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  1. Aaaaaaar

    Aaaaaaar Green Slime

    Original WIP by 7ar​
    As a Terrarian who was both disappointed by the end of Terraria updates
    And tired of the mass of sideways progression mods littered on the intrawebs
    It was time to take it into my own hands!​
    For the past couple months, I've conjured up a few new items that will add a new tier not only to weapons and armor, enemies and player development, but a new tier to Terraria altogether.​
    But enough with that, this mod incorporates a new spin on sandbox survival. You can now take your items into a new area, technology, industry, and chemistry.​
    'Finished' Items
    -Integral Alloy Furnace[​IMG]
    -Macerator [​IMG]
    -Compressor [​IMG]
    -Industrial Anvil [​IMG]
    -Nuclear Reactor [​IMG]
    :Metal Products:
    -Uranium [​IMG]
    -Plutonium [​IMG]
    -Thorium [​IMG]
    -Radium [​IMG]
    -Platinum [​IMG]
    -Dusts for all the ores, crafted via Macerator [​IMG]
    :Weapons and Armor:
    -ExoSuit Armor Set [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Quantum ExoFlame [​IMG]
    -Quantum Piscus [​IMG]
    Things Still To Be Done
    This is where things will get interesting.
    There is a ton of stuff I want to add into this, I could go literally any direction I want, but this mod isn't just for me. You guys (The avid Terrarians) are able to get just as involved, from giving ideas for adding things or critiquing them, to helping with coding or spriting, there is a lot you guys can do to make this mod happen.
    Things I am working on adding:
    -Whole new Alchemy system
    -Radioactive Warfare (Uranium Bombs, Isotope Splash Flasks, and more)
    -Vehicles (Cars, Flying Machine)
    -Branches of Tiers (ExoArmor, QuantumArmor, NanoArmor)
    [Equal in Defense, just some different looks/abilities]
    Post ideas/critiques below!
    | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |​
  2. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    2x2 pixels would be a great start, instead of 1x1 pixels, just for consistency with the rest of Terraria.

    Next maybe implement warps.

    I'd say for this mod, you should introduce a Hardmode Hell boss. After you beat it, the announcement "Aliens have invaded" appears, and all your spawns on the surface become destroyed and the standard spawn moves to where you are in hell. Basically you have to "fight off" layers of aliens as you move up, with the underground being the easiest and it getting harder as you go up.

    That would truly be a different level of difficulty to Terraria, and it would give a reasonable premise for technology to suddenly appear. But it's a bit of a cheesy direction, even if in terms of functionality it achieves what you want.
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  3. goldenhammer

    goldenhammer Green Slime

    looks really cool
  4. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    You should add piping to connect to things like for instance have them count as a background item so you can walk past them and have them as different types like stone copper gold etc. have it as 1 ore=2 dust 1 dust=1 ingot so it gives a reason to mine. Perhaps a quarry type item. My ideas are commonly linked to Tekkit or the industrialcraft mod in minecraft many people would love to see this as a mod I've asked all my friends and they've all said that it would give them a reason to be on terraria a lot. So I think something like this is a great idea for the game.
  5. jordan cheah

    jordan cheah Cursed Skull

    So it's like Tekkit in terraria
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  6. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    Basically in a sense yes but perhaps he can put his own spin onto it like make it a challenge to get the machines or you have to go mining for quite a few hours so you have the sense that you accomplished getting the machine
  7. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    Have a sort of quest system only accessable while having a large world that you obtain from signs left behind by someone whos telling you you have to do somthing to further your progression in the game. Make it so there is diffrent worlds & dimensions you can o to to further your progression in the game. That sort of thing.
  8. Aaaaaaar

    Aaaaaaar Green Slime

    Thats the whole inspiration of this, heh

    I will probably update this soon, I've improved a lot of stuff.
    Maybe this will get you guys a little excited.
    A reaaaallly early version of this guy. Atm he only summons Eyes of Cthulhu and his sprite looks like a gargled cactus, maybe a better spriter could help out?
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  9. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    Lol we're all gonna die XD
  10. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    I started but I think this theme is going in the wrong direction...

    Meet Cthulhulite.
  11. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    What if we were to use that concept of yours but have it as a sort of alternate dimension where things are opposite of that they should be?
  12. Aaaaaaar

    Aaaaaaar Green Slime

    Care to elaborate? I don't want my effort going into something people won't like.
  13. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    I tried to make a Cthulhu sprite but I got lazy and made it small, mob-sized enemy instead of a large, boss-sized enemy.

    By "theme" I meant my sprite doesn't fit with your idea of boss, not anything about your mod.
  14. Aaaaaaar

    Aaaaaaar Green Slime

    Ahh gotcha. Yeah it's a tough shape and look to pull off without it looking like Davy Jones.
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  15. bennyuoppd

    bennyuoppd Cursed Man

    So this is like Industrial Craft 2 but for Terraria? It also seems to have some things from IC2 addons! Could you add force fields and a power API?
  16. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    Pipes is a must have in tekkit along with batboxs (batbox, MFE, MFSU) which store power the sources of power:watermill,solar panel, wind turbine, and geothermal which means you could pump lava from hell up to your base to gen. power you already have the other things to start with like macerator etc. and the other two must haves would be the different kinds of cable and transformers, things like that i believe someone already made solar & lunar panels too but yeah you basically need all this and rubber to start off in tekkit. everything else branchs off of that
  17. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    I also think that your idea of chemisty in terraria is a very good idea prehaps you have to find a scientist NPC in an event to get somthing like a compressor or a test tube rack to mix elements to make those other ingots.
  18. Aaaaaaar

    Aaaaaaar Green Slime

    The goal isn't to put Tekkit into terraria, the goal is to just expand without it being a mess of sideways progression
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  19. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    I see your point and I like where this is going I'll inform by friends to get this when released.
  20. SilentNinja15

    SilentNinja15 Green Slime

    Will there be a type of class progression system in it?

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