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    The Avalon team is currently working on updating the mod for tAPI. Please be patient.

    Terraria Avalon is a content mod that adds a variety of content, including new NPCs, Items, Tiles, and dynamics. Avalon is maintained and copyrighted by the Avalon Team.

    If you want to see a list of content/features for Avalon, use the Avalon Wiki. Note that this wiki is not updated for SourceMod/Exxo Avalon versions(yet). It is currently being updated with the tAPI version in mind, but it will only be upon the tAPI version’s release that the wiki will start to be fully updated.

    Spriter’s Produce Program

    Current Spriting List:

    The Avalon team accepts sprites from anyone to put in the game, with proper credits and perhaps in-game goodies given, such as tooltips, and properties that designate the sprite’s creator.

    Have a sprite you think we could use? Don’t hesitate to post it. New sprites both allow us to produce more content as well as get a product and updates to you quicker.

    Version Downloads

    tAPI Avalon Downloads:

    None available. Currently updating. Check out the Spriter’s Produce Program if you want to speed up development and help. The tAPI version will be more compatible with other mods, runs cleaner and smoother, and will have less bugs and crashes than the Source mod has. The tAPI version will have a highly new progression system, as well as much more evolved base and quality level than the tConfig version. Expect less bugs and crashes.

    Source Mod/Exxo Avalon Downloads:
    These versions are a hold over until Avalon for tAPI releases. They do not include nearly the amount of content that the tConfig version does, but they are usually updated to the latest Terraria version.

    Currently, the Exxo Avalon source mod contains over 375 items and more than 40 mobs, four of which are bosses. The full list of content for Exxo Avalon is included in the download.​ Source mod/Exxo Avalon:​
    Source mod/Exxo Avalon Readme:​
    Source mod/Exxo Avalon Server:​
    Installation instructions for all Source mod/Exxo Avalon versions are in the Readme file. The server is also a separate download.

    tConfig Avalon Downloads:
    These contain the most content of any version currently, but require Terraria 1.1.2 and tConfig.​
    Terraria 1.1.2 tConfig; Avalon 16.6:​


    Want to support the Avalon team and attract attention to the mod? Use a banner!

    tAPI Avalon Versions:
    Credits will be included when a stable release is out. Spriters who participate in the Spriter’s Produce Program and we use their sprites will be included on this list regardless of if we have a product out or not.

    1.2+ SourceMod/Exxo Avalon Versions:
    -FireChaos, for inspiring the Inertia Boots sprite.
    -Leinfors and zoomo for most of the banners' tilesheets.
    -Yoraiz0r, for helping to fix the banners' place and check methods to work with the Reach profile.
    -Also all items/mobs/projectiles that were in the tConfig that have sprites by other people, refer to the credits section for the tConfig version at the bottom of this post for those.
    -J-50N for Birth of a Monster, Evil Ouroboros, Fight of the Bumblebee, and helping me to perfect A Comet Has Struck Ground (paintings).
    -FinalSunny for the new Hallowed Thorn sprite (!), and the Elemental Excalibur sprite(though modified by me slightly), the Ferozium Icesword, and the Bloody Amulet
    -Brutallama for the Titan Shield sprite and the main part of the Reflex Shield
    -Balduran for the Tactical Expulsor sprite as of v3.7.5.1
    -Wooren for the Crystal Fruit sprite
    -Dr elisey for the Plantera's Fury, The Golden Flames, and the Gleaming Twilight
    -Balduran for the Cursed Flamelash, Dragon Lord, Vampire Harpy+gores, hallowed summoner crown, Impact Wizard, Awakened rose armor as of v4.5, Forsaken Relic/Cross
    -The Miniature Shark for the Guardian Hammer
    -MarioKart7z for the Hydrolyth Trace and the Caesium Forge(I know this isn't exactly what I wanted, but it looks better than my version xD)
    -SzGamer227 for his modified Underworld Key Mold/Key/Chest from Alpha_StevO
    -Yoraiz0r for assisting with fixing the map clearing bug

    1.1.2 tConfig Versions:
    - The Golden Flames uses code by Dubby, the thread for that mod is here:
    - The Slime Talisman uses code by Yoraiz0r.
    - Lots of things by PoroCYon, including parts of Oblivion, the Cursed Flamethrower, and a hotkey function.
    - The 3 extra accessory slots on the right when you open up your inventory are code courtesy of Shockah, used with permission.
    - Credit for Ancient Armor, Dragon Lord Armor, and a lot of other sprites goes to AaronC.
    - Credit for Caesium Armor, Diving Armor, and Titanium Armor goes to Cireus.
    - Credit for the King Sting sprite and Cataryst goes to Scizor300.
    - Lots of other sprites by Drdragonfly as well.
    - Armored Hell Corruptor and Guardian Corruptor, plus Destroyer Drill sprites are by Dr Death.
    - The Opal sprites(both item and tile) as of v16.2a are from Sapharan.
    - The Mystery Tome sprite is by Mr. Mystery.
    - Many pieces of code by Yoraiz0r, such as the aforementioned Slime Talisman(also adapted into the Undead Talisman and Dragon Stone), and adapted code for the Shockwave buff, the vilethorn upgrades, and many other things.
    - Some of the work getting the Force Field to work(with Avalon Armor and the Force Field Potion) was done by GroxTheGreat, credit is given to him.
    - Credit is given to Wooren for the Juggernaut sprite and the All-Seeing Eye sprite.
    - Avalon Armor's standing frame and subsequent animations were based upon Rudoboy's Triton Armor, credit is given to him(in fact the standing frame is the same as his Triton Armor).

