sent.
  18. GiSS588 Bunny

    New release with E&I having unlimited ammo, but using the worse method. I'm still working on the correct .cs coding. Also added the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda.

    EDIT: I've also decided to make a slight concession. I've made Demon Shot--bullets that only E&I shoot--that deal 15 damage. You can't use all the other ammo's, which still sucks, but it also gives the guns a nice damage boost over the other ammo types. Plus, purple bullets. I'll upload it later this week.
  19. Leinhart Hell Bat

    Installed this mod and a few others from the CMHQ, can't wait to use them c:
  20. CoolShadow Doctor Bones

    i fell out of my chair when i saw the final fantasy weapons and started having a nerdgasm for some reason... and nice reference in the buster sword for the Cloud in a bottle ;)

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