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Should There Be A Upgraded/Mecha Goblin Army?

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  1. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync Bunny


    Due to terraria being abandoned I (and the rest of T34M 0S) will be using tConfig to make new updates for terraria. Our hope is to make terraria fun & new for everyone (new content continously that hope fully still has ALL main terraria elements!)


    Classes Concept
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    In the beginning of the game 3 NPCs will spawn (As long as they have a suitable house and it's day time) The NPCs are the archer, the warrior and the wizard, each will sell weapons corresponding to the fighting type they represent along with amulets that increases skills used by the corresponding class. Upon reaching hardmode the 3 NPCs will sell upgraded weapons and the class emblems (no longer droped by the WoF)

    In the new terraria 2.0 mod the following will be added:
    *New NPCs:Turtle, Monkey, Robot, and more
    *New Town NPCs:Archer, Warrior, Ninja, and more
    *New Ores: Onyx, Soul, Ghost, and more
    *New Armor: Onyx, 6 Types of "Soul", Corrupt, Ghost, and more
    *New Weapons:Magic Staffs, More Magic Books, More Guns, MUCH More Swords, and more
    *New Bosses: Giga-Worm, Hydra, Rock Golem, Robot Army, Wall of Steel, and more
    *New Ammo
    *Vending Machine: is a block that can be bought from the merchant, with money you can buy food and drinks, see the "Snacks" section below for info.
    *Snacks: HillDew, Craca-Cola, Popsi, Dr.Salt, Vine Beer, Smush, and more

    Small Images
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    [​IMG]Ninja(NPC)[​IMG]Hero's Doll(accessery)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]NEW corrupt armor[​IMG]Turtle(NPC)[​IMG]Monkey(NPC) LAGGY!

    If you make mods or textures and you would like to join T34M 0S you can, simply follow the instructions!
    Due to high inconvience I will no longer accept email registration, in order to register simply PM me with the following applicantion filled out. *'s mean required feild.
    *Steam Name:[enter steam name here]
    *I Am A:[Coder/Texture]
    The Team
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    [​IMG] Zer0Sync - Main Dev, General ideas, Coding, Spriting
    [​IMG]Bruka500 - Beta Tester, Media source

    My friend megasuperawesome963 will be beta testing and coding
    check out his youtube
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  2. RobottoDayo

    RobottoDayo Doctor Bones

    I will like to join but I'm not good in nothing :B (Talking about spriting and coding )
  3. antbanks99

    antbanks99 Green Slime

    i have suggestion. Maybe there can be even be a 3rd tier of ores and mobs . but in the third tier there can also add maybe more npcs and spell book's from wizards and followers to help you and even ad a quest line for the third tier of demons and angels coming down and fighting on you world and you (the character) have to choose a side and decide who wins the war.
  4. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync Bunny

    @antbanks99 We love to hear suggestions! every one helps
  5. Darkbynight

    Darkbynight Demon Eye

    Maybe you could give us some choice in what stuff we use on a day to day basis.
    The current way people play this game (Everybody) is build a base, find copper, find iron, find silver or gold and so on and so forth, constantly upgrading his gear.
    Then at some point he get's the illusion of choice, you get to decide on ranger, mage or warrior armor, which isn't a choice because if you like playing a mage then you're sure as hell not going to wear ranger armor. :p

    What I mean about changing it up a bit, maybe there could be certain mobs, or a class of mobs, that responded better to one kind of weapons than another, a skeleton would be susceptible to a maul of shattering but would certainly not be damaged very much by a pointy dagger.

    I mean, yeah it doesn't add very much in the choice department but seriously, if you see anyone without at least one of the end tiers of matching armor these days, it just means they just started playing, or very recently started a new world and character.

    What would be awesome would be bringing different tools for different occasions.
    Going to hell? Then wearing rocket boots would probably end horribly, but wearing light armor would help with keeping body heat down and so on.

    But yeah, maybe this is not needed at all, it's just a little idea I haven't had time (and possibly the skill) to implement myself at this point. ^^;

    Good luck on this mod!
  6. CJwarrior

    CJwarrior Slimed Zombie

    More guns and JC Denton Vanity set.
  7. KaosNano

    KaosNano Green Slime

    This is awesome, I hope in the last update though, they release a mod API of sorts. And how would this work doesnt tConfig limit you?
  8. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    The main thing this game needs is more bosses. Lots and lots of them! metroidzeromission_miniboss-crocomire_sheet.png
  9. rasputin

    rasputin Blazing Wheel

    I can test it with other mods and see if it can succesfully do what red had in mind for terraria.
  10. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    I had actually started working on Crocomire. The problem is that he requires a flat room in order to work properly (which I could just generate). Also, to get his collision to an accurate level would require a large number of sprites.
  11. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    wouldn't just fitting the hitbox based on his frame work?
  12. Empio

    Empio Blazing Wheel

    Using the Crocomire sprite that Tim posted, I could just do that. However I was working using the Super Metroid sprites. With those, his arm extends quite far away from his body.
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  13. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync Bunny

    @RobottoDayo Sorry for the long time to reply, but really theres only two things I'm looking for write now, Coders & Spriters
    of course you can always be a media source!
  14. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    That would be amazzzing to see. Crocomire would make for a super awesome underworld boss.
  15. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync Bunny

    lol no one actually caring about the mod, just the crocomire sprite..... :( lol
  16. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    lol, sorry, I would love to see some new bosses created. The Hyrda sounds awesome. That is the main thing I feel that's missing from Terraria right now. They are all the "high moments" for me, personally. So yeah, make it happen! Can't wait!
  17. BearObo

    BearObo Bunny

    I could join but I cant draw anything
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  18. bruka500

    bruka500 Green Slime

    I could beta test for you :D
  19. ProsaurusRex

    ProsaurusRex Undead Viking

    I lol'd at the Drinks & Snacks names. I'd definitely like to see this mod.
  20. Zer0Sync

    Zer0Sync Bunny

    btw, I'm not sure how many people actually get it but the 0 in T34M-0S is a zero not a O, lol
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