[WIP] [tConfig] The Darkening (looking for spriters)

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  1. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    *EDIT* Currently we need some more spriters and coders. I would also like to have someone who can make custom sounds and/or music.

    I need a team for this mod idea, which would add some whole new parallel dimensions to Terraria for the player to explore. I can't mod on my own or anything, and I would really appreciate it if there would be some people willing to help with what I think is a good idea, if a large one. The document for it is here (yes, it is quite large). Note that this document mostly concentrates on a Corrupted world--I also have ideas for a Hallowed one, but the Corrupted world is my first priority. Also note that I am not good at deciding stats and would rather leave that to someone else.

    So, anyone interested in this idea? Does it have potential?

    (credit to AngelicZero for helping me with this idea)

    Mod Team



    Currently working on: Items.
    Red = not started
    Yellow = being worked on
    Orange = awaiting sprites
    Blue = sprites done, waiting to be coded
    Green = finished
    Items list (open)

    • Haunted Flames [​IMG]
    • Lavarock Earrings [​IMG]
    • Lava breathing apparatus (needs name) [​IMG]
    • Fire Opal [​IMG]
    • Black Keys [​IMG]
    • Cursed Shield
    • Crown of the Seer
    • Sky Swimmer's Collar
    • Redeemed Demon Wings
    • Fallen Angel Wings
    • Fairy Wings
    • Bottle of Acid [​IMG]
    • Onyx Ore
    • Onyx Slab [​IMG]
    • Tear Ore
    • Tear Bar [​IMG]
    • Night Heart
    • Dragon Feather [​IMG]
    • Royal Dragon Feather [​IMG]
    • Teardrop Bottle [​IMG]
    • Portal of Night (parallel dimension idea is uncertain, this may be omitted)
    • Haunted Portal (parallel dimension idea is uncertain, this may be omitted)
    • Beacon
    • Gate Key
    • Evil Metal
    • Computer Remote
    • Corrupted Drive
    • Ruined Relic
    • Hydra Gem
    • Red Flower [​IMG]
    • Strange Symbol
    • Fairy Bottle [​IMG]
    • Petrified Claw [​IMG]
    • Ghostly Pelt[​IMG]
    • Electric Scale
    • Platinum Ore
    • Platinum Bar [​IMG]
    • Ghostly Mist
    • Violet Candle [​IMG]
    • End of All Things

    Enemy list (open)

    • Wolf Spirit
    • Electric Eel
    • Corrupted versions of standard enemies
    Fortress Enemies:
    • Gargoyle
    • Phantom
    • Phantom Sorcerer
    • Fortress Slime
    • Enraged Spirit
    Volcano Enemies:
    • Volcano Bat
    • Living Lava
    • Volcano Slime
    • Salamander
    • Lavarock Centipede
    • Lava Hand
    Sky Enemies:
    • Feathered Dragon
    Underworld Enemies:
    • Acid Bat
    • Acid Slime (Not sure what I should do with these two Acid enemies, since it looks like adding a new liquid is impossible)
    • Corrupted versions of normal Underworld enemies
    • Snake with multiple heads
    Haunted Castle:
    • Tortured Spirit
    • Ghostly Bat
    • Castle Slime
    • Other spirit and skeleton type enemies

    Blocks (open)

    • Fortress Brick
    • Spike Trap
    • Disappearing Block
    • Foreground Block
    • Corrupted Dirt
    • Metal Brick
    • Damaged stone
    • Active/Inactive Ebonstone
    • Black Chest [​IMG] [​IMG] (Not quite done yet. Still needs tile sprites)
    • Onyx Brick [​IMG] (Not quite done yet. Still needs tile sprites)
    • Haunted Brick

    Gear (open)

    • Water Staff [​IMG]
    • Onyx Flail (semi-working. Needs more work done) [​IMG]
    • Onyx Sword [​IMG]
    • Tear Armor
    • Onyx Armor
    Ebony set:
    • Edge of Oblivion
    • Ebony Headgear
    • Ebony Helmet
    • Ebony Mask
    • Ebony Plate Mail
    • Ebony Greaves
    • Ebony Hamdrax
    • Gae Bolg
    • Ebony Repeater
    Ethereal Ebony set:

