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  1. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    Good day to you all!

    Need Spriters for the NPC's!

    I've been browsing the forums for quite a while now and i figured, hey, why not give it a try!
    So i did, i started out on the one mod that i havent seen yet so far, which implements quite a basic thing.... MORE FRIENDLY NPC'S!

    But first,
    You need Tconfig to get these to work.

    Thank's surfpup for making Tconfig and making modding people's lives a whole lot easier!

    Now back to the functions.
    This mod adds alot more friendly npcs, villager's if you will, to the game to fill up all those empty rooms in your favorite castles, villa's and space stations!

    Friendly NPC's:
    Show Spoiler

    (Thanks Phlebas for allowing me to use your sprite)​
    This is the Mayor, he spawns in your world after you have placed the Key to the City Display Case​
    He sells various items that are necessary for other NPC's to spawn.​

    Male Villagers (1 through 5):​
    This is what the villager looks like, it's a recolored guide basicly, all 5 villagers have different colors.​
    These villager's have random names and have several random chat messages when you talk to them, they're basicly dummies to fill up your rooms ^^​
    They will settle in your town when you have placed the Town Registry.​

    Female Villagers (1 through 5):​
    This is what the female villager looks like, the same deal as the male villagers there are 10 of them and each one has a different color.​
    They will settle in your town when you have placed the Town Registry.​

    The King:
    This is THE KING!
    He will settle in your city when you have placed the King's Throne​

    This is the lumberjack, he sells wood and stone blocks.​
    He settles in your city when you have placed the Lumberjack's Chopping Block.​

    This jeweler sells all the gems in the game, enjoy!​
    He settles in your town when you haved placed the Beautiful Jewel.​

    This is steve he's a bit unhappy. (He's even more useless then villagers, imagine that)​
    He settles in your city when you have placed the Ribbon Statue.​

    Advanced Mechanic:​
    This is the Advanced Mechanic, she sells all my custom Active/Inactive tiles.​
    For her to spawn you need to have the King and the Mechanic in your city.​

    Sculptor and Sculptor's Pupils:​
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    These three fellas are sculptors, the Sculptor sells statues that can be wired whereas the Pupils sells the regular statues.​
    The Sculptor settles in your city when you have placed the Sculptor's Workbench.​
    The pupils settle in your city when you have crafted the Apprentice Tools.​

    This is the Woodworker, he sells all the wooden furniture and some wooden weapons.​
    The Woodworker settles in your city when you place a Sawmill.​

    These two fellas are alchemists, they sell buff potions and regular mana and healing potions.​
    The Alchemists settle in your city when you have placed the Alchemical Vial.​

    Miner & Hardmode Miner:​
    [​IMG]& [​IMG]
    The Miner sells all pre-hardmode bars for 4 times the normal sell value.​
    The Hardmode Miner sells all hardmode bars for 8 times the normal sell value.​
    The Miner settles in your city when you have placed the Mining Statue.​
    The hardmode Miner settles in your city if your map is in hardmode and the Mining Statue is placed.​

    The Priest sells various 'religious' things like the Cross Necklace.​
    The Priest settles in your city when you have placed the colossal Angelic Statue.​

    The Teacher sells stuff like Rulers, GPS and Compass.​
    The Teacher settles in your city when you have placed the Chalkboard.​

    The Blacksmith sells all the items that are made from iron.​
    The Blacksmith settles in your city when you have placed the Epic Anvil​

    Show Spoiler

    Key to the City Display Case:
    This finely crafted display case allows the mayor to settle in your city when placed.​
    It is crafted at a workbench with 2 Copper Bar, 2 Iron Bar, 2 Silver Bar, 2 Gold Bar, 2 Glass, 2 Wood.​

    Lumberjack's Chopping Block:
    This chopping block allows the old lumberjack to settle in your city.​
    It is crafted using 20 Wood, 1 Iron Axe at a Work Bench.​

