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  1. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    Working on a Modpack that will hopefully add alot more spells and magic related stuff into the game, of course it will also have normal weapons and NPC and such.
    Doesn't work proper with multiplayer.
    As of this moment I have the following stuff as going towards the final product.
    Change Log (open)

    ALPHA 1.1 'damage balancing'
    ALPHA 1.2 'Added Chain Lightning Spell - no recipe yet'
    ALPHA 1.3 'Added Spirit of Nature and Spirit of the Hallow, fixed Chain Lightning'
    ALPHA 1.4 'Added Phase Dodge, Refit some spells, fixed some odd bugs.
    ALPHA 1.5 'Added Fire Ball, Earth Shock, Healing Spell, and Magic Shuriken Launcher'
    ALPHA 1.55 'Fixed the odd bug with the Earth Shock, Fixed the Magic Shuriken Launcher so now it actually shoots and has a recipe.'
    ALPHA 1.6 'Added Ometotchtli which launches a spread of rabbit bits. Corrupted Spirit convrts grass, hallowed grass, and dirt to corrupted grass.
    ALPHA 1.7 ' Added Transfusion which shoots a projectile that damages enemies based the amount of health you are missing, and heals for half of that. Also added Sword of Power which does not has a sprite as of now, and shoots projectiles when at full hp.
    ALPHA 1.8 ' Added LightSpark which creates a star on mouse position that stays and creates light for quite a while. and BlastCaster, which create a small fireball on mouse position that grows and eventually explodes.

    All my Stuffs (open)

    Destiny Cross.png = Destiny Cross - Goes straight in the direction you throwing it with exponential acceleration. Damage - 35
    Fire Spread.png = Fire Burst - Shoots a 5 shot burst of fire balls. Damage - 20
    Glowstick Launcher.png = Glowstick Launcher - Launches Glowsticks...
    Grenade Launcher.png = Grenade Launcher - Launches Grenades (made by my friend zack). Damage - 120
    LockDown Core.png = Lockdown Core - Locks down your armor, preventing you from moving but increases armor and gives immunities.
    Black guy thing.png = Unnamed Mini Boss - Spawns on a bloodmoon and will fly around you fast shooting 3 fire/plasma balls are you in a shotgun formation. Also occasionally charges at you going through land. Health - 800 Damage - 60
    Etherium Forge.png = Etherium Forge - Used to make the new ore.
    Day Sword.png = Day Sword - Turns it from night to day. But not day to night.
    Deathbringer.png = Deathbringer - Large sword about the size of the breaker blade. Damage - 66.6
    Desimo.png = Desimo - Creates 4 stars that crash into eachother on mouse location, slightly exploding and doing high damage. Damage - 15 x4
    Essence of Mana.png = Essence of Mana - Increases mana by 100.
    FlameShots.png = FlameShots - Flamethrower. Stability of the flames based on mouse position. Damage - 10
    Greenium Bar.png = Greenium Bar - Smelted at Etherium Forge. Used for greenium Armor.
    Greenium Ore.png = Greenium Ore - Mined anywhere pre or post hardmode.
    Greenium Extract.png = Greenium Extract - Used as ink for spells. can also be used to full restore HP and MP.
    Greenium Helm.png Greenium Plate Mail.png Greenium Greaves.png = Greenium Set - Crafted at an anvil out of Greenium Bars. Gives large range of buffs.
    Karillo.png = Karillo - Creates a few stars that will randomly shoot in 4 directions. Damage - 15
    Soul of Fire.png = Soul of Fire - Used as a crafting material for anything involving fire. Dropped from certain hell enemies.
    Uranium Ore.png = Uranium Ore - Mined anywhere pre or post hardmode. Has no real use yet.
    Uranium Bar.png = Uranium bar - Smelted at Etherium Forge. Has no real use.
    Chain Lightning.png = Chain Lightning - Shoots a bolt at mouse, if it hits something it will arc to your mouse again, and will continue arcing until you fail to hit something or no enemies remain. Damage 15 (meant for pre hardmode)
    Asteri Syntribi.png = Asteri Syntribi - An upgraded version of Desimo. Causes 8 stars to collide on mouse position doing slightly less damage than desimo but with an increased amount.
    Spirit of Nature.png = Spirit of Nature - Shoots a small green projectile turning all dirt and corrupted grass into normal grass.
    Spirit of the Hallow.png = Spirit of the Hallow - Shoots a small projectile turning grass and corrupted grass into hallow grass.
    Phase Dodge.png = Phase Dodge - Freezes you in place no matter where or what position you are in. Creates a protective shield around you for 5 seconds. When the timer runs out 8 projectiles launch out from the shield to knockback enemies.
    Earth Shock.png = Earth Shock - Send a rock from the sky that shatters on contact send fragments out and damages nearby enemies.
    Fire Ball.png = Fire ball - Shoots a fire fireball that does average damage (nothing special but i like fire)
    Magic Shuriken Launcher.png = Magic Shuriken Launcher - Shoots Magic Crystal Shurikens (made by my friend zack.)
    Life.png = Transfusion - Shoots a projectile to damage the enemy for half of your missing hp, and heals fr the same amount.
    Corrupted Spirit.png = Corrupted Spirit - Converts grass, hallowed grass, and dirt into corrupted grass.
    Ometotchtli.png = Ometotchtli - Launches a spread of rabbit bits.
    Sword of Power.png = Sword of Power - (placeholder sprite) shoots projectiles when at full hp, and damages like a sword normally would when less than full.
    Blastcaster.png = BlastCaster - Creates a slow growing fireball the explodes when large enough.
    Light Spark.png = LightSpark - Creates a star.