    • Ethereal Edge of Oblivion
    • Ethereal Ebony Headgear
    • Ethereal Ebony Helmet
    • Ethereal Ebony Mask
    • Ethereal Ebony Plate Mail
    • Ethereal Ebony Greaves
    • Ethereal Ebony Hamdrax
    • Ethereal Gae Bolg
    • Ethereal Ebony Repeater
    • Ethereal Harp
    • Ethereal Dao of Pow
    • Ethereal Megashark

    Bosses (open)

    • Star Shadow
    • Shadowgate
    • Shadow Dragon
    • Shadow Sceptor
    • Shadow Virus
    • Shadow Ruin
    • Shadows of Many
    • Shadow Core
    • Shadow Phoenix
    • Shadow Faerie
    • Chronidian

    NPCs (open)

    • Lord Phantom
    • Princess Celestia
  2. AngelicZero

    AngelicZero Green Slime

    At the very least, some help in finding people would be nice... ^.^; We're very new to this sort of thing.
  3. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    you know you actually can do this with some help, if you have the time take a crack at it yourself, its actually not quite as hard as it seems to be.... my best advice would be to start out slow and with the basics

    some of what your saying sounds like a ready made map, but if you want to build a dungeon that generates upward into a tower rather than below, you might wanna ask Phlebas, our resident tilemaster, same goes for the volcano dungeon....... im not sure how do-able the shadowgate is to be honest, and the underworld lava being replaced by acid doesn't sound possible........ unless you wanna make water acid, we can't have more than 2 liquids it appears

    the npcs dont sound too difficult at all, and i believe it is possible to prevent blocks being mined before a boss is dead, but im not certain how to do it exactly, same with the spike traps, the rest of the blocks too

    pretty much all the items should be easy as hell, but again the main problem i'd see is having portals to different dimensions

    perhaps what you should try doing is building 1 map for each of your stories, and a mod to accompany it, and just load the different maps to continue the stories......... after playing Tim Hjersted's The Story of Red Cloud, im pretty convinced that building a map and a story could have a good outcome when joined with a mod
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  4. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I don't mind 'helping' on coding , given that 'helping' is not doing everything by myself.
    I can code pretty much whatever , though.
    Regarding the notes here - making a portal to another world is a bad idea , code and gameplay wise.
    its 'rather impossible' to make a new kind of liquid , because terraria only includes a numeric variable 'liquid' and a boolean value 'lava' for all of its liquid checks (where if lava is false , the liquid is water) , you can't add new checks everywhere so...

    Phlebas is indeed our tile master , although I doubt making a full new world through generation is a good idea , its likely going to be super / amazingly long just to get he gneeration running , with bugs.
  5. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    If making a full new world through generation would take so long, then perhaps a ready made map would be better, although I don't think I'm too good at designing maps like that...

    I also would like help in making just one of the bosses included in this mod idea, to hopefully give myself more of an idea as to how coding works...
  6. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    i would like to help whit this mod, if i still can
  7. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    Yes you can. What can you do exactly?
  8. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    if its in Tconfig, i can make weapons, NPCs and mobs

    EDIT: and maybe putting custom sounds
  9. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    I was thinking I'd use tConfig, so that's good.

    However we need a spriter...
  10. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    yea i cant sprite,and if im going to help i will need the sprites
  11. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    I guess we will have to hope one gets interested in this mod. (Did have a spriter before, but last I checked he hasn't been active for a while).

    By the way, can you make bosses?
  12. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    i guess but im not sure i can make the thing that will spawn him
  13. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    Well maybe you can still try making one of the bosses (Shadowgate perhaps, it's the guardian of the Darkened World after all.) Possibly using placeholder sprites as was suggested to me in the stickied requests topic...
  14. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    so how hard you want him to be, and what attacks will he have, and will he be able to fly around?
  15. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    Hard enough to give a challenge to a player with Hallowed equipment. Attacks are listed in the document, and yes, it can fly.
  16. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    hmm the behavior is gona be kind of hard. SO if i understand each player will fight shadow gate 1v1 and when all of them finish their battle shadowgate is defeated?
  17. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    Yes, that's what I want, if it's possible. Forgot about that detail.
  18. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    i have no idea how to make that, so we need another coder
  19. Zithdaitoh

    Zithdaitoh Squirrel

    Well, it is optional, it doesn't have to be done.

    But maybe YoraizOr might know how, if it's possible?
  20. Dragoxz

    Dragoxz Demon Eye

    whos YoraizOr?


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