    Town Registry:
    This book lists all the names of the villagers so they can settle in your city.​
    It is bought from the mayor for 2 Gold and 50 Silver.​

    Beautiful Jewel:
    This lovely jewel is finely crafted by you, it will attract a famous jewel artist to your city.​
    You craft it using 10 of every gem at a workbench​

    King's Sceptre:
    It is bought from the King for 75 Gold.​
    It is a magic weapon shooting crowns!​

    Ribbon Statue:​
    This mysterious ribbon allows Steve to settle in your city.​
    It is bought from the mayor for 1 copper (to be fair, steve doesnt even deserve 1 copper!)​

    Apprentice Tools:​
    These tools will allow the sculptor's pupils to settle in your city.​
    It is crafted at the Sculptor's Workbench using 3 Wood, 5 Iron Bars and 6 Copper Bars.​

    Sculptor's Workbench:​
    This workbench allows the sculptor to settle in your city.​
    It is bought from the king for 7 Gold​

    King's Throne:​
    This beautifully crafted throne will allow a king to settle in your city. (All hail the king!)​
    It is bought from the Mayor for 80 Gold.​

    Angelic Statue:​
    This colossal statue allows the priest to settle in your city.​
    It is crafted at the Sculptor's Workbench with 250 stone blocks and 10 iron bars.​

    This chalkboard allows the teacher to settle in your city.​
    It is bought from the king for 80 silver. (eduction should be cheap!)​

    Epic Anvil:​
    This anvil allows the Blacksmith to settle in your city.​
    It is crafted at a Hellforge using 10 Hellstone Bars and 15 Demonite Bars.​

    Mining Statue:​
    This statue allows the Miner and Hardmode Miner to settle in your city.​
    It is bought from the king for 10 gold 75 silver​

    Alchemical Vial
    This vial allows the two alchemists to settle in your city once you have placed it on a table.​
    It is bought from the king for 25 gold.​

    Active/Inactive Tiles:​
    Basicly i added an active and inactive version of ALL brick's and blocks in the game, just wire them up just like the stone blocks that are ingame right now, enjoy, courtesy of Omnir for cannibalizing his active/inactive snow block code ^^​

    This is what i have so far i certainly hope me and several of you other modders can improve this to banish empty superstructures from the known world of terraria!​

    Known bugs/Needing help on the fix!
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    -Too many NPC's for the interface to handle, causing the woodworker to fall off the screen, i can't even begin to imagine how to fix this.
    -Steve is bugged, every file says he should work but he doesnt, he's just too damn stubborn i guess...
    -Let me know if you find more, i'll make sure to squash em!

    Before installing a new version make sure you remove the previously installed one.

    To do list:​
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    -Add Architect that will sell pwetty blocks!
    -Add Santa, because christmas should be all year around!
    -need more ideas!

    Need help!
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    -No help needed for the moment ^^

    I'd like to credit Omnir and Yoraiz0r for help with some codes.​

    Please post any of your suggestions and thoughts!​

    Kaiio out.​
  2. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime


    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    -Added king
    -Added Female villagers
    -Added the jeweler
    -added the king's sceptre
    -added jeweler's tools

    Show Spoiler

    -Added Steve
    -Fixed several bugs with the female villagers
    -Added town Register
    -Added Steve's Blue Ribbon
    -Changed Jeweler's Tools vendor from Mayor to King
    -Lowered mana cost for the King's Sceptre from 15 to 5.
    -Lowered speed on the Lumberjack's Special Axe.

    Show Spoiler

    -Added Advanched Mechanic
    -Added Sculptor and Pupil
    -Added All active/inactive Tiles

    Show Spoiler

    -Added the 2 Alchemists
    -Fixed a bug in the jeweler spawn
    -Added the Woodworker

    Show Spoiler

    -Changed all the items so that they are placeable tiles to prevent inventory clutter.
    -Changed the mayor.
    -Changed some villager's looks.
    -Added alot of new tiles.
    -Fixed sculptor's pupil failspawn
    -Removed Lumberjack's Special axe, because it simply was too overpowered.

