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  1. Toastnomnomnom

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    Toasts Mod
    Items, monsters, or crafting recipes that are Red, are not done.
    Items, monsters, or crafting recipes that are Green, are done.
    Items, monsters, or crafting recipes that are Blue, are ideas or suggestions.

    Catagories that are red/green/blue either have nothing/wip or some working/or ideas only.

    This mod is currently WIP and I'm updating occasionally, depending on how much I get done and if I feel it is complete enough for a release, I'll release sooner. I'll be posting videos on how to craft items or summon monsters, if you get stuck on how to make certian items. This mod will be including new weapons, mobs, npcs, items, and accessories!
    And hopefully new bosses :eek:

    You will need tconfig and gui launcher to run this mod.​
    and gui launcher​

    New weapons:
    Terrabolt:1 Spell tome + 250 Dirt + 5 Souls of Light
    15 magic damage-Shoots 1 projectile
    Terranova:Terrabolt + 500 Dirt + 10 Souls of light
    35 magic damage-Shoots 3 projectiles
    Aquanova: Waterbolt + 5 Water buckets + 10 Souls of light
    34 magic damage-Shoots 3 projectiles
    Firebolt:1 Spell tome + 1 Lava bucket + 5 Souls of Night
    14 magic damage-Shoots 1 projectile
    Firenova:Firebolt + 100 Hellstone ore + 50 Obsidian + 10 Souls of Night
    36 magic damage-Shoots 3 projectiles
    Natures Wrath:Terranova + Aquanova + Firenova + 30 Souls of Light + 30 Souls of Night + 1 Crystal ball + 1 Platinum
    50 magic damage-Shoots 5 projectiles
    On hit:Slow, Ignite, and Confuse at a 20% chance
    Book of Life: 10 Heart crystals + Spell tome + 5 lesser healing potions- Heals 5 health with no cooldown. 5 Mana cost
    Large Tome of Healing: 1 Book of Life + 1 Philosopher Stone + 5 Greater Healing Potions- Heals 50 Health with no cooldown. 50 Mana cost
    Sacrificial Staff of Healing: 1 Large Tome of Healing + 1 Crystal Ball- Heals all health with no cooldown. 100 Mana cost

    New mobs:
    Pig:30hp Found on surface -BUG- as of now they spawn EVERYWHERE! same with dogs and crystal mimics.
    Bear:180hp Found on surface or caves- 55 damage/ inflict bleeding
    Wolf:80hp Found on surface- 35 damage
    Spider:60hp Found in caves and underground- 10 damage/ inflict poison
    Rat:25hp Found in caves and underground- 5 damage
    Jaguar:140hp Found in jungles- 45 damage/ inflict bleeding
    Snake:50hp Found in jungles-10 damage/ inflict poison
    Corrupt Bird:100hp Found in corruption or if regular bird is hit with vile powder
    Cat:15hp Found on surface
    Maybe some color variants?
    Dog:45hp Found on surface
    [​IMG]walk cycle isn't in the right order as of yet:rolleyes:
    Heart Crystal Mimic: Found everywhere 80hp- 10 damage
    Pot mimic:Found everywhere 30hp- 5 damage
    More mimics? Yes, I am that evil. Muhahaha

    New npcs:
    The Baker:250 hp Sells cooking items and cooking weapons, Will spawn when you use the Advanced Cook Book
    Mad Scientist: 250 hp Sells mechanical items and space age weaponry.
    Mystery Npc?!: 250 hp Sells vanity items and muramasa.

    New items:
    Vanity Pet items: Certian mobs in this mod might have a chance to drop a vanity pet item, I might post a list of them. But most likely, I'll let you find them ;)

    New Armor:
    Loxely Set-Ranged set
    Lordly Set-Melee set
    Enchanter Set- Magic set
    Chicken Hunter-Vanity
    Piggy Set:Vanity
    Quest Duration:
    New accessories:
    [​IMG]Featherfall Cloak: 30 Feathers + 10 Gold ore + 5 Leather- Grants Featherfall buff
    [​IMG]Gravatron Belt:20 Gold Bars + 10 Iron Bars + 5 Copper Bars + 5 Gold Coins + 1 Gravitation Potion- Grants Gravitation effect
    [​IMG]Gravatron Belt Mark 2:Featherfall Cloak + Gravatron Belt- Grants Featherfall and Gravitation effect
    [​IMG]Obsidian Diving Gear:1 Obsidian skull + 15 Hellstone Bar + Diving Gear- Has the effects of Flippers and Diving gear with lava immunity.
    [​IMG]Geothermal Scanner:25 Iron Bars + 5 Copper Bars + 5 Spelunker potions + 5 Hunter
    Potions- Shows the location of ores, enemies, and treasures.
    [​IMG]The One To Rule Them All: 15 gold bars + 5 Invisibility potions- Grants invisibility effect

