[WIP] Sonic the Hedgehog - Texturepack

Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Eikester, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. TerrificTea Green Slime

    When using the patcher it said the hash value for Terraria was wrong. What should I do?
  2. Eikester Possessed Armor

    its not compatible to Terraria 1.1.2
  3. AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    If we're talking about newer characters, I think Tikal would be a better Dryad. She lived long ago and is actually just a spirit in-game. The dryad is 500 years old. Both are nature-loving and want there to be no chaos/corruption. Cream is just a 6 year old rabbit with a really high pitch annoying voice..

    I just downloaded this TP, and to be honest.. I was a bit disappointed that normal biome doesn't play Green Hill zone. I loved the Marble Zone music for I think corruption. The desert biome.. the red sand looks bad IMO, I think Sandopolis would be better. I do hope you continue to work and finish this TP, because old school sonic is awesome.
  4. TerrificTea Green Slime

    Dang, that's too bad.
  5. Ginganinjamatio Green Slime

    Er, I do have a bit of a problem. With GameLauncher, it won't launch :S It doesn't even make the 'Exit' and 'Launch Game' buttons un-clickable like normal.

    DW now, I managed to use it on TCCL. It's awesome! I have only heard Night and Corruption music, but I've only used it for 5 minutes. It's now part of my Terraria Texturepack things I do on my Twitch.tv account. :)
  6. Eikester Possessed Armor

    yep its still possible to play it this way but than without all the other features (like the animation for Dr. Robotnik or the "Trees"), i was thinking about doing this Mod for tConfig, hope for a feature that lets me change/add trees
  7. Ginganinjamatio Green Slime

    Yeah, but unfortunately something's gone weird with launching the program. But it's still a fantastic pack. I wonder if there's a dubstep-remix sort of music in the 2D Sonic games for Underground Hallow (if you're planning to expand to hardmode)
  8. AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    I think Mystic Cave zone would do well.
  9. Ginganinjamatio Green Slime

    I've just listened to it. Definitely the one for U. Hallow.
  10. TerrificTea Green Slime

    Suggestion: If Skeletron will be Dr. Robotnik the hands should be that ball on chain from Sonic 1's first boss.
  11. AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    The Checker Wrecker Ball, I think. That could work but I see the Big Arms boss probably fitting more, final boss of Sonic 3.
  12. Sonicblue15 Green Slime

    im having trouble with a hsh value problem, i dont know how to fix it, my hash value is A803086E90166A64CC978BE7BF9E44C7022FEFF2410222973F75CA52D8BD257D what do i do?
  13. Hey! Here's an idea:
    Because you still have terraria characters, why not make your character SONIC? and when he wears armors he turns into different things? (E.g. Hallowed armor (Or gold) = Super sonic (I don't know the name I'm just guessing, but it's that golden version of sonic))
  14. haku411 Slimed Zombie

    molten armor= solar sonic jungle armor= eco-sonic shadow armor= dark sonic necro armor= ultra sonic cobalt armor= darkspine sonic etc. etc. etc.
  15. Hamzawesome Undead Viking

    I know I'm extremely late, but can you make a Sonic sprite pack?

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