    If you find that you are missing in the credits, contact us!

    Current AvalonMod Global Team:
    blahblahbal & Bullseye55 for Managers.
    Star and Moon, Geneen & Drdragonfly for spriters.
    PoroCYon for here and there coding.
    Beta Testers will not be listed here. Ask around! Just makes more for fun.

    tAPI Content:
    List not available at this time.

    Source mod (Exxo Avalon) Content:
    -A very preliminary Superhardmode, with mobs such as: Dragonfly, Cursed Magma Skeleton, Juggernaut, Dark Matter Slime, Vampire Harpy, Armored Wraith, etc. Four new armor sets for Superhardmode are also included. Superhardmode is triggered by the defeat of the Armageddon Slime; Comets will drop in Superhardmode after you have defeated Golem​
    -Many new monster banners for mobs that do not have banners in vanilla​
    -4 new bosses; Desert Beak, Dragon Lord, Oblivion and the Armageddon Slime​
    -Over 375 new items​
    -Max life is now 700(800 with a Mystical Tome)​
    -A total of 10(sorta 11, diving helmet was expanded into a set) armor sets for public use​
    -The Jukebox, which is capable of playing all tunes in the game (except for the Lunar Boss tune)​
    -The Dungeon can now generate in Orange Brick​
    -An upgrade to the Picksaw​
    -31 new accessories​
    -A few new weapon and accessory prefixes​
    -ALL NEW Armor prefixes(Armor pieces can now go in the reforge slot, try it out!)​
    -An item command, available after you defeat Oblivion​
    -A new Town NPC, the Iceman (available in SHM)​
    -Skeletron Prime minion​
    -A way to convert tiles to jungle​
    -The Mystical Tomes mod!​
    -Onyx/Opal Staff, Onyx Hook​
    -Flesh Armor! Osmium, an alternate to Rhodium! Placeable Souls! And jungle torches.​
    -The Underworld Chest in the Dungeon :D.​
    -Compressed Extractination Block, Guide Summon Doll​
    tConfig Content:
    - Contains nine new bosses
    - More than 20 new tools, including Meteor Pickaxe, Tropic Pickaxe, Sapphire Pickaxe, Blueshift, Breakdawn, Pickaxe of Dusk, Jungle Hammer, and Demon Hammer(required to break Hallowed Altars)...
    - Tons of new weapons, including a Meteor Longsword, Ultrashark, and many more...(over 20 magic weapons included as well)
    - 35+ new accessories, including the 4 super accessories, Kinetic Boots, Gift of Starpower, Starpower's Will, and Power of Cthulhu
    - 10+ new armor sets

    This Introductory Post was last updated on September 20, 2014.
  2. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Welp. Double post, but I'm not sure this mod is catching on like I'd hoped. Is it just that my weapons/tools are stupid, or have I not given it enough time?

    Also, I found a couple more bugs:
    - Ultrashark is not "Insanely fast speed" like it should be.
    - Desert Beak flashes a lot(the reason is known, and I will fix this is 1.0.2).
    - A few other things that I can't think of right now but will edit this post later to include them.
  3. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    aside from not quite selling the unique points of your mod, the biggest problem is not having pictures.
  4. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Oh derp. I'll add pictures/spritesheets.

    EDIT: Added a spritesheet in a spoiler, will add a few in-game pictures in a few minutes.
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  5. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Well, it looks like I'm going to be needing more help than I originally thought. I plan on adding Titanium Ore to the default worldgen, and will be testing it out tonight. If it doesn't work, I will edit this post to say so. If that becomes the case, I will need a lot of help with making it spawn the ore pockets correctly.

    Also, I am using WorldGen.OreRunner() to place the ores; if I should use TileRunner instead, please post here and tell me that.
  6. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Arg, I hate to triple post and bump, but I've got an update. It adds many things, but there is still need for help.


    DISCLAIMER: The GenerateWorld function as well as the MakeAvalonDungeon function inside World.cs are modified versions of the vanilla functions with similar names. I do not claim rights to any of these functions.

