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  1. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    UPDATE 6/05
    The game has been released! Download it here:

    UPDATE 6/01

    List of Dungeons
    1. Earth Temple
    2. Corruption Temple
    3. Obsidian's Volcano
    4. The Orid's Jungle Ruins
    5. The Forgotten City
    6. Fire Temple
    7. Hallowed Caverns
    8. The Wyvern Mage's Mountain Fortress
    9. The Frozen Ocean
    10. Elengad's Desert Ruins
    11. Shadow Temple
    12. Water Temple
    UPDATE 5/25

    Still need to balance end-game gear and boss difficulty. Hopefully it won't take long. If you'd like to put the game's banner in your signature here is the code (click the two A's in top right corner to go into bbcode mode and then paste):

    UPDATE 5/21
    Damn, it's the 21st already? : P I'm planning on releasing the map next week, after some more beta feedback has been provided. With any luck the beta testers will have gotten to the end (who would have thought a 10-20+ hour adventure would take a while to test?)

    NOTE: Want to beta test a near finished build and can provide feedback as you go? Hit me up!

    Also, the custom sound track is FINISHED! and it is AWESOME, if I do say so myself. Big thanks to Electroflux for encouraging me to push through and do it. Also for those that are curious, here are the mod credits:

    Mod Credits (open)

    W1k / W1k's Mod
    Omnir / Omnir's Mod
    Draykon / Dark Souls + Curtain of Bullets
    Yoraiz0r / Dark Souls + Dual Wielding
    Obsidian54 / Obsidian's Mod
    VortexJ / Unobtanium
    Empio / Farore
    Kujulo / Kujulo's Mod DLC
    Dogsonofawolf / NPCs
    Reborn Team / Reborn Mod
    FatObeseBird / League of Legends
    NerdyBoy, Reactorcore / Alchemistry
    PolarBMD / Terraria_
    Delra / Monster Hunter Mod
    KaneStaff / Zelda Mod
    FrosTr / FrosTr's Misc Pack
    Scooterboot9697 / Metroid Mod
    Pwnager / Empowered Endgame
    SuperWeegee1 / Dream (Also credit Dream Team)
    Mitchellex / Wululu
    Acheld / Phoenix Down
    Tim Hjersted / Dark Souls concept + Mindflayer King + Mod Remixing & Compiling

    Special thanks to:
    W1k - provided a TON of boss coding help
    Yoraizor - was extremely helpful, made the Soul Reaper code, helped with the dynamic Grav effect, translated Dark Souls idea for Draykon, generally helped with a ton of my newb questions.
    Draykon - coded the Dark Souls mechanic (in like 3 hours!), also provided a lot of help with bugs

    This map & mod would never have seen release without the help of these guys.. as I probably would have had myself committed first ;p (trying to fix bugs with virtually no coding experience when I started)... Also... this mod MAKES the game.. and I can't offer a bigger thanks to all the hard work all of these guys above put into their creations.

    UPDATE 5/8
    I'm looking for a couple more beta testers with 10-15 hours to spare ;) so if you're interested hit me up!

    UPDATE 5/7
    Alright guys, Diggaroo finished the 3rd and last trailer currently in the works for the map yesterday, and it's pretty damn amazing. Have a look! (Though this one does contain some gameplay spoilers starting around 1:50 (forewarned!) I have to tip my hat to Tim aka "Diggaroo." The 1st person narration was spot on brilliant and complimented the music perfectly. Any way have a look and let'm know what you think! :)

    Full screen this in HD with the music up ;)

    Just wanted to give another big thanks to all three of you guys (Zebri, Triangular Satellite, and Diggaroo) for making such awesome trailers for this map. They each have their own flavor and creative style and I am really happy with how they all turned out. Three cheers!

    UPDATE 5/6
    To save anyone from checking this thread too often for the release news, I'm going to say a week from now would be an early estimate. In between 1-2 weeks depending on how fast beta testing goes. The beta group has had the beta 1.0 for about 4 days now and I think most of them are on the 2nd dungeon, other responsibilities permitting. It's a big adventure! I've tested up to the 4th dungeon myself and we're at beta 1.4. So progress is going great.

    UPDATE 5/5
    Triangular Satellite finished his trailer for the game yesterday. It's got some really awesome shots (especially the very first shot and the last few at the end) and the music is great. It does contain a few spoilers so fair warning. TS was also featured on these forums for his awesome Immortals parody video. So whaddya think?

    Also, I recommend full screening this one and putting it in HD if your comp can run it.

    UPDATE 5/3

    Check out the awesome teaser trailer Zebri made for the game. It's the first of three that are being made. The next two to come out will be by Triangular Satellite and Diggaroo.