    New bosses:
    Ninja raid: 4 Different types of ninjas come to attack! Will spawn randomly when you have 300+ health with at least 30 defense. Will include teleporting bowman/shuriken ninja's and the fast mimic ai jumpers/slow moving chaos elemental ninjas. About 200-250 health each

    Party rock: Use the cursed boombox to summon the 2 rockers. Both use the chaos elemental ai and will shoot musical notes. No knockback on either, and around 8k health each! ouch

    The Scare-you-crow:Has a chance to spawn during a bloodmoon or when you're in corruption, when spawned he'll also call crows to help fight you. Additionally he'll also throw crows at you. Around 3k health with the crows being normal health.

    Calling all clowns:Use the rubber horn to summon the raid. Normal clowns will spawn as will a Giant Mega Clown! But be careful, the Mega Clowns bombs are much more destructive (Throws T.N.T clown bomb, much bigger then normal)

    The Giant Guide: A massive 10 times larger guide that decided to fight! 10k health with no knockback. I'm currently working on this boss, but he's being a pain and not working correctly >->. Not sure if its because I didn't use scale instead of making a new sprite. 3 hours making the guide 10x larger lol

    Ninja raid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU75vYX3mj4 (First song)
    Party rock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0KZiWU0w7U
    The Scare-you-crow:
    Calling all clowns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjY9IX3fI4I

    Screen shots:
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Change log
    March 14: Made WIP thread​
    Added Featherfall Cloak, Gravatron Belt, Gravatron Belt Mark 2- Cook book, Obsidian Diving Gear​
    March 23: Baker, Mad Scientist, and mystery npc all will now spawn in hardmode, they have their own shops and chat. The mad scientist and the mystery npc both have custom hit and death sounds. Pigs, dogs, and heart crystal mimics work. The exception being crystal mimics bug out sometimes. Added the one to rule them all, makes you invisible but slows you down. Added the geothermal scanner, adds the hunter and spelunker potion buff. Added 4 new armor sets, although 2 might just become vanity: Lordly, Loxely, Chicken hunter, and Piggy! Pigs have a chance to drop the piggy vanity set pieces.
  2. DanTheNommer

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    This looks really promising, Toast. Can't wait to see more of it.
  3. Envious Silver

    Envious Silver Green Slime

    Looking foreword to testing them out :p you know how to make good items. Your TF2 ones rock so :p
  4. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    For those of you that watch MLP:FiM: A Gift <3
    I'm still working on more characters, luna, celestia, derpy, maybe more.
    I might make some adjustments on twilights hair, not very satisfied on it.
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  5. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    i'd like to see pics of this mod... and of those NPCs
  6. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    I'll be more then happy to post pics when I get more of it done, but I guess I can post WIP sprites of the npc's and such.
    Remember that the wip sprites will most likely be heavily changed to fit the style of my mod, but will mostly keep the design the same. As of now these are the only other 2 sprites I have started, the spider and dog npc's, if your lucky then you might get a vanity pet item to drop from them. :cool:
    The baker is finished, but as of right now in video 2 showcasing the obsidian diving gear and how to summon the baker...she's just kinda sliding. I'm meaning to fix that hopefully :v
  7. ridex

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  8. Toastnomnomnom

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    Thanks :D
    I also might make the mlp vanity items into mlp npc's, basic npc's with dialogue from the show, and have them spawn under certain conditions. They might have shops, could be used to sell items in my mod.
    So far I got this:
    TS: Obtain a magic book
    SP: Make a fire ruby
    R: Find 1 diamond
    FS: Obtain a vanity pet
    PP: Make a party favors
    AJ: Obtain a apple
    RD: Make pegasi wings

    But sadly until I figure out npc coding, this and other npc's will take a backseat to items and accessories. Also, I think the mlp npc's might be one of the last projects I put into this mod.

