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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by blahblahbal, May 23, 2012.

  1. snipamasta40 Cursed Man

    well you need the titanium drill to mine colbalt but maybe you can just break colbalt with bombs ill check
  2. snipamasta40 Cursed Man

    u cant mine it with bombs
  3. Penguino101 Green Slime

    -_- so it looks like im stuck for now. I have been searching my world for titanium for a long time and have only found 6 bars worth. Hopefully blahblahbal will patch the desert beak drops so its a higher chance for titanium. I just threw 100 beaks down the drain.
  4. snipamasta40 Cursed Man

    ya dude it sucks I got a drill really early and my freind accidently dropped it and we couldnt pick it up took me all yesterday and this morning to get titanium
  5. PoroCYon Crimera

    did you defeated the Armageddon Slime?
    a hallowor and corruptor collided and leaved a chunck of oblivion ore.

    and Desert Beak has a 80%? chance of dropping the ore.
  6. blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Sorry guys, I removed the Titanium Ore drop from the Desert Beak... Though I've decided to put it back in at a lower quantity.

    And here's that update: Avalon

    New items include:
    - Frozen Bullets
    - Dark Matter Bullets
    - Dark Matter Arrows
    - Elemental Excalibur (new sword which combines the VoE+Magmatic Sword+Elemental Shards)

    And of course the re-addition of Titanium Ore dropping from Desert Beak.

    EDIT: Oh, and now in superhardmode there are a few bosses that can spawn at random. If you're near or in a desert, the Desert Beak can spawn; if it's night, then The Destroyer and/or the Eye of Cthulhu can spawn randomly. Desert Beak has a 1 in 24000 chance of spawning every frame during the day in a desert; The Destroyer and EoC have a 1 in 36000 chance of spawning every frame during the night anywhere except in a town with at least one town NPC.
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  7. Pyrotechnics Green Slime

    As of the recent update (10.1 not 10.5) I haven't been respawning in my bed. Not REALLY a problem as my house is a 6 second flight away from my spawn, but still thought I'd share.
  8. PoroCYon Crimera

    hmmm... yh, me too.... pretty strange...
  9. snipamasta40 Cursed Man

    what does king sting drop and where do you find him im in hardmode now but i could make hornet food and i didnt know about it before
  10. Blacks Green Slime

    Yes i did, by the way - You guys should really Buff up that Slime. He's actually really weak. He should definitely use his Debuff more often and also give that poor thing please another Attack.
  11. blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

    Hornet Food requires 15 Stingers and 30 Spore Powder at a Demon Altar. Spore Powder is obtained by crafting a Jungle Spore into 5 of them at a Bottle. And the King Sting drops Jungle Ore, prominently. The other things are normal; hearts, potions, coins...

    Hmm... I've thought about that, but the point isn't to overwhelm you. It's not a superhardmode boss, it's a hardmode boss that happens to activate superhardmode on its defeat. But I could make it fire its burst of Dark Matter Flames more often... And maybe when you touch it, have it inflict the debuff.

    ^this to get your attention: Y u no Steam? Or Skype?
  12. Noobling3 Green Slime

    every time i try to reload the mod it keep saying "cant read past the stream" i dont know what to do i tried to rebuild the mod but it dint show up in the rebuild list. can someone pls help me :(
  13. PoroCYon Crimera

    1: do you have the right version?
    2: do you have the source in your modpacks folder
  14. RemiliaScarlet Green Slime

    hi there i just wanted to say that the mod doesn't let you use the grapple hook shortcut and also the bomb slimes when are killed it comes up with a error message about the loot i think i'm not sure this all happens when playing multiplayer

    also thanks for making this awesome mod
  15. PoroCYon Crimera

    uuh... that's another mod, probably. OR you have the wrong version of tConfig. the build is for 28.2a.
  16. blahblahbal Anomura Fungus

  17. PoroCYon Crimera

  18. Pyrotechnics Green Slime

    You made the blood moon potion only take 1 bloodshot lense... THANK YOU SO MUCH T_T
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  19. PoroCYon Crimera

    and a Hallowed Thorn, red presents, and something else P:
  20. Blacks Green Slime

    Free Destroyers. can't complain :D

    Where do i get Hallowed Ore?

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