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    News: Assassins!
    I have sprited and given special AI to a new mob: the Assassin. It spawns exclusively in the underground Jungle, above the Underworld, and when the player is near, throws high-velocity poisoned knives.

    --- Original: ---

    With the halt of Terraria production, there ceases to be exciting new content to play with. Even when content was being created, one aspect of Terraria still lacked greatly - its single-player experience. Most say that this game is better played with friends, and I have to agree with them. The lack of an engaging atmosphere to play in alone lowers the value of the game altogether.

    But soft, fellow Terrarians. I join in your cries.

    Terraria Enhanced is a work-in-progress - somewhat expansion - mod that uses tConfig. At present, only a draft of the to-do list is made, and can be seen below. As I create the content planned for the mod, I will update the list with check marks (✔) to indicate progress. I may even include percentages and such as parts and entire pieces of content are made.

    Stay tuned!

    (Warning: To-do list is being made as ideas are dreamt up; extraneous scribbles and question marks are common and not to be paid any attention to. But please, DO NOT take anything on the list for granted, as my capabilities with C# are limited.)

    Todo List (open)
    - Quests/Achievements [0%]
    -- Types: kill, earn, mine, craft etc.
    -- Custom names, output in console
    -- Tiers
    -- "I hate water but I love to make it rain": Craft 100 (x) coins

    - New NPCs [0%]
    -- Woodcutter, Miner, Alchemist, Scientist, Potter, Psychic, etc.
    -- For hire/shops

    - New Mobs [33%]
    -- [✔] Assassins
    -- Earbusters
    -- Psychs

    - Potion Modifications [63%]
    -- [✔] Negative [100%]
    --- [✔] Ironskin: slower speed, decolorization of character with recoloring until it wares off
    --- [✔] Thorns: Defense decreased by 10%
    --- [✔] Regeneration: "
    --- [✔] Hunter: Decreased Damage and Defense by 10%
    --- [✔] Spelunker: Decreased melee speed by 10%
    -- Positive [25%]
    --- [✔] Battle: 20% Defense increase
    --- Invisibility: Clothes invisible, wavy effect
    --- Shine: 'Reflecting' effect (shines farther distances in caves), effect increases over time
    --- Spelunker: Remove colorization

    - Trap Upgrades [0%]
    -- Boulder: pit + common boulder trap
    -- Frequency increased

    - New Traps [0%]
    -- Quicksand pits: pressure plate deactivates active stone blocks, sand falls and takes you with it
    -- Suffocation pits: pressure plate deactivates active stone blocks, you fall into its pit, sand falls on top of you
    -- Lava fall: pressure plate deactivates active stone blocks over lava, you fall in

    Removed (open)
    -NPC updates
    -- Comradery
    -- Companionship
    -- Adventure
    -- Notifications in Housing icons

    - NPC trading
    -- 10% below value range, 5% above
    -- Loaning/borrowing

    - World trading
    -- Merchant investment
    -- Specialization
    -- Ships/ports
    --- Similar workings as housing system
    -- Stock

    - Theology
    -- Preacher
    -- Redigit
    -- Cthluhu, EoW, Skeletron, EoW
    -- Clothier, Wizard, VVV
    --- Alvin: Builder of Jungle shrines, placer of Potter's pots, etc.
    -- Assassins (NPC's?)

    P.S.: I would be quite delighted to have a spriter to work with me; although I could probably manage on my own (hence the 'Enhanced' logo), I don't have all the time in the world. Any takers for this place? Message me!
  2. DarkCore1967

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    hmm quite cool ive done a bit of spriting fairly new but i could maybe help

    im doing mod to
  3. LoneRanger121

    LoneRanger121 Zombie

    Right now I'm mostly working on figuring out how to integrate a new system (i.e. trade, achievements) to work with tConfig; I am considering making the project as a separate client, because it requires a lot of backend programming that might not be available with it.

    Once I begin working on items and whatnot, I'll come back to it. Thanks for the offer!
  4. DarkCore1967

    DarkCore1967 Yellow Slime

    no worries
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I'll be honest and say I read messages such as this thread a lot of times in the last 11 months , and I don't think the end of this thread's story will be any different then the others.

    tConfig has hooks for almost everything and anything , and even when it doesn't small workarounds make everything work , we also add new hooks whenever someone notifies us of a justified need for them , so I don't see a point in not using it.

    Shockah already made an achievements mod , there are multiple quest mods out there , mine even has NPC dialogs with multiple choices...

    I think you should do a little bit of looking around before you move away from tConfig , mods are hardly fun if they're running solo! =o
  6. LoneRanger121

    LoneRanger121 Zombie

    I know it's quite a hard task, and I've been contemplating asking for modding/coding help, perhaps even organizing a team of well-trained programmers and modders (such as yourself), spriters, and PR people to help it along. Although I hate to bring this up, but Redigit did briefly ask for a group of modders to pick up the torch and move on - there are quite a few good mods out there, but in my honest opinion, none of them really capture the essence of Terraria; either too far-fetched, unbalanced, generic, or just plain ridiculous.

    As for my achievements - it will be more like a built-in system of achievements similar to that of all of those "Things to do in Terraria" lists, working similarly to Steam achievements and Minecraft achievements. For each one earned, another is unlocked, with different levels of each achievement stream. For example, "I hate water but I love to make it rain" - for each tier, it is a progressively interesting achievement; firstly, craft 100 Copper Coins out of one Silver Coin, et al.

    tConfig, as far as I can see by the wiki and tutorials, isn't very specific in what it can do - I'm looking to add a way for even outside modders to add further achievements to it, as well as some other features that could be compatible (working with .cs files that specify name, type, tier, other params with a single line.)
  7. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    tConfig isn't specific by what it can do because most of the people that use it to mod the most don't go to the wiki almost at all , let alone edit it xP
    and again , try out the things before you say you're different! =o Shockah's mod is what I'd describe easily by reading what you just mentioned in terms of change , and also , tConfig mods do allow other mods to intervene.
    For example -
    You can add achievements to Shockah's achievements mod , you can even have your own categories and subcategories for them and conditions etc ,
    W1k's food mod also had like 3 other mods which made food that actually healed the hunger in his mod ,
    even my Visible accessories engine (a piece of shit mod) had a mod that made a visible accessory to be used with it.
  8. LoneRanger121

    LoneRanger121 Zombie

    After installing and working with Shockah's Achievements mod, I see that it's still not quite elaborate enough (as well as missing my witty names ;)). But the mod isn't just about the achievements - it's focused on making single-player a more interesting thing to play, which means adding much more single-player content and a better NPC-Player social experience.

    The objective is to build your world up as an empire of wealth and industry (hence the trade and specialization systems) whilst avoiding far-fetched things. With those seemingly pointless oceans on each side of the world, who knows what's on the other side? Perhaps it's your other worlds - waiting for you to establish trade and help grow both of your empires. Outer invasion from Goblins affecting both of your worlds? Perhaps your connections to other worlds will help.

    While it does seem like these features exist elsewhere, I think they lack the interesting capability of the game: to give the player a form of power and sense of accomplishment. Enhanced will drive the player to accomplish things for a reason - more industry, more wealth, more power. Elaborate creations under his control - have entire villages, castles, palaces, dungeons, whatever it may be built for him by his humble - or, once compassion and comradery features are set in place, rebellious and angered - followers.

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