    SOURCE https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31986283/Wululu.rar

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  2. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

    Kool nice i like it are u keep on adding kool things :)
  3. Sunhawk

    Sunhawk Blazing Wheel

    Looking good, I am interested in your work mate.
  4. dookie4455

    dookie4455 Yellow Slime

    Interesting, i'm excited to see how everything turns out in-game :)
  5. PolarBMD

    PolarBMD Piranha

    Sweet mod I like the grenade launcher lol
  6. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    Link for first release is out now. Please test and reply for balancing issues or enemy spawning problems.
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  7. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    Epic. Nice work, Mitch.
  8. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    scource please
  9. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Thanks for finally releasing something :D
    I second this request.
    Also the mod name is Wacky rather then being the 'Spells and Mysticism!'
    Edit: using 'too many broadswords' I got the items and used them.
    Other then the minor 'fixes' I see the need for the mod looks rather charming , mind if I ask why the unnecessary files are included , and why does everything do crappy damage when compared to Desimo?
  10. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    true, i forgot to lower the damage on desimo. (its my favorite weapon so i was abusing it) EDIT: the download link is now the source.
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  11. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    not a good idea to post just the source , add the regular download and make the source download as a separate part.
    http://www.mediafire.com/?e3qcuzte924b63f <---- obj file download
    also crazed miners spawn without the game being in hardmode , which is VERY unfair to new players.
  12. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    Fixed the link, fixed hardmode spawning, nuked desimo.
  13. dovahjun

    dovahjun Green Slime

    how to install?
  14. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    take the .obj file and put it in your Modpacks folder. Or take the source folder called Wululu and put it in your modpacks folder then use the modpack builder to turn it into a .obj file.
  15. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    A lot of things are taken from existing sprites, but it looks pretty good.

    Like I was posting on another thread though. There's so many mods that just add more OP weapons.
    Making weapons much more similar in DPS to the ones we have currently in-game is more appealing to some people as it won't make the game too easy.

    I mean when a majority of the monsters are left the same then we'll be 1-hitting everything and that can get too easy pretty fast.
    Only speaking for the DeathBringer in particular as the rest don't have the damage listed.

    just my opinion though.

    but the actual designs look pretty good apart from the greenium gear. (imo)
    I like the forge. It's kind of futuristic looking.
  16. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    yea ive been to lazy to make my own sprites for some of the items, but since this is the first release i didnt really care. They will all have custom sprites by the end. And as to the damage, most of the stuff in there (specifically the spells) have their damage based of the base damage times a variable of the player. so if you were really noobish the item would be much worse than it would be with full everything. That being said, the base damage is fairly high, yes. I'll label all the damages on the items in a sec.
  17. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    EDIT everything that has a damage value now says what that is.
  18. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    sorry for not updating, im working with hippo and mudkipz on the dream mod. But as for this mod... chain lightning spell should be done today and then ill try to get more updates going.

    EDIT: done chain lightning, new update
  19. SilverVirage

    SilverVirage Cursed Skull

    It all seems rather neat, but I have to make one request. I haven't see it in game yet, but if that is how the Etherium Forge looks, pleasepleaseplease change it. I mean the rest looks nice, really nice, but that's just awful.
  20. mitchellex

    mitchellex Piranha

    does this suit you better? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5666737/Etherium Forge.png
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