    Show Spoiler

    -Added a Teacher
    -Added a Priest
    -Added Miner and Hardmode Miner
    -Added Blacksmith
  3. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    Right, i`m about to sleep, i just wanted to comment. :) this is really nice, just two things. The axe is overpowered, maybe make it 4 chops or raise the price. ;-) and a suggestion, maybe add guard npcs? I dont know if that would be feasible. :)
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  4. mbananas!

    mbananas! Bunny

    About the king, you should allow it to "sell" you some kind of warriors, that, when come in contact with any enemy, they both take damage :3.
    And about the architect, he should sell you the toolbelt, ruler and some gray/red bricks.

    Edit: What about Miners that sell you stone, ores at a frikin' high price, somewhat like
    Show Spoiler
    1 gold/copper and 20 gold/iron (silver for 25 gold, gold for 50, and such)
    , except demonite, meteorite, hellstone and adamantite
    Show Spoiler
    (cobald & mythil, 1 platinum and 5 platinum each)
    and jewelers with ruby and sapphires
  5. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    Jeweler, female villagers and a king added.

    i'll start recording changelog's from here, this will be called 1.0.1
  6. Riddly

    Riddly Green Slime

    A whole bunch of new and exciting NPCs are on their way!
  7. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    ah crap.... now if i release mine it'll just be a competition....
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  8. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    I'm sure there's enough market for both of your mods, I mean even if they're slightly different then both would have merit. :)
    But yeah, it seems lately you really have to think outside of the box with all these mods and modders cropping up everywhere! <3
  9. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    Maybe you can get new sprites for the dummy villagers? I don't want them all looking the same :(
    And the lumberjack should sell wood. After all, it is his occupation...
  10. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    heh, i really should, but atm im having some serious trouble getting the female villager sprites to work, it seems they blink out when they are walking

    Show Spoiler


    theoretically it should work, i mean it has 14 frames and its using the animation type of the dryad, the sprite where it is based off

    if anyone can help, would be jolly good!

    EDIT1: Fixed, apparantly animationType=20 requires you to have 16 frames instead of 14.

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  11. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Just a quick suggestion, Improve the dryads wares, she should sell acorns at the least since she's supposedly of the earth. Seriously, that always bugged me.

    I might give this mod a try :O
  12. smokesjackson

    smokesjackson Snow Flinx

    awesome work
  13. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus

    Oh yeah, if you want to make this a popular mod, by all means, add Steve.

    I promise, you'll recieve an unbelievable amount of support if you did so :D
  14. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    Steve you say?... hell why not, i always wanted a steve :p
  15. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    Goron 1.png
    hrmm.... i guess i'll go a different direction with my NPCs
  16. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    hehe, nice goron, zelda mod? ^^
  17. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    noo, i just have a love for some races of certain titles
  18. Riddly

    Riddly Green Slime

    The NPCs in this mod are set up to spawn when you want them to (so if you do not want the lumberjack, you just do not spawn him).

    There are several NPCs that sell items to spawn the others (the Mayor is the main starting point and the only NPC you NEED to get all of the others) But, since most citizens are linked to an item, you can even just import said item to your map (from another map :p). It's your choice :)

    Anyway, this means that you can enjoy this one with any other mod (at least, I assume it will work with whatever Zero is building for us :D).

    Show Spoiler

    citymodinaction.png scepterscreen.png
  19. Kaiio

    Kaiio Green Slime

    Fixed the female villagers, added steve (i mean come on, which mod is complete without a steve? :D)

    also need a dedicated spriter to replace the dummy villager sprites to unique ones, and ofcourse for future npcs (which will come)

    Keep the ideas flowing!
  20. Klokinator

    Klokinator Angry Nimbus


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