    UPDATE 5/2:
    • Estimated 1.0 Release? When it's done! lol Haha, Sorry guys. My apologies for the false optimism and getting folks hopes up. Getting this done has been far more crazy than I'd imagined. After postponing this about 12 times beginning in March.. yeah... Gotta stop putting up optimistic release dates as it's been a bit stressful trying to get it out in time and still finding things that need work. I'm still working out bugs I've found in the mod, and still need to tweak the difficulty of some of the bosses. After that, there will be some beta testing. Then when everything is clicking just right, at an unknown time, I'll post a new Released thread. Thanks for understanding. :) If it helps the wait go by, just remember the scale of this project is crazy. 17 bosses, 13 dungeon areas, 200+ integrated mod items from the community (that I've been customizing and tweaking), and a large map drawn from scratch. Phew!!! :p
    UPDATE 4/22: So you guys have been super patient, I thought this would be a good time to reveal the secret game mechanic I've been hinting at for the last few weeks.

    Drum roll... (open)


    Yes my friends, Dark Souls! I suspect this game needs no introduction. It is personally one of my top 5 games of all time. Nothing could beat the adrenaline rush of beating a tough-as-nails boss with pure skill and perfect concentration, the satisfaction of leveling up and becoming like a god after slogging through hell, and the terror felt seeking out 20,000 souls you've left on the battlefield. This game made you pay the fuck attention, and really care about not dying like no other game I've played. And what was the mechanic that made this addictive fun possible? The Dark Souls game mechanic.

    Collect souls from fallen creatures, use them to level up and craft new gear. Die once and you drop all your souls where you died and have one chance to recover them. Die again and they're gone for good.

    This magic sauce, thusly, has been ported to Terraria, and it works beautifully.


    Also like in Dark Souls, where you can only spend your souls at strategically placed campfires throughout the game, Dark Souls in Terraria can only be crafted at Demon Altars, which cannot be moved by the player. And I have placed these Demon Altars throughout the map in a way that should offer a similar feeling of tension and reward.


    The number of souls all enemies drop is based on their value param, so dropped souls scale with the difficulty of enemies.

    Lastly, since many have found the pre-hard mode bosses too easy since the last update, I've bumped up the difficulty of all the bosses and given small bumps to many of the enemies. This also balances out with the gear you can craft, which will often be leveled-up versions of discovered vanilla-game items. So crafting and upgrading your gear will be necessary to advance through the adventure.

    I have to give my biggest thanks to Draykon and Yoraizor, who were nice enough to respond to my request and make it a reality. But the thing that blew my mind was that they had a working version for me within 3 hours of my email. Crazy, just crazy.


    Since then, I've been going through the process of converting my favorite mod content from around 10 different mods. All told there will be over 150-200 items, weapons, and armors included, with rebalanced crafting recipes using Dark Souls as a primary ingredient.

    Cheers! [End Wall of Text]


    In early January I started work on a massive full game Zelda/Dark Souls/Metroid inspired adventure map that will take players through 8-9 (update: 11) dungeons from the very beginning to the end of Hard mode, encompassing an estimated 15 to 20 hr experience that will offer enough to do and gear upgrade options to enjoy more than one playthrough.

    Since everyone loves lists, here is a run-down of the top features:
    • A strong emphasis on visual immersion and a logical connection between areas similar to Dark Soul's world layout.
    • A unique story that's descriptive but not too heavy on text and driven mainly by in-game elements (a la Zelda)
    • 8-9 (update: 11) uniquely themed Dungeon areas spread between both normal and hard modes
    • 13 bosses (7 vanilla plus 6 mod bosses) including an original final boss created for this map
    • Release will include a 2-player coop as well as a single player version.
    • Co-op will feature a few 2 player dependent challenges and difficulty, as well as organic, asymmetric item distribution. In other words, there won't always be 2 of everything, or awarded at the same time.
    • Class progression and specialization will be based on player choices throughout the game, and co-op players will need to work together to decide how to distribute items and how to specialize their characters into a balanced team.
    • Map created entirely from scratch using Tedit 3, down to individual tree placements and hill curves
    • A mod enhanced version with 200+ mod additions including armors, weapons, items, mobs and bosses (plus a super secret awesome new game mechanic) with remixed stats and crafting recipes tailored to the map. The mod-enhanced version will be released first and will be the definitive version, as the map has been designed with those aspects specifically in mind.
    Previews Screens. (open)

    glow silver.JPG




    Corrupted Forest.JPG

    Demonic Cave Entrance.JPG

    Corruption Temple Entrance.JPG

    Mining for Gems.JPG

    snow bridge.JPG

    Need Varia Buff.JPG

    You can check out more screens in the thread below. This will be my first map project, and with development having taken roughly over 300 hours to complete, likely my only release until some major mod releases refresh the game development possibilities, or until Starbound comes out. That said, I will be pouring all of my energies and creativity into making this an amazing and memorable experience - a true swan song and tribute for an unforgettable game.

    Mod Install Instructions for Beta Testers (open)

    First, download Tconfig and the Terraria Game Launcher.



    Next, run the TGL installer first, and after doing the automated setup, run the TConfig installer.

    After installing Tconfig, go to "My Games / Terraria / Worlds / tConfig" and place the Red Cloud .wld world file into the tconfig folder.

    Go to: 'My Documents\My Games\Terraria and create a new folder called "ModPacks"

    Place the Red Cloud Mod.obj file into the "ModPacks" folder (alternatively you can click the Red Cloud Mod installer and it will do this for you).

    Then, run Terraria from Steam as you usually would. It will pop up with the Terraria Game Launcher GUI, and from there you select TConfig or the Vanilla Terraria.

    Select the TConfig version and once Terraria is up and running you will see a menu similar to this.


    Click TConfig settings, and you'll see the Red Cloud Mod. If not hit Reload Mods.


    Final success! Now simply make sure Red Cloud Mod is turned ON, and click the Reload Mods button and wait a moment. Now play the game as normal and enjoy!

    Let me know if you have further questions.
  2. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Yup, this looks seriously boss.

    I'm calling it now that this map will be super popular. It looks fantastic.
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  3. TheDeviant

    TheDeviant Green Slime

    This looks EPIC.
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  4. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Thanks! Yeah I can't wait to show you guys what I've been working on. I'm about 60 or so hours in and have pretty much finished the 4th dungeon and the surrounding areas. It's going to be hard to not publish more screens of a lot of the key set pieces, but I want to keep as much of it a surprise in game as possible. That said, here are a few more previews. :)

    Down down down.JPG

    Vine Growth.JPG

    Jungle bridge.JPG

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  5. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Along with the classic map, which will stick to official Terraria content, I'll also be releasing a mod enhanced version of the map, with more armors, items, and weapons to find, along with some additional mobs and a couple remixed bosses. Here is a teaser. :)

    Mod Tease.JPG

    To keep the mod installation process simple and streamlined, I'll be compiling all the mod elements used for the map into a single folder and obj file, with credits and major thanks to all the individual modders. Can't wait!
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  6. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Do you have an expected release date?
    I'm surprised nobody else has commented on this. This map is seriously revolutionary.
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  7. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Been following your progress across all the forum well before you created this map thread.
    Honestly have to say I have been enjoying the progression on this so far and it's quite exciting some of the things you're looking to incorporate.

    At the moment however I am just wondering if the map will cross from normal to hardmode at any stage?
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  8. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Thanks man. Glad to hear you guys are looking forward to this. :) Im hoping it lives up to expectations. Obviously, if I ever want to get this finished, it cant be tooo awesome :p but I'm shooting for the end of March, with the aim to include all 4 versions if possible. I want to include the reborn mod v2, parts of some other mods, and a couple other custom things I'm working on with folks if all our time schedules sync up and they're able to make them by then. You can see in the OP I'm working on a remixed Jungle Wyvern, but it still has some bugs that need polishing, and I want to make sure everything included in the map keeps to the quality standards of the classic game.
  9. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Yea, players will start with nothing when they begin, and cross into hard mode after the 5th or 6th dungeon in their progression, depending on whether players want to sacrifice themselves to the God Obsidian, before defeating the Wall of Flesh. ;D
  10. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    just a little criticizim (i stil love this map) you might not want to make the dungeons too long becuase it might get bring and i kinda feel ineasy in a avern or underground jungle for too long
    biome ideas (open)
    Tundra , winterderland, heaven, living hell
  11. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    I agree with Cpreo to a certain extent. If the dungeons are visually appealing and are rewarding, I can see how they would remain interesting, however, I've played some adventure maps where the dungeons required you to walk and walk to your destination, through sub-par eye-candy (which is a big deal, honestly), only to complete your objective and have to walk ALL the way back. If there's a way to avoid that, that would be great.

    Otherwise, I don't doubt you, just throwing in my 2 cents.
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  12. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Cool thanks for the feedback. I just started play testing the map from the beginning yesterday, but so far I think you'll find the sense of progression to be pretty satisfying, and there will be a minimal amount of backtracking. The dungeons aren't linear, however, so it's up to you how thorough you want to explore everything.