    Actually there's 2 videos out right now in the video spoiler showcasing 3 items each. I'll hopefully be posting 1 video per 3 items, or if their vanity item maybe 6+ per video. Screenshots will hopefully be up around when half of the npc's are done and enough of them work correctly :l lol

    Oh I found some of my old armor sets
    Guess I'll add these in somehow.:rolleyes:
  9. DanTheNommer

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    These sprites are looking pretty good! I neeeeeed that pig armor set.
  10. RayereSs

    RayereSs Cursed Man

    Waiting for release !!
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  11. Zetta31

    Zetta31 Demon Eye

    Ceratinly looks promising. Hope you can deliver this mod well!
  12. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    Added the Mad Scientist!
    Show Spoiler

    He even comes with custom voice sounds :p as will all my npcs hopefully.

    Confound these ponies! They drive me to mod..

    Something is screwing up with my internet, it doesn't show that a video is being uploaded on youtube. But it shows that its trying to process the ones that I canceled and redid....
    The new video might take longer then I thought.
    Looks like the problem is on my end apparently >:l
    My friend has uploaded the video for me for the moment, enjoy.

    It wasn't showing that it was uploading at all, but it was. So I had to wait on a blank screen for 40 minutes till it finished. lolyoutube
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  13. Envious Silver

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    :p coming along nicely
  14. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    Currently working on:
    Jungle bow- uses mana and poisons target- Right now its shooting 2 arrows when it should only shoot one :/ and custom projectile isn't working, and it isn't poisoning at all.
    Iron keys- made with 3 iron bars
    Gold keys- now can be made with 1 iron key and 5 gold bars
    Shadow key- now can be made with 1 iron key, 1 gold key, and x shadow scales/demonite bars- Not sure on a crafting recipe yet
    Mining helmet-now can be made with 20 torches and 10 gold bars
    The one to rule them all- made with 10 gold bars and 5 invisibility potions- adds a slow effect to balance the invisibility for pvp wise. Although it is giving a Hermes boots run effect, looking to disable it.
    Heart mimics work pretty decently, although they sometimes will glitch into a tall black box, and will not change. :/
    Added a new npc
    Npc's now have chat/shops and sell respective items
    Working on giving npcs random names
    Working on changing item prices in shops
    Working on bosses, although I can't get one to spawn that's a non-flying.
    Added new armor sets:

    Pigs now drop piggy armor
    Working on the loxely sprites to give the character hair, currently you would go bald.
    Working on a error in the jumping animation on the lordly sets cape
    The baker and mad scientist now have custom gore.
    Added the Moogle-rang, Throwable moogle from final fantasy
    Working on a cash register mob, will be rare and will drop up to 10-100 gold on death!
    Working on the corruption bird ai to get it to spawn only in the corruption.
    Hopefully change the spawning of the dog and pig to spawn only on the surface, pigs covered in mud will spawn in mud biomes of 50 mud or more.
    Pigs will drop pork which you can can craft into bacon at a furnace.
    Bacon will heal 40 health.
    Will add a use for crystal hearts other then for health soon.
    Working on a giant bee for a boss in the jungle biome.
    Working on a sunken ship mob for the ocean biome.
    Will add a crafting recipe for spears and tridents
    Might change the hollow set recipes to remove the hardmode boss drops to make crafting easier.

    Just letting everyone know the mod is still updating.:cool:
    Also, hopefully aiming for the end of the first week of april to get a first release. (Might be the second, and if not that, DEFINITIVELY THE LAST WEEK)
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  15. master M

    master M Green Slime

    when will it be out...
  16. Terrarizzle

    Terrarizzle Green Slime

    Looking forward to :)
    In my opinion you've got enough to do a release, and then give us some more to look forward to in updates.
  17. Envious Silver

    Envious Silver Green Slime

    Toast is fixing some stuff he said to me over Skype. I'm guessing a early April release.
    But can't what tell i can do a Video on it :p
  18. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    Things with strike-though are done, I've fixed the jungle bow shooting twice although I just need to fix it to poison now. I'm leaving the boss ideas and the hollow set ideas along until later. As for now, I''m working on the quest duration armor, the healing spells, and finishing up cats and rats. If I can get the bow to poison, and the npc's and armor working, I'll release a version one. I'm taking a short vacation to Las Vegas at the end of the month, and I won't be back until the first of april, which is why I was putting a later date on the release. But seeing how much stuff I have in the mod so far. I'm thinking that it might be close to a first release.
    As of right now, the armors are a tad op, but I'll be nerfing and buffing them later.
    I "MIGHT" be able to get a version one, by Wednesday.
  19. ridex

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    is this:[​IMG] gonna be an armour and i love the chicken unter set :)
  20. Toastnomnomnom

    Toastnomnomnom Cursed Man

    It will be a vanity set.

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