    Please tell me what you think!
  7. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    I'll bump this, I think that the premise is pretty awesome, and I like the idea of new tools for old ores and such as well as the addition of a new ore. If I didn't already have a server with a few days of building and exploring in it, I would try this out. I may for single player but I already have enough mods as is.
  8. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Heh, yeah. I have since added another new ore, Caesium Ore, which is used(after smelting into bars) to create the Spectrum Hamdrax, and it has been added to the recipe of Spectrum Armor. I'm working with another individual to include a couple new biomes as well, one being the Heartstone biome(where more Life Crystals spawn, but not too many; in each biome there will be at least one guaranteed Life Crystal), and the other being the Hellcastle.

    I'll be updating again today.
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  9. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    Awesome. How compatible will it be with the big mods? (Obsidian, Omnir's, Zoodle's)
  10. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Okay, new version:

    This version adds Sporalash(the Jungle Flail), Vertex of Excalibur(the unification of light and dark ;)), Hammer of Delight, Attraction Potion(enables a blood moon when it is night, and can only be used at night), Mega Spelunker Potion(which makes Hellstone, Caesium Ore, Heartstone, and Titanium Ore "sparkle"), and many other things, including a sprite update for the King Sting(many thanks to Scizor300).

    It also has a new dungeon function, one which adds a new dungeon weapon, Aquarang, to be found in the dungeon chests, and two dungeon tools also to be found in dungeon chests. Also, if anyone can think of a better name for the Mega Spelunker Potion, please do tell.

    The Heartstone biome is currently unfinished and uses a modified version of the Glowing Mushroom code. I am still awaiting my friend's code bit for that part. Another bit of help with the bosses would be much appreciated.

    As for compatibility, I'm not actually sure. I would assume that because Avalon uses a custom world generator that it would not be compatible with mods that also changed the default world generator; though, if you were only wanting to also use a mod that only added items, I suppose it could be done. Oh, and I forgot to remove the Defender's Sword, so ignore that in this version. It will be removed next update, which should be tomorrow.
  11. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Hmmm, could you share exactly how you made a new biome with tConfig? It would be greatly appreciated.
  12. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    I don't think it should fuck with much. I have about 14 mods going 4 of which mess with ore generation and they all coexist, so after I get done compiling them together I'ma create a new world to test it out.
  13. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    I'm not sure if it will, though. My way of generating custom ores doesn't modify Tile.cs, it creates a whole new GenerateWorld and does it from inside there. Then again, it might work considering that they're different.

    I fixed the Darklight Lance, and the new version should be ready around tomorrow. I also fixed the Orange Brick spawning for the dungeon causing the game to crash on world generation(turns out I forgot to include the Orange Brick item >_<). Caesium Ore is now more common, but not much, and I may have a rudimentary Hellcastle soon.

    About this. I'm not really that good at biomes, so I'm not the person you'd go to. However, if you want to know what I did for the Heartstone biome, here it is. I basically took the WorldGen.ShroomPatch() function, changed the tile type, then made it smaller, then removed the SpreadGrass part. But that's not really explaining much, is it? I guess to make a biome, you should study the source of Terraria. That might not get you very far though, cause it's got a lot of num's there. Anyway, I'll see what I can do.
  14. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    Actually man, It does fuck with other mods Ore Generation, I don't know if it takes precedence over them or what, but the other ores don't spawn when I have your installed. (Unobtanium and Onyx mod) Check them out and test them for yourself.
  15. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Ah, yeah. I thought it might interfere with it. See, when I tried doing the Tile.cs way, the ores didn't even spawn in a world I generated. I have no idea why it didn't work; maybe a bug with tConfig? Either that or something was wrong with the way I used it.
  16. Lolight2

    Lolight2 Slimed Zombie

    I must say good work, but you shouldnt add links to the pictures because most people are lazy (like me >.<) soo add the pictures to the main thread.
    Aside from that good job :)
  17. blahblahbal

    blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Thanks :). I did notice that most other people's mods have pictures for each of the items/weapons/etc in their original post, but when I posted mine, I didn't have the time to do that. Though I guess that's no excuse now, is it? I'll post them probably later today or tomorrow. Also, update :D


    This update includes a new biome, the Hellcastle. It's not finished yet, and it needs to have a chest put inside it. That chest will contain the Autonomic Drill(capable of mining the bricks encasing the Hellcastle), ~50 gold coins, and some other stuff. The entrances to the Hellcastle are protected with Resistant Wood, which is only mineable with the Axe of Emancipation.
  18. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Looks like something went wrong with the download link there, that link just takes me to Puush's main page.
  19. Lolight2

    Lolight2 Slimed Zombie

    One more suggestion, blahblahbal, get an avatar because thats how people remember your username/work.
    Im gonna test your mod right now :D
    edit: mod doesnt want to load. maybe conflict?
    i have many mods thats maybe why...
    or old tconfig as i have 23.1
  20. corrupted ninja

    corrupted ninja Green Slime

    this looks great. cant wait to try

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