    Most of the work going into the map so far has been spent on creating the organic visual themes (virtually no copy and paste). I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think of the final release. And thanks for the suggestions. There will definitely be some tundra and winterland areas. :)

    Yea, I've been working on different ways to minimize backtracking. The first way has been to make all the different areas interconnected, so that after you acquire certain abilities or open gates, you'll be able to get back up to the surface via a new route. Dungeons also connect to each other in many places, so progression may lead to one dungeon to the next without the need to backtrack in that context as well.

    There is one portion I've designed so far that reminds me of Dark Souls, where your travels keep taking you deeper and deeper into darker realms, and you're longing for the sunlight, making the return to the surface later in the game all the more relieving and satisfying.

    The last thing I'm currently thinking about will definitely ensure that the mod-enhanced version is the definitive version of the map (and the classic one will be there simply for people who aren't comfortable or wanting to install Tconfig and all that bizness. So yeah, it's a special version of the magic mirror which gives you the ability to save two spawn points. One for back home in the village, and the other for your closest save point. Also, portals. :) With each pair having one that's already placed, and the other which you'll have to find to activate.
  13. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

  14. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    I just woke up and I'm tripping out looking at those screenshots. My eyes are hardly functioning yet but from what I see, it looks cool. I can't wait to play.
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  15. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    how far u in the map making, almost done?
  16. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    As of tonight, I'm half-way finished with dungeons 7 and 8, and getting the major broad strokes painted onto the last third of the map. I'd say there will be 3-4 smaller dungeon areas along with their boss fights left to go (working in the three vanilla hard-mode bosses plus a couple mod bosses for the end game)

    I'd say it's about two weeks out, but as I get closer to finishing it will really come down to when Tedit comes out with mod support so I can integrate the custom bosses, armors, weapons etc into the game. Hard to say when Binary Construct will be ready to release it though.
  17. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    DARN! FINIFSH THIS MAP NOW!!!! i wish.... *sighs*
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  18. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    Dude calm down, the map should be done in a couple of days. His last thing about the map progress was that he was polishing up the 7th and 8th (of 9!) dungeons, and that was like a week ago! Or, he might even be done, just working on the story. BTW man, I hope you know this map is going to be like 10 times harder with the enemy prefix glitches and overpoweredness that comes with Reborn ):
  19. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Hehe, it's cool, I got that Cpreo was just expressing his excitement. All of your nice feedback has been keeping me on a good 'work' schedule for sure. :p

    So, I'm looking at the day of the month and remembering I was shooting for the end of March. Annddddd, noticing that I should let you guys know it will probably be at least another week or so before the map is finished and beta testing can start. Yea pulling a Nintendo on this one, (it's done when it's done and all that) but at least I didn't reference Blizzard ;p

    The good news is, the epicness of this map continues to grow and is prolly getting way outta control at this point, but I think the wait will be well worth the wait.

    When all is said and done, lets see.. there will be 12-13 dungeons and/or uniquely themed areas (the latter areas getting smaller in scope to ensure player progression feels swift and fresh), with around 15-18 bosses including the 7 vanilla versions. Right now I plan on integrating parts of the Reborn mod, W1K's mod, and CMHQ stuff (plus a few things from several other mods). I'd really like to include some things from Obsidian's mod but whatever I include I need to make sure works with multiplayer and he hasn't yet released the multiplayer patch.

    The last mod hasn't been released anywhere yet and is something I'm working on with the help of CMHQ, but I'll keep that under-raps for now, but trust me when we get it working it's going to completely change the way custom Terraria maps can be played. :p

    Haha, sorry I can't help teasing this one a bit.

    Latest status on the map: I had some issues getting the theme/color scheme/concept for the 8th dungeon area figured out, as what I had made so far wasn't looking right, but I finally had a breakthrough last night and have gotten it mostly finished and have moved on to areas 9 and 10. Cheers. :)

    EDIT: Oh yeah, as far as the Reborn Prefix thing goes, I plan on not including that in the map's default mod compilation, as it will be too hard to judge difficulty progressions with the random difficulty spikes (Just for play testing I had it on and was getting destroyed by lava slimes even with high tier armor you're not supposed to get until much later in the game, so yeah :)

    EDIT2: A couple more preview snippets.If you can believe it, all of the trees below and in the map have been placed by hand. Kind of ridiculous, but the map originally started as a blank Tedit world, with a long flat expanse of dirt and rock.

    Nothing in the map has been auto-generated.JPG

    The Unadin Inn.JPG

    I'm Sooo Lost.JPG
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  20. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Wait, you started your map from a blank TEdit world?


    You're more insane than I thought. :eek:

    (I've never played one of these user-made maps, but I'm gonna try yours the instant it comes out. Your commitment and enthusiasm is infectious